July: My Month in Manis

Since I didn’t post any type of weekly mani wrap-up while I was out of town for the month of July, I decided to toss an extra post into the mix for all of my July manicures. I’m still going to do a weekly wrap-up on Friday for this week, and I will probably list favorites in that post. But this one is a bit of a catch-up thing.

I love nail polish, which, of course, comes as no huge surprise. I also love doing my nails. It makes me feel calm and peaceful and happy. Because I was on vacation, I let myself mani to my heart’s content. I had a really busy month! I wore 25 manicures and used 23 polishes. There were two polishes I wore twice, which shows how much I love them. I wanted to make an effort to shop my stash for the month, and I think I did a pretty good job of that. I did go a bit polish crazy on my trip (big surprise!), so there’s a good smattering of newbies in here, too. Given that I wore so many polishes throughout the month, I considered breaking this into two posts. But I like the idea of seeing them all together in one massive, gargantuan post of polish goodness.

Needless to say, this is gonna be a LONG one. So grab a snack and buckle in for the ride! (woo hoo!)


I started out my vacay with Colores de Carol, Cupid’s Vacation, which is from the 2017 Valentine’s Day Trio. I hadn’t worn this one in a full manicure yet, and I thought it would make a perfect traveling polish. After all, the word “vacation” is in the name. Makes total sense, right? I’m happy to say I was so right! It set the tone for my trip perfectly. This red is gorgeously juicy and vibrant. It has a summery feeling on the nail, but it’s also rich. The flakes are playful and fun. I wore this polish on the plane to Texas, but I neglected to pack it for the trip. I found myself regretting that, as I would have liked to wear it again.


Next, I wore China Glaze, Simply Fa-Blue-Less, which is from the Summer 2017 Summer Reign Collection. This was a sweet gift from my nail bestie, and I adore it. I could not wait to wear it, and I thought it looked perfect and summery in the S. Texas sunshine. It’s beautiful in the shade, but I feel like it comes alive in sunlight. I even love how I can catch a hint of VNL in really bright sun. I love this one so much I wore it twice! It really is the most magnificent blue jelly. *happy sigh*


My nail bestie also sent me this Sinful Colors topper: Flame Game. For a quick mani change, I decided to pop it on over my Simply Fa-Blue-Less. This is a great topper, especially for the price. I found it slightly base-heavy, but it was still workable. I had a nice mix of the larger flakes and the little glitters with two coats. And it didn’t overwhelm my base color. I’m a sucker for anything iridescent. It makes me think I must be part magpie.


My next manicure was with Zoya, Jesy, which is from the Summer 2014 Bubbly Collection. Can you believe I almost destashed this pretty lady? I know! I can’t believe it, either! For a moment, I found myself thinking this polish was, perhaps, a bit too sheer for my liking. But never fear, she didn’t stay in the destash pile for long. I love this particular finish, and Jesy is a beautiful tone of orange. I tried her with an orange base color, but ended up liking the more sheer look better, after all. It had a light, playful, “Summer” feeling to it that I enjoyed a lot.


Next, I wore Glam Polish, Bad Hair Day, which was a limited edition polish to raise awareness for Alopecia. I love this polish. It was one of my first Glam Polishes. I wore it a couple of times when I first got it, but I hadn’t worn it in a while. I had almost forgotten how pretty it is. It’s an amazingly, gorgeously deep shade of blue. And that holographic — wow! This one kills me dead, every time.


Colores de Carol, Daydream is from the Spring 2017 Pure Imagination Collection. This was one of the first polishes I decided to pack for my trip. She is my perfect coral, and I love her. I couldn’t wait to see this one in the S. Texas sunshine. And I was right — she is perfect in every way!


But this — THIS — is just so pretty. I think I could cry. Seriously. This is, of course, Colores de Carol, 1776, which was a limited edition polish for the 4th of July. This was my 4th of July manicure. I can’t even describe my love for this polish. There aren’t enough words in the universe. I wish I had purchased more than one bottle. *sigh* I love this one so much; it was the other polish I wore twice in the month. The first time, I wore it at 3 coats on its own. The second time, I did two coats over Simply Fa-Blue-Less. Because I already have a wear line in my bottle, and I have to start conserving it! The struggle is real, folks. It is so, so real.


