China Glaze Fall 2017: Street Regal (Part 2!)

As the title suggests, this is my second post for China Glaze’s Fall 2017 Street Regal Collection. I ran across this collection at the beginning of July while on vacation in Texas. I immediately went crazy for the whole thing, as I was already jonesing for my  beloved darks and jewel tones — even though Summer was still in full swing. I ended up making a first pass through the collection to grab up all the shimmery polishes, plus the matte and the blue. (Gotta get the blue!) It was an economic decision, pure and simple. I had no intention of going back for any of the rest.

Well … (!!) you know what they say about good intentions. Ha! I decided to grab one of the cremes while still visiting my parents. Once I got home, I ended up going back for the remaining two. The formulas on these totally won me over. I really, really love this whole collection. I would have broken down and gotten the gold, too, but it was out of stock. Which is probably lucky. I don’t need yet another gold polish. I really, really don’t. But you know I’ll probably snatch it up if it comes back in stock at my local store. I’m weak, I tell ‘ya! Weak!!!

So, if you’re interested in seeing Part 1 (the review of the shimmers, matte, and the blue), here’s the link:


Rock n Royale is a brick red creme. When I first saw it in the bottle, I thought it might be a maroon, but, after thinking on it, I feel it’s more of a brick. It has a nice dose of brown undertone in with the red. The formula on this polish is so, so, sooooooo good. I used 1 coat for my swatch picture (plus base and top coat). 1 coat! I can see it, maybe, needing 2 coats depending on my application technique from day to day. You have to be a bit careful with this one around the cuticles. As you can see in my picture, I got a little sloppy around my index finger — hence the red. But I didn’t have any staining with this.

This is a beautiful, deep shade. It screams FALL(!!) to me. It’s a nice, very straight forward creme — nothing super exciting or shimmery or glittery. And yet, I find I like it quite a lot. The fabulous formula doesn’t hurt, that’s for sure. I think this would be beautiful on a variety of skin tones. I think it would be fantastic on the toes. And a great base for Fall-themed nail art!


Dawn of a New Reign is a purple creme. I saw this described online as a “soft, deep violet creme”. The formula for this polish is fantastic. Like with Rock n Royale, I used 1 coat for my swatch picture. Really no problems with application at all.

Again, there’s nothing really thrilling or exciting about this polish. At the same time, there is everything thrilling and exciting about it. Because it’s a lovely polish. The formula is fantastic, and the color is rich and beautiful on the nail. I like this one a lot!


Throne-in Shade is a lovely neutral. The description I found online was “a raw silk creme”. I guess, actually, I can see how that is an accurate color description. There is something about this color that reminds me of raw silk or muslin or something like that. The formula is great for this one. It is rich and creamy, and was opaque in 2 coats.

This is a great neutral. I’m not usually much for these types of color tones, but I find I like this one. It looks nicely neutral on my hands without blending in too much. I like how it stands on its own with my fair skin. But I also think it would be beautiful as a base under nail art. This is another polish that will be gorgeous on a variety of skin tones.

I know I mentioned this in my opening paragraphs, but I have to say it again: I really, really like this collection. I like the color range in here. I like the mix of finishes. I love the jewel tones, which are so so so so incredible. And the cremes, while not super exciting, are all nice, solid choices. The formulas were all great, and I find these all to be wearable colors. I feel like this collection has really kicked my Fall off to a great start. Way to go, China Glaze! Rawr!!



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