My Week in Nails

Here we are: Friday again. This school year, I can’t seem to get as excited about Fridays because my kiddo is in marching band. This means we have commitments most Fridays, as well as quite a few Saturdays, too. But she is having fun. That’s what matters most.

So, in some ways, this wasn’t a terribly busy mani week for me. In others, it was. I wore one manicure for several days, which is a bit unusual for me. But, what can I say? I really liked it, and I had been planning it for a while. Then, I suffered a couple of nail setbacks (a bad break on one hand, and a crack on the other), so I ended up having to head back into Rather Short Nail territory. I was a little bit sad about that, but I’ll get over it. I like both short and long nails, so it’s a win-win.


I started out the week with this pink water marble. I used Zoya, Jordan and OPI: Mad for Madness Sake and Aurora Berry-alis. I used Jordan as the base color.

I’ve wanted to do an all pink marble for a while — well, ever since I had my hair colored pink/purple. It took me a while (and quite a few experiments) to decide which colors to use. Originally, I thought I would do a petal pattern, as I haven’t done one of those in a while. But, what can I say? I have become such a fan of the motion and playfulness in linear designs. I can’t get enough of them. I was so, so, so happy with how this one turned out. I’ve marbled with Mad for Madness Sake and Jordan before, but Aurora Berry-alis was a bit of a wild card. I was pretty excited to find it marbles well. Overall, I loved this mani, and I wore it for several days. I will go out on a long limb and say I would still be wearing it now, except it started to show some wear at the cuticle line and free edge. I know! A mani I want to wear for a whole week! That’s crazy talk!


After my pink marble, I wore Zoya, Dory. I stamped it with basic black stamping polish, and the design is from Born Pretty Plate # BP-22.

That water marble was always going to be a hard act to follow in my mind. I was just so excited about how it turned out, and totally in love with it. But … this! This bold stamp manicure definitely gave me the happy feels. I happened to be trying out a polish as a topper over several different colors. One of those colors happened to be Dory. As I put it on the swatch wheel, I asked myself, “Self, why haven’t we worn this yet? It’s fabu-tastic!!!” My Self had no good answers. But I knew … I just KNEW … this gorgeous blue had to be my next manicure. And I was right. It is fabu-tastic. It’s bright and bold and creamy and all-around gorgeous. I love it. I still can’t believe it took me so long to do a full mani with it. I have no good excuse. I think it just got lost in my drawers of untrieds. I can’t see that happening again, though. Because I loved this blue. It’s on my toes right now.


Next, I wore Sinful Colors, Super Cooper. I had planned to do some sort of stamping design over this. I was thinking it would look pretty with gold. But life happened and stamping didn’t. This is an old picture, which I already had loaded onto my blog. I’m reusing it to save storage space. My nails were still on the longer side when I wore this manicure. But it’s kinda funny, in a way, that my swatch picture has shorties in it — ha, ha!

So … this green! Yum! It is something special. I like the base color, which is somewhere between an olive and a swampy sort of green. And those little flakes in it just seal the deal for me. I love them! I wish the flakes were more iridescent, instead of looking silver all the time. But, really, it’s a minor complaint, because the overall appearance of this one is great.

With all that said, I didn’t love this one as a manicure as much as I expected to. I know I sound like a pile of contradictions here, but … Well, there ‘ya go. I think the fact that I enjoyed Dory and the pink water marble both so much kind of gave me a more “meh” feeling about this one. This time. Next time, I am confident I will love it to bits. It’s going to be a great color for Fall, too! Shortly after I did this manicure, I broke the thumbnail on my left hand. It was a pretty bad break, and I had a crack in one of the nails on my right hand. I had been babying both of these things along for a week or so, but I ended up taking my nails back down into Shorty McShorty territory.


Because of my inopportune break, I ended up mani’ing twice in one day. I had to take Super Cooper off to file everything down. And then, I was a little bit bummed about it. What better way to cheer myself up than with a gorgeous Colores de Carol polish? This is Blackberry Sangria, from her new Fall 2017 collection.

Talk about making life better! This polish is juicy, dark, vampy, and oh-so-delicious. I love the base color, and the little glitters just twinkle and sparkle beautifully down in the depths of all that deliciousness. The only thing I don’t like about this polish is that it has proven difficult for me to get the larger circle glitters out onto my nails. I set this one upside-down, I used an orange stick to stir it, I shook it … But most of the glitters remain stubbornly stuck to the side of the bottle. The Fall collection had two more jellies — a red and a blue. Blackberry Sangria is the only one that gives me such fits. I’m not sure if my bottle somehow got away without any mixing balls, or if the base is really thick … or what. Even without easy access to the circle glitters, I love this one. The color is just too beautiful.


And, finally, the manicure I’m wearing today. This is OPI, Less is Norse. I stamped it with plain white stamping polish, and the design is from Born Pretty, Plate #BP-28.

So. I have had this manicure idea in my head for about forever. I have a stamp that is half of a zebra face. I wanted to do that design stamped in white over this color. In my head it looked so freaking awesome! Today, I pulled out my zebra stamp, only to realize my nails are now too short for it. I could still fit it onto my nails, but I feel like it would be hard to tell what it was. Maybe I’m wrong about that. I dunno, but it made me feel rather discouraged, until I ran across this design on one of my new Born Pretty plates. I love the combination of flowers and swirly-ness. Overall, I’m happy with how this turned out. I quite like Less is Norse on its own, too. It’s a nice color: not too dark, not too light. And it has a good formula. Well, usually. Mine gave me some problems today, but I think it was because I had the ceiling fan on when I was laying down my base color.

And that’s it for another week of manicures from my little corner of the universe! I had such great blogging plans for today. Actually, considering it’s past midnight now, I should say I had such great blogging plans for Friday. I ended up working on this darn post pretty much all day long. I had trouble concentrating … and then I couldn’t find the images I wanted … and then I decided to do a new manicure … and then I had to leave for my daughter’s football game (she doesn’t play football; she is in the marching band, which means an early start time and late finish time) … and now it’s past midnight, I’m exhausted, and I just want to curl up in bed with a good book. Bleh. Some days are like that. At least my nails look nice — ha, ha!



4 thoughts on “My Week in Nails

  1. We’ve already discussed all these manis on IG, but I didn’t realize your original plan was to do a zebra face on Less is Norse! Wow, that sounds super cool, but I’m thinking I like the flowers better with Norse as the base color. Call me uncreative or literal (or just into things that are classic) but I want to see that zebra in black and white!! Nice that you got a new swatch of Sangria with some of the big glitters. Juicy!


    1. I still want to do that zebra — ha, ha! Now that my nails are shorter, I’m thinking I may do the stamp as a decal so that I can have more/better control over placing it on my nails. I like the idea of it over Norse because of the softer look of the blue-gray. Although, you’re right: black and white is classic zebra-ness! I was really happy with the new Sangria swatch, too. I love those big glitters! (as you know. lolz)


      1. In my obsessive browsing of stamping plates I think I found the one you have! Is from a whole animal set of plates? I found one with great animal faces.


      2. yes! it is from a whole set of animal plates. and there are a couple of plates in there that have fantastic animal faces on them. (well, like half faces …) they are really striking!


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