China Glaze, One Polished Pony was a new acquisition for me. It’s from the recent My Little Pony Collection. I had no intention of buying more than two polishes from the MLP Collection. So, of course, I bought almost all of them. Polish hoarding: UGH! Is there a support group for this? In my defense, this was one of the two colors I wanted when I first saw collection swatches. Does that make it any better? I have no idea. I really like this polish. It’s like a lighter, brighter, somewhat kinder version of For Audrey. I love the tone of this blue, as well as the shimmer. After wearing this one in a full manicure, I realize I would like the shimmer to stand out a little more on the nail, but it’s not a deal breaker for me.


After wearing so many bright colors, I decided on a bit of a refresher. I had been thinking about Zoya, Portia for a while, and it turned out to be perfect for this purpose. I don’t wear this polish often, but it’s really pretty. It has a refined and lady-like look on the nail. I should use it more.


China Glaze, Songbird Serenade was the other polish I immediately wanted from the MLP Collection. I really adore this one. The black base is beautiful and deep, and I love the hints of red and blue peeking out from it. I’m so happy I got this one! As a bonus, it was a gift from my mom. This is sweet but also funny, because my mom would never let me wear black polish when I was a teenager and still living at home. Looks like I’ve finally grown up. Sort of.



This is such a long post that I told myself I would only include one picture of each polish. But I had to break that rule with this beauty because it looks so different in the shade and the sun. It’s almost like a completely different polish! This is Orly Breathable, Stronger Than Ever. This was another new acquisition for me during this trip. I saw this one on a random browse through my parents’ local Walgreens and could not resist it. Oh. My. Gosh! This is a fantastic polish. It’s so beautiful and vibrant and beautiful and bright and beautiful. Did I mention beautiful?


OPI, Jade is the New Black is originally from the 2010 Hong Kong Collection, although I think it’s part of the core line now. This is a recent-ish acquisition for me. I think I purchased it two or three months ago, and I was pretty excited about wearing this one in a full manicure. I think it might be my perfect green. If not, it’s darn close. It looks terrible and separated in the bottle, but it is beyond fabulous on the nail. I love the color and the formula. So, so good! RAWR!!


China Glaze, Where’s the Party Canon At? is, of course, from the MLP Collection. I had absolutely no intention of buying this one. Because I have indie holos that are spectacular and awesome and amazing and All The Things. And then I saw it in person in the store. And I was weak. So, so, so weak. But, seriously, who could resist this? Look at that sparkle! This is one fabulous polish. It’s a bright and sparkly party on my nails, and I love it.


I’ve been thinking about re-wearing this polish for quite some time. This is A. England, Heathcliff, from the 2015 Emily Bronte Collection. And man, I super love it. That black base with the beautiful glitters in it. It’s perfection. Yes, even for summer. Black is good all year long, right? I guess that depends on your perspective. My mom was not a fan, but I loved it.


This is Zoya, Rocky, from the Summer 2013 Stunning Collection. I think this was the first time I had worn this one in a full manicure. I don’t know why it took me so long. (Well, actually, I do know why. I have too much polish!) This one is fantastic. Such a beautiful and perfect shade of blue. Such a great formula. Love it.


China Glaze, Applejack of My Eye is yet another MLP polish. Have I mentioned that I’m not a person who wears red? Um, yeah … I think I may be changing my mind. Because this red is fantastic. I love the squishy, jelly look to it on the nail. And the color tone of it is great: not too overwhelming, but still “red”. I almost wore this one twice, but I ran out of time in the month.


OPI, Jean’ius at Work. This is a new polish to me. I think it’s from an Ulta exclusives collection (Ultamate Lovers Collection?). At any rate, I randomly picked it up at Ulta before I left for my trip. I couldn’t resist this lovely blue. It’s such a pretty color. Unfortunately, I hated this polish. HATED IT. The formula was terrible for me. I left it in Texas, in case my mom wants to put it on her toes.


