Nail Mail: Le Polish!

Is there anything more wonderfully incredible and exciting than nail mail? The little polish addict that lives inside my brain is jumping up and down, screaming, “HECK NO!” Actually, she isn’t saying “heck” because she has quite the potty mouth. But I’m trying to keep things relatively clean here.

I love the idea of “nail mail Monday”. I’m thinking about making this a sort-of series. I say “sort of” because I don’t always have nail mail. But, perhaps, I will start saving it for Mondays when I’m lucky enough to have nail mail in the house. (Also, it’s kind of fun to type and say — in my mind — “nail mail” over and over again. Nail Mail. Nail Mail. Nail Mail. *ahem* OK. I’ll stop now. NAIL MAIL! Now I’m done. Really. I swear.)

Today, I want to share my recent Le Polish order. This was my first experience with this brand. I’ve watched reviews of different Le Polish polishes and collections on YouTube, and always drooled over the beautiful color, glitter, and shimmer combinations. But a sad fact of polish life is that the number of polishes I want to buy pretty much always outstrips the amount of money in my wallet. I hate that. Basically, I want all the polish. Am I the only one? No, right? I mean, you guys are with me on this, yes? Yes! Polish obsessed peeps of the inter webs, unite!! Rawr.


Because getting mail should be an exciting event, one of my favorite things about purchasing from indie brands is opening up the plain-vanilla mailer or box and finding adorably creative packaging inside. And I feel like Le Polish really delivers! Their packaging is elegant and simple. I find the color and texture combination beautiful. It has a very “French Country” vibe that I love. Finding this inside my mailer made me feel that the maker of Le Polish must pack every order with care and thoughtfulness. It set the tone for my enjoyment of the polishes inside! Bottle-wise, I enjoy the bottle shape, as well as the Le Polish logo. There is something playful yet classically chic about it. I like the shape and feel of the cap. It is easy to hold while applying the polish to my nails. And I really like the brush. I am not a fan of super skinny brushes (I’m looking at you, China Glaze!), and the Le Polish brush did not disappoint. It is slightly wider, but not overly so. I found it to be pretty perfect for getting the polish onto my nails in three easy swipes.

The polishes I will be showing in this post are no longer available. Like most indies, they are all limited edition. I checked the Le Polish website before starting my post, and each of these is marked as “sold out”. I feel bad for showing unavailable polishes, but at least it might be a good way to get a feel for the brand, in general. That was my hope, anyhow.

lep-theresnoplanetB2-sm copy

The first polish I want to share is There’s No Planet B. I couldn’t quite pin down my thoughts on how to describe this color, so I looked it up online. The information I found said this was a “dusty sky blue with tons of copper and gold shimmer and microflakes”. When I first looked at this one, I thought the base was a denim blue shade, and I couldn’t decide if it had gold or copper shimmer and flakes. Good to know I wasn’t totally crazy, since it has both! The formula for this polish was so, so good. It was easy to apply, and opaque in two easy-peasy coats.

This beauty is the reason I am now the proud owner of some Le Polish! The other polishes in this post are ones I initially missed out on, but this one is what made me actually push that “order” button. This one was super limited edition. It was only available through the beginning of July, and part of its purchase price went as a donation to the Natural Resources Defense Council. When I saw this polish swatched online, I fell so hard for it. And I thought to myself, “Self, we have already missed out on things from this brand. We must not miss out on this!” My Self agreed, so we rushed off to purchase this right away.


I am absolutely in lovey-lust with this polish. It is so elegant and beautiful. I love the combination of copper and gold running throughout the base color. And I love, love, love this tone of blue. It is muted and dusty, but still looks blue in every light. When I had this on my nails, it reminded me of the way golden sunlight can drift and glow through the mist on a foggy morning. Or, maybe, some kind of exotic bird egg because of the speckling from the flakes. The shimmer catches the light beautifully. Maybe I’m totally crazy, but I think this one is sophisticated enough that you could even wear it in a business-type setting. It has the shimmer and the flakes, but they blend in beautifully for a rather toned-down look. I think I am going to get a lot of wear out of this one!

lep-littlewoodenhorse2-sm copy

Little Wooden Horse is a reddish brown base packed with gold glitter and a scattering of holographic glitter. The formula for this lovely is fabulous. It’s so easy to apply, and almost opaque in 1 coat. I used 2 coats (plus top coat) for my pictures.

Originally, this was part of the 12 Days of Polish Collaboration for Holiday/Christmas 2016. For this collection, the maker of Le Polish invited twelve nail bloggers to collaborate on the polish designs. Each blogger sent an inspiration picture, and Le Polish created a polish based on that inspiration. Little Wooden Horse is Sloppy Swatches’ contribution, and her color inspiration was one of the covers for a Terry Pratchett Discworld novel called Hogfather.


So there’s a story with me and this polish. I wanted this one so, so, so badly when it first came out last year. I loved everything about its appearance. I love rusty, reddy browns. I love gold. Sloppy Swatches is one of my favorite YouTube nail ladies. I can’t get enough of her swatch and nail art videos. And her water marbles! Oh. My. GOSH!! I can only dream of being as amazingly talented as her. (Spoiler alert: It’s never gonna happen for me, but a gal can dream, right? Ha, ha!) So, of course, I wanted this polish in a bad way because it was Sloppy Swatches’ brain child. But that’s not all! It’s also inspired by a Discworld novel. What?!?!?!? Shut the front door! I love the Discworld. And Hogfather is one of my favorite books from the series. Seriously, if there was ever a polish made for me, this was it!

You would think I would have run right out to order it the moment I first saw it swatched online (on Sloppy Swatches’ channel, of course!). But no! I couldn’t decide if I was brave enough to try a new brand. And then, I got busy with the holidays and houseguests and life stuff. I ended up missing my chance to get it, and I have regretted it ever since.

No more! When I headed over to the Le Polish site to order Planet B, I found a “Christmas in July” restock, which included this polish. I did not hesitate again. I was all over this like a duck on a junebug. And now, Little Wooden Horse lives with me. Little Wooden Horse! EEEEK! I’m so freaking excited about this. You really have no idea. I’m smiling from ear to ear. And is this one worth all my giddy excitement? YES! I love this on my nails even more than I did in the bottle. The base color is so beautiful and rich. I love the rusty tones in the brown. And that gold glitter … *sigh* It is so perfect. I think I want to marry this polish. Is that legal?

lep-candylandcathedral2-sm copy

And, finally, here is Candyland Cathedral. This is a beautiful, light blue (or maybe periwinkle/blurple?) crelly base with copper glitters of different sizes. The formula for this one is great. It is somewhat sheer on the first coat, but not unusually so for a crelly polish. It was opaque for me in 2 easy coats.

This is another polish that, originally, was part of the 12 Days of Polish Collaboration. And, of course, I missed out on it back then, too. Really, I don’t think it’s accurate to say I missed out on it. I’m not sure I was even aware of it when it first came out because I was completely focused in on Little Wooden Horse (which, then, I forgot to order. Fail!). But Le Polish restocked this one for “Christmas in July”, and I wasted no time tossing it into my cart and running for the hills. Or, well, internet check-out thingie.


This is a dream polish for me. Not that long ago, I was sitting at my desk, thinking to myself that a light blue with copper glitters would be the perfect crelly color combination. Seriously, these are the things I think about when I’m sitting at my desk. And now, I think I’ve figured out why I never get anything done. *ahem* So, anyhow, I was thinking about how this color combination would be such perfection. And feeling sad at the unfairness of the universe that this type of polish didn’t exist. But it does exist! See