2017 Fall Polish: The “New” Stuff

I am a polish-buying fool. Y’all know this about me. I know this about me. This means I always have new or new-to-me polish sitting around, and I’m always thinking to myself, “Oooh! Yes! I want to wear this!”. Then, of course, it can be months and months before I actually do that. The struggle is real, my friends. I keep on saying this, and polish life keeps proving me right. I love me some Fall, though. And I wanted to do a Fall-themed post in the worst way. When I sat down to think it through, I realized I have too much polish to pack into just one post. And I also realized doing the “regular” thing, with picking certain color categories and pulling polishes that fit into those categories, wasn’t going to give me the happy feels. At least, not totally. Fall and Winter are my favorite polish-shopping seasons, and I have already been hard at work. I know. It’s terrifying.

I decided to break my Fall-lovin’ into three posts: one post with new (just came out this year) polishes, one post where I shopped my stash for older mainstreams, and one post where I shopped my stash for older indies. I didn’t want to fall back onto polishes I thought best exhibited “fall” in certain colors. Because, as I’ve said, I have way too much polish for that. Instead, I wanted to pull out the polishes I’m most looking forward to wearing, or, in terms of the oldies in my stash, polishes I particularly want to wear again or polishes I’ve kind of forgotten but want to revisit.

I’m starting out this little mini-series today with the newbies. These are all from recent collections. I think most of these should still be available, and you’ve likely seen these polishes somewhere on this blog already. I think they are almost all from recent Fall collections. There might be a couple in here that were Summer releases, but that feel good to me for Fall. Keep in mind I haven’t shopped all the Fall collections … yet. My desire knows no boundaries, but, sadly, my funds are limited. This post will be heavy on OPI, China Glaze, and Colores de Carol, mostly because those are the collections I hit heavy and hard and right away. And these are the polishes out of those collections that really struck home with me — the ones that, to me, are little gems and gave me that “Get on my nails NOW!” feeling when I saw them. Although I’m not following any particular color pattern with my choices, I will try to put these in ROYGBIV order, just for the sake of convenience. I’ve decided to do 15 in each post, so there is gonna be a lot of picture stuff happening in here!


First up is OPI, Aurora Berry-alis, from the Fall 2017 Iceland Collection. A lot of the Iceland Collection feels more “winter” to me, but this beauty has Fall written all over it. At least, I think so. I was surprised at how much I liked this color when I first saw it in the bottle. Then, when I swatched it, I loved it on my nails. What?!?! I know! It’s crazy talk! Because this baby is pink. But not just pink — it’s a rosy, grandma sort of pink. And I love it.


Colores de Carol, Jelly Candy Apple, from her Fall 2017 Collection. I could, basically, fill this post with this entire collection. I loved every single polish in it, but I forced myself to pick a few “mega” favorites. This one made me gasp a little when I first saw it in person. I feel like I am getting more and more into reds lately. And this one is so spectacular. There are few things as gorgeous as a bright and vibrant jelly red. A bright and vibrant jelly red with glitter is one of them! This looks just like the coating on a candy apple — perfect for Fall.


Colores de Carol, Slappy’s Tie is from the Halloween 2017 Goosebumps Collection. Again, I could have filled this entire post with this collection. Because every single thing in it is aaaaaaah-mazing! I thought about leaving this one for later, as it will also be fabulous around Christmas. But I decided it needed to go onto my Fall list. This was a surprise favorite for me from the Goosebumps Collection, and another that made me gasp in delight when I saw it. And it looks so beautiful on the nail. It has that oxidized sort of “dried blood” look that is gorgeous and perfect for Fall and Halloween. I’ve actually been putting off wearing this one, as it is one of those polishes that I know I will want to keep on wearing once I put it on. I’ve been forcing myself to try and move through other things first.


Colores de Carol, The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight is from the Halloween 2017 Goosebumps Collection. This one was, easily, my favorite from the collection. When I saw the teaser swatch pictures of this polish online, I knew I would have to get the entire collection. This polish is perfect. It is Fall. It is what I wish every orange in my collection would be. And it’s another polish that I’ve been avoiding because I know I will not want to wear anything else once I put it on. But … I am quickly losing this struggle!


Sinful Colors, Clay Me is from the Stone (Stoned?) Crystal Shimmers Collection. I think this collection came out during the Summer this year. I hope I’m right about this. My local store only just got the display in, so that might be throwing me off. At any rate, I love this. It doesn’t have the “POW” of Scarecrow, but, then, what other polish does? Yeah — none of them. This is such a great Fall color. It reminds me of pumpkins and yams and fallen leaves and Thanksgiving.


