My Week in Nails

Slightly late with my weekly manis post. It’s been a busy week and weekend for us. My daughter starts school tomorrow (Monday), and she’s heading into High School. What?!?!? It hardly seems possible. I’m torn between being really excited for her and wanting to cry about how my baby is growing up too quickly. Child-Unit is in marching band, which has been going full-force for a couple of weeks now. Thursday night was the first home football game, followed by an all-day fund-raising event on Saturday. Friday, when I would usually do my mani post, we had friends over for the day. My friend and I did manis together, which was so much more fun than making a blog post. Not that I don’t love my blog. I do — but few things are more fun than telling stories and giggling over manicure time.

Anyhow!! The great thing about being “late” is that I was able to include an extra manicure in here. Too fun!

ps-wishyouwerebeer2-sm copy

I started off my week with Pretty Serious, Wish You Were Beer. I’ll try really hard not to go all ga-ga over this polish, because I know I’ve already swooned over it ad nauseam in a previous post. But … LOOK AT IT!! It’s fantastic and perfect and gorgeous and beautiful and All The Things. I love it so much. The only reason I’ve waited this long to wear it as a full manicure is that I was awaiting my back-up bottle, which I ordered just before the Pretty Serious clearance sale ended. Back-up bottle arrived last weekend, and this pretty was on my nails soon after!

Spoiler alert: I still love it!


For my next mani, I decided to do another water marble. This is with China Glaze, Sweet LadyOPI: Mad for Madness Sake & Do You Have This Color in Stockholm?Zoya, Goldie.

I’ve been a water marbling fool since I purchased some liquid latex. There’s been a definite learning curve for me with applying the latex around my nails, but it has helped cut my clean-up time by a significant amount. It has made me love the whole water marble experience even more. Since I had my hair dyed “unicorn style”, I’ve been a little bit obsessed with pinks and purples on my nails. I guess I can consider it hair-spiration, or something. I actually tested out this combination to figure out which colors to use. Often, I just grab polishes at random and start dropping and dipping, with no testing involved. This time, though, I planned! I’m so proud of myself for that — ha, ha! I was super happy with how this turned out. In particular, the Zoya gold polish tended to dry faster than the others, so I had to experiment a bit with where to drop the gold into the bull’s eye in order to get the look I wanted.

lep-littlewoodenhorse2-sm copy

My next manicure was with Le Polish, Little Wooden Horse. I am so completely in love with this reddish brown. The gold glitters give it that extra something-something that makes it perfect on the nail. This one is destined to remain a favorite for me.


And, finally, I did another water marble with OPI: Do You Have This Color in Stockholm?, Polly Want a Lacquer, and Suzi & the Arctic Fox.

I had this idea in my head that I wanted to do a water marble with different tones of purple. I think I want to do one with all pinks, too … but that’s a thing for another time. I hadn’t planned on doing it quite this soon, but I had my friend over on Friday. She wanted to see how a water marble worked, so it seemed like a good time to try out this combination. I hadn’t tested this at all, and Suzi & the Arctic Fox is brand-new to my stash. I was thrilled to see the colors all worked great together, and even happier to find that Suzi & the Arctic Fox marbled beautifully! (Also … how many times can I type that polish name in one paragraph? Oy …) Overall, I loved this marble and this manicure. As I said, I did this on Friday. I would still be wearing it today (Sunday), except I spilled a bottle of polish last night and made a dash-and-grab to try and keep all my precious polish from pouring out onto the floor. Aaaaand, this mani got ruined along the way. Womp-womp. Such is the life of a polish-obsessed gal. The struggle is real, folks! It is real.


2 thoughts on “My Week in Nails

    1. Ha, ha! I totally thought of you when I was doing that marble. It turned out pretty great, though. I loved the colors together, and they didn’t bleed into each other very much, either.


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