Swatch My Stash! OPI #9: Purples

Today, I’m starting in on my OPI purples. I have a total of 12, so I think this color family will be done in two posts. I’m lumping all types of purple together into this category, as well as some “blurples” that have always looked more on the purple side to my eye and some pinky-reddish-purples, too. As with the other color families, I will do a post of any stragglers at the end of all the OPIs. I’m always buying polish, so there will be stragglers.


Polly Want a Lacquer? is from the Spring 2017 Fiji Collection. It is a blue-toned lavender. The formula is not the greatest. It’s thin and a bit watery. I needed 3 coats for full opacity.

This is such a pretty color. I’m not sure why I am so entranced with it, because it feels like this should be one of those “done to death” types of colors, particularly in Spring or Summer collections. And yet, there is something about this particular one that I really like. I enjoy it against my skin tone, and I think it might be one of the prettiest purples I own. For now, I think this makes it worth dealing with the less than stellar formula, so I am going to keep it. But it might end up getting destashed later on. It depends on how much the formula bothers me the next time I wear it.


You’re Such a Budapest is from the Spring 2013 Euro Centrale Collection. I think it is part of the core line now. This is a light lilac with a blue undertone and a subtle silver shimmer. The formula is decent but not great. It is sheer but not overly thin. It’s easy to apply, but it takes 3 coats for full opacity due to how sheer the polish is. I find the shimmer not noticeable on the nail, other than giving the polish a soft, airy kind of quality.

I love this polish. It’s almost the same color tone as Polly Want a Lacquer, but Budapest is darker and a bit dustier or muted. This one is so pretty on the nails. It looks light and airy, and it screams “Spring” to me. This is one of my older OPIs. I think I bought it when the collection actually came out or shortly thereafter. When I first got it, I was completely entranced and obsessed with this color. I wore it all the time. I don’t wear it as much now, but it still gets decent play time when I’m in the mood for a lighter purple/blurple shade. My bottle has quite a wear line. Needless to say, she is a keeper.


Show Us Your Tips! is from the Spring 2016 New Orleans Collection. It is a very blue-toned periwinkle with a strong silver shimmer. It’s looking super blue in my photo due to the lighting. I found this shade hard to capture, but it is more of a blurple mix in real life. The shimmer is very strong. The formula is not great: sheer and thin. I did 3 coats in my swatch picture, and there are still hints of VNL.

In spite of the thin, sheer formula, this polish is not hard to work. It stays where you put it, and I don’t usually have trouble with flooding or pooling. I love the color. Absolutely love it. It’s pretty and super shimmery. The silver seems to throw back blue, purple, and turquoise shades, depending on the angle and the light. It has a unique finish on the nail, and it’s fairly unique within my stash. This one is a keeper.


What’s the Hatter With You? is from the Summer 2016 Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection. This is a beautifully deep, rich red-toned purple. I think it falls between a magenta and a wine color. The formula is pretty perfect. It is easy to apply and opaque in 2 coats.

I initially passed on this color. I picked it up some time later — when it was on clearance. I’m glad I was able to get it. It is dark, rich, vibrant, and really stunning on the nail. It’s a great color for the toes, too. I haven’t worn it a lot yet, but I am looking forward to doing so in the future. Definite keeper.


Congeniality is My Middle Name is from the 2011 Miss Universe Collection. This is a pinky-purple base color with purple and pink shimmer. The formula is really good. It’s smooth, easy, and opaque in 2 coats.

This is a beautiful and bright color. The shimmer is apparent on the nail, and almost makes the polish seem to shift colors. Even so, I remember feeling a little underwhelmed with the way the shimmer applies across the nail. It looks heavy in the bottle, but I remember it being more sparse on my nail. I’m not sure if I just needed to mix my bottle better or if this is really how the polish is. I haven’t worn this polish a lot. But, even with the slight disappointment over the shimmer, I like this one. I’m going to keep it for now. If it continues to disappoint once I wear it a bit more, I might destash it.


Rich & Brazilian is from the Holiday 2016 Breakfast at Tiffany’s Collection. This is a dark, eggplant purple with shimmer. The formula is good. It’s easy to apply and opaque in two coats.

I love this color and polish. The base color is deep and rich. It’s vampy and sparkly all at the same time. And I love the finish on the nail. My one drawback with this one is that I tend to get tip wear really quickly with it, even though I always wrap my tips. It’s not a deal-breaker, as I usually change my manicure every day or every other day. If I wear a mani for three days, that’s a LOT! This one is a keeper.

And that’s the first half of my OPI purples (and some pinky purples, too — ha!). It looks like I didn’t manage to destash anything this time around, but I don’t feel too badly about it. One thing I’ve enjoyed about this swatching project is how it has helped me rediscover things that had been lost in my collection. As I went through this post, I found myself thinking, “Hey! That’s a great color. I kinda want to wear it now.”



2 thoughts on “Swatch My Stash! OPI #9: Purples

  1. Wow, I did not realize till this post that “Polly” and “Budapest” were so similar, just a little lighter and darker. Definitely a very pretty color, and I do not have anything that shade I am very surprised to say. The closest is the light purple Orly Breathable you sent me “Just Breathe.” Pity those formulas are not great. l

    I actually ended up destashing Rich & Brazillian (amazingly enough) after you sent me Folk He-Art.


    1. I know! They are super similar (Polly & Budapest). I like the look of Budapest better, but Polly has a slightly better formula. Which, honestly, isn’t saying much — ha, ha! I wonder if it’s because they are pastels? Although there must be pastels out there with good formulas.

      Once I’m done with each brand, I’m planning to compare across brands through each color. So I might end up only keeping one of those (R&B or Folk He-Art). I remember them being very similar …


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