My Week in Nails + August Favorites

It’s weekly  mani time — woo hoo! I’m just going to say it up front: This is going to be a terrible intro. I’m exhausted and have had a headache all day. And yet, I feel compelled to soldier on and keep typing away until I have a decent-sized little paragraph up here. And now I’m just feeling awkward about the whole thing … *ahem*


I started off my week with Le Polish, Never Love a Wild Thing. This was part of my August Polish Pickup order. It is such a gorgeously dramatic and mysterious polish. I love the golds and the little blues all running through the black base. It feels glamorous and luxurious to me.


Next, I wore Orly, Royal Navy & Orly, Halo. This was my first try at a jelly sandwich manicure. I couldn’t get the idea of these two polishes together out of my head. I’m so happy I tried them, and I was thrilled with how this manicure turned out. I wore this on a rainy, rather dreary day, and it gave me an underwater or mermaid kind of vibe. Loved it!!


My next manicure was with Pretty Serious, Forbidden Zone. Need I say anything extra about this beauty? I think not, as the picture pretty much says it all. This one is gorgeous and so much fun.


I was feeling extra stressed this week, so there was a day on which I manicured twice. What can I say? Doing my nails helps me feel more peaceful about life. For my second mani of the day, I wore Crows Toes, Mr. Average Joe American. This was one of my August Polish Pickup purchases, and I love it. Such a perfectly gorgeous base color. And those glitters — yum!


Today, I’m wearing Colores de Carol, Bountiful. This beauty is my favorite from her 2017 Fall Collection. The base color … the glitters … the jelly amazingness! It’s all beyond perfect.


I feel like August was a pretty good mani month for me. I had quite a few favorites.


Pretty Serious, Khepri’s Amulet. I was obsessed with this polish the moment I put it on my nails. I even wore it twice in a row. Now, that’s LOVE! (Well, maybe not for a normal person. But for a polish-obsessed hoarder like myself, it is!)


Le Polish, Candyland Cathedral stamped with a bird and feathers design. I adore this polish. It’s such a gorgeously perfect crelly. It reminds me of speckled bird eggs, and I was super happy with how this came out.


Oh my gosh, how I love this brown and white combination. OPI, Icelanded a Bottle of OPI stamped with white. It’s like a fancy “Aloha” shirt!


I thought this brown marble was perfection. I love the colors together and how the design turned out. OPI, Skull & Glossbones .. China Glaze: Throne-in Shade & Dope TaupeZoya, Debbie.


This gradient matches my unicorn hair! Woo Hoo! So of course, it had to go on the favorites list. This was using China Glaze: What I Like About Blue & We Got the Beet. And stamped with white stamping polish.


This manicure used Pretty Serious, Davy Jones’ Lacquer as the base color. The peacock is filled in with China Glaze: Meet Me at the Mirage & Don’t Desert Me. Other fingers are stamped with China Glaze, Meet Me at the Mirage. This one is on the favorites list for a couple of reasons. I really like this peacock design. And this was my first attempt at making a decal with my stamper. I was pretty happy with the results.

ps-wishyouwerebeer2-sm copy

Pretty Serious, Wish You Were Beer. This polish is All The Things.


This marble used OPI: Mad for Madness Sake & Do You Have This Color in Stockholm?China Glaze, Sweet LadyZoya, Goldie. I was a little bit obsessed with pinks and purples during August because of my new hair color. I ended up loving the motion and the color combination in this marble.


And my last favorite for the month of August, of course, has to be Le Polish, Little Wooden Horse. I have so much love for this polish, it should be illegal.


4 thoughts on “My Week in Nails + August Favorites

    1. Thank you so much! I was really happy with how that marble turned out. I love browns, in general. I wasn’t sure, though, if it would end up too muddy looking if I did several polishes that were so close in color. It worked out okay, though. That’s always a happy surprise! 🙂


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