China Glaze, Throne-In Shade is part of the Fall 2017 Street Regal Collection. I have a review of some of these polishes already up on my blog, but this one didn’t get into the review. I had decided not to buy it on my first pass through the collection, as I was really taken with the shimmery jewel tones. After thinking about it for a while, I ended up purchasing this one, too. It’s a lovely, taupe-ish color that makes a nice neutral for my skin tone, as it’s neither too dark nor too light. I don’t reach for neutrals a lot, but it’s nice to have them in the stash for those rare occasions. Also, this one has a great formula, which is a plus! It reminds me of Coconuts Over OPI, but I think Throne-In has a thicker, more “plush” formula. I’ll have to compare them in the near future.


China Glaze, Emerald Bae (2017 Summer Reign Collection) + OPI, Skull & Glossbones (2011 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Collection) are both new to me polishes. I wanted Emerald Bae, but I never found it in any stores near me. Although I ended up with a few from that collection, I didn’t love it enough to order online. I was lazy and ended up impulse-purchasing because of life stress — must work on that problem. Anyhow, I found it at the Sally’s in my parents’ town and, you guessed it! I impulse-purchased. Womp-womp. I found Skull & Glossbones in a random cruise through the OPI section at my parents’ local grocery store. It’s sometimes a treasure trove for older OPIs. I like both polishes, although Emerald Bae has a much better formula. Still, a win all around. Yay!

julieg-cabanaboy-smJulie G., Cabana Boy was another sweet gift from my nail bestie. How did I get so lucky? Well, I’ll tell ‘ya: I have no idea, but I love it! I’ve worn this one on my toes a couple of times already, and I love it. This month marked the first time I wore it in a full mani on my tips. And guess what? I still love it! It has a great formula, and I love, love, love the color. (Of course, it’s a fab blue!)


OPI, Ogre-the-Top Blue, from the Spring 2010 Shrek Ever After Collection has been in my stash for a while. I’m pretty sure I purchased this one last year when I was visiting my parents. Remember how I said their local grocery store can be a treasure trove of older OPI polishes? Um, yeah … And some of those older OPIs are hard as heck to resist. I haven’t worn this one before, so I was excited to give it a whirl during my vacation. I adore it! Fab color. Fab formula. What’s not to love? I’m hoping I will remember to wear this one more in the future. I think it would be a great toe color, too.


China Glaze, Sultry Solstice (2017 Summer Reign Collection) + Sinful Colors, Flame Game. I’m really not much of a neons gal. I generally don’t like them on my fingers because they feel too bright and overwhelming. I would probably like them on my toes, but I never use them for pedicures. I tire of neons quickly, and I like to wear my pedicures for 1-2 weeks. Anyhow, there are some neons that I like, and Sultry Solstice is one of them. Which is completely bizarre because it’s such an eye-searing orange. I mean, it’s ORANGE!!, you know? This manicure was my one nod to Summer and neons and all that stuff. I really liked these two together. And, actually, I loved this manicure. It was perfect in the sun and super pretty. Sadly, it was difficult to photograph because these polishes made my camera go nuts. Even with a bit of photo correcting, I ended up wth zombie fingers. BRAAAAIINNNSSSS!!!


And, finally, we have OPI, Lincoln Park at Midnight. This is another new-to-me polish from my trip, which I found in a grocery store a town away from where my parents live. I thought I had read online that this was a discontinued shade, but I’m not sure if that is right. There were several bottles of it on the shelf at this particular store, which leads me to believe it must not be discontinued. On the other hand, I’ve never seen it anywhere else. So … I dunno. But, I do know I really like this one! It’s very similar to Lincoln Park After Dark, but it has more shimmer to it. The shimmer makes the purple tones stand out more. This was my traveling home polish, which is why I don’t have a bottle shot. I had already packed the bottle to ship it back to my house.

Whew! I’m exhausted after that Summer trip down Mani Lane! Looking back on it, I feel I should be a little ashamed. You know, like I was, perhaps, a bit excessive with my nail polish madness. But I don’t feel that way at all. I look back at all of these polishes and think about the great memories from the summer and from our trip, and I feel a happy, happy glow. What can I say? It’s been a very good Summer.



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