China Glaze, Accent Piece is from the Fall 2017 Street Regal Collection. I purchased my Street Regal polishes super early because the Sally’s in my parents’ home town accidentally put them out waaaaaaaay early. Like, in July instead of August. So I didn’t see swatches or sneak peeks of them online. They were a total impulse purchase while I was on vacation. And this polish was the first one I dropped into my shopping basket. It is such a unique, kind of weird, color, and it blew me away. It’s so rich and toasty for Fall, and that shimmer — so, so, sooooo pretty.


Colores de Carol, The Cuckoo Clock of Doom is from her Halloween 2017 Goosebumps Collection. This was my second favorite from the collection. It is so bright and tangy. I love the mix of citrus-y yellow and rich gold in here. I think it’s perfect for Fall.


OPI, This Isn’t Greenland is from the Fall 2017 Iceland Collection. This one was an immediate favorite from the collection. I love the muted and dusty tone to the color. It really has that perfect “Fall” feeling to me. I think it would be beautiful with some copper or gold stamping, too. I’m getting excited just thinking about it!


Colores de Carol, Monster Blood is from the Halloween 2017 Goosebumps Collection. This one just says “Fall” to me. When I think of Fall greens, this murky, sort of olive tone is what comes to mind right away. It reminds me so much of Feronia, which was a polish I adored from her Fall Harvest Goddess Collection last year. I can’t wait to wear this one as a full manicure. The combination of murky, swampy green jelly base with the iridescent glitters is just too, too good.


Pretty Serious, Precipitation is from the 2017 Rainy Days Collection. I am not sure if anything from this collection is still available. The newly revamped Pretty Serious site is back up and running, but I didn’t find this collection listed on there. I don’t know if it will come back later or not. This collection released in June, so I guess it counts as a “summer” polish for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. But it was fall and winter “down under”, which is where this beautiful polish originated. Everything I had from Rainy Days blew my mind. They all had amazing formulas. But this one, in particular, gave my heart that fall feeling. It is nicely muted and dusty, but still rich. Perfect!


China Glaze, Born to Rule is from the Fall 2017 Street Regal Collection. And it is Delicious. What a perfect and bold blue. It reminds me of the endless blue of an autumn sky. It was kind of a given this would make this list. It was an immediate favorite from this collection.


Colores de Carol, Bountiful is from the 2017 Fall Collection. Do I even need to elaborate on why this one is on the list? It is everything I dreamed of in a polish: jelly base, those circle glitters, and a rich, deep, almost indigo blue. Man, I adore this polish. I’ve already worn it in a manicure, but I want to wear it again (and again and again … am I expecting too much from myself here? Ha, ha!) this Fall. I think this one will also transition over nicely into Winter. It has a “cold night sky” sort of feeling to it.


Pretty Serious, Petrichor is from the 2017 Rainy Days Collection. This was another of my purchases from this collection that really struck home to me with a “fall” feeling. It’s a great blue for the season. I love how it is muted and rather dusty with those gorgeous gray undertones.


China Glaze, Songbird Serenade is from the Summer 2017 My Little Pony Collection. Although technically a “summer” polish, I love the idea of sporting this one on my tips (and maybe toes …) this Fall. It’s such a beautiful mix of the dark base with the red-blue glitters deep down within it. This is another I’ve already worn, but it had to go on this list because it really feels perfect to me for Fall, and even transitioning into Winter.


Colores de Carol, Cozy Autumn is from the Fall 2017 Collection. This polish is “fall in a bottle”. Boom. Gosh, I love it. I kind of want to put it on my nails right now. Rawr!

Okay, that’s it for this post! It was a long one, but there is so much Fall collection goodness out there right now. Mainstream and indies are all putting out some beautiful, rich, and exciting colors. I love it! What are you guys most looking forward to wearing out of the new Fall releases? Anything? Or are you planning to shop your stash? I may be setting my goals too high here, but I am hoping to do a mix of newbies and shopping my stash. Next week, I plan to share my post about older mainstream polishes I would like to revisit for Fall. I’m so ready for this season! Cozy polish colors … cooler weather … beautiful leaves … bring it all on, Fall! Woo Hoo!


2 thoughts on “2017 Fall Polish: The “New” Stuff

  1. Whew, another epic post! I’m getting very impatient for Carolina to have a sale, so I can buy those beautiful red and orange holos. Now I notice you did sort of a ROYGBIV but… there’s no V. No purples, and particularly no deep wine or berry tones for fall? HOW DARE YOU LEAVE THOSE OUT??? LOL!!! Hahahahaha!!!!


    1. I know! The only “berry” sort of polish I had was Aurora Berry-alis, and it’s not that dark. You know me: All about the blues! =P I think I might have some darker berry or purples in my oldies. I think … *nervous laugh*


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