My Week in Nails + July Favorites

Week in Nails … week in nails … lalalala … week in nails! Come on, sing it with me.

Or, well, don’t. Because I can’t really sing. And it’s not a great song. But I am super enthusiastic. That counts for something, right? Ha! It’s been a busy week here on my nail blog, which is fantastic and sad. Fantastic because it’s been fun doing all these extra posts. Sad because I’m certain it can’t continue. I’m in catching-up mode at the moment, but real life will pick up when school starts. And blog life will slow down. But, hey! Why not enjoy riding the wave of polish fun while it lasts?

In the interest of riding the wave (see how summery that feels? I know! I kill myself sometimes), here are the nails I wore this week.


I started off my week with Pretty Serious, Khepri’s Amulet. I find myself at a loss to describe the color of this polish. It’s not really green … not really blue … not really teal. And yet, it is ALL of those things. With a lovely dose of golden shimmer tossed into the mix. The formula for this is absolutely perfect. Or whatever comes after “perfect”. It practically applies itself. When I wore this on its own, I used 2 coats, although I could still see flashes of VNL here and there, depending on the light. This didn’t bother me in the slightest. For some reason, I rather liked that look with this one. It added to the mystery.

When I got home from my Texas vacay, I had a box of Pretty Serious polishes waiting for me, along with my lovely Le Polish order. I hadn’t tried Pretty Serious before, but I totally caved to the siren call of their incredible clearance/rebranding sale. Once I swatched everything, I immediately HAD to wear this one on my nails. HAD TO. And, yes. I love it. I love everything about it. It is so shimmery and shifty and gorgeously bright. This polish is like magic on the nail. I kinda want another bottle of it, honestly.


Remember how I mentioned that I loved Khepri’s Amulet? Um, yeah. I loved it so much that I wore it twice this week. Twice! In a row! This is pretty freaking amazing for me, especially considering the amount of polish I own. After wearing it alone, I decided I wanted to see how it looked over a black. I used OPI, Black Onyx as the undie.

Oh. My. Freaking. GOSH!! LOOOK AT THIS!!!!! Yeah. I really am that darn excited. Because this looks like jewels on my nails. The green over black becomes rich and deep and gorgeous and vibrant. It’s mysterious, like something you would find hidden in the deepest corner of a lost pyramid. Also, this totally reminds me of the beautiful jewel tones you find in beetle wings. Which kinda sounds icky to a non-bug gal like me, but … yeah. There you have it. Deep green beetle gorgeousness. And it’s on my nails. DAYUM!!


For my next manicure, I shopped my stash a little bit. This is Colores de Carol, Pandora over OPI, Black Onyx. Initially, I wore all the polishes from this collection on their own at 3 coats. And they were beautiful and shifty and all the things. But my wonderful nail bestie kept telling me that I should try them over black. I never got around to it, and I didn’t take any of my multi-chromes on my Texas trip. For the whole month I was gone, I kept thinking about how they would look over black. And so, when I got back (and got over my love affair with Khepri’s Amulet — lol), I had to try it out.

I love this one over black! The colors become much more rich and deep and jewel-toned. And the shift shows up like — wow! Really, really gorgeous. I’m glad I tried it, and I can’t wait to wear the others over black.


For my next mani, I wore Le Polish, Candyland Cathedral, and I stamped two “accent” nails: feathers on index finger and a songbird on the ring finger. I’m particularly excited about using the songbird design, because this is the first time my nails have been long enough to fit the whole bird. Yay!

I’m so in love with Candyland Cathedral. I know I already talked about this in my Monday Nail Mail post. It’s a dream color combination for me with this beautiful light blue and copper. And it’s a crelly. One of my favorite finishes!! I had this on as a full manicure, and found myself thinking about how it reminded me of bird eggs. Hence the feathers and bird stamping! I used Bundle Monster black stamping polish for the bird, and China Glaze, Don’t Desert Me for the pink feathers.


And these are the nails I’m wearing today. This is Sinful Colors, Thera-Pewter for the base color and China Glaze, Blue Sparrow for the stamping. Okay. Honesty Time. I rode the struggle bus hard on this manicure. I wanted to do some kind of blue stamping over this base color, and I initially thought I would try China Glaze, Frostbite. Since it’s kind of metallic-y, I thought it might stamp well. Instead, my fingers found Blue Sparrow first. I was curious, so I decided to see if it would stamp at all.

Shockingly, it did! It’s not a super thick polish, and it can be one that’s a bit finicky to work with in a manicure, so I didn’t expect much from it. But it picked up all the fine details in my image really well. And looked beautiful against this background color. But … butbutbutbut … Blue Sparrow dries on the stamper in, like, nanoseconds. So you have to work hella fast with it. You can’t even think about where to stick your stamper or which part of the image to use. Because, if you do, Blue Sparrow is going to be bone dry. I ended up doing several of my nails more than once. (More than twice, honestly … fail …) I didn’t end up with exactly what I had pictured going into this, but I’m still happy with the end result. Blue Sparrow has a nice sparkle within the stamped image, but I didn’t quite catch it in my photograph.


I can’t believe we are here in August already. Just … wow! I keep on saying this, but I am floored by how quickly the months are speeding by. I kinda hate it.

Since I just did a huge post of all my July manicures, it was easy to go back and track down my favorites for the month. And here they are!


China Glaze, Simply Fa-Blue-Less. Yaaaaas! This color is All The Things. And a bag of chips. I love everything about it. This was one of two that I wore twice last month, so, of course, it had to make the list. No brainer!


Colores de Carol, 1776. This is the other no-brainer on my list. Because I also wore this polish twice in the month of July. Actually, I have worn this one 3 times, because I used it in a manicure in June, when I first got it. I am in total lovey-lust with this one. It’s so perfect. And I already have a significant wear line in my bottle. *sigh*


China Glaze, Songbird Serenade. A new-to-me (and kind of new to the world, too) polish in the month of July. I know — black nails for summer. My mom had words with me over wearing this one. She mentioned it wasn’t a “summer color”. But whatever! I love black or nearly-black polish any time of the year. And this one is so fabulous. Look at the reds and blues in there! So, so, so pretty.


China Glaze, Applejack of My Eye. This was a surprise favorite because it’s red. Red! Can you believe it? Yep. It’s shocking. But I love this red. It’s juicy and beautiful and fun.


And, finally, OPI, Ogre-the-Top-Blue. I shopped my stash for this one, and was super excited about wearing it on my trip. I hadn’t worn it for a manicure before, and I was kicking myself for that once I finally did. It is amazing! I love it so, so much. It’s the perfect blue. And makes me perfectly happy.



2 thoughts on “My Week in Nails + July Favorites

  1. So fun seeing your pictures of Khepri’s Amulet two ways. I’m glad you tried them over black, and I’m so surprised. Some multichromes essentially look the same at 3 coats vs. 1 coat over black. But not all, as we have discovered! I think the lighter look is lovely for summer and then over black the colors look richer for fall.

    Is Thera-pewter one of the Stoned Crystal Shimmers? I still haven’t tried mine. For some reason I am not loving the color on your skin tone, but the blue stamping saved it. For the polish drying on the stamper super fast – this would be a perfect situation to put a coat of Yellow Stopper down on top of the base color. Because the Yellow Stopper remains sticky, it doesn’t matter if your polish dries on the stamper. Tip courtesy of twi_star!!


    1. Isn’t it crazy how different Khepri’s Amulet looks over black? It’s like a totally different polish. Which is freaking awesome! I’m obsessed with that polish. LOL

      Thera-pewter is one of the Stoned Crystal Shimmers. I have Super Cooper set out to wear in the near future. I liked Thera-Pewter on its own, but I loved it with the stamping over top. That was a fun mani. Oh!! I didn’t even think about Yellow Stopper. And it’s sitting right on my desk, too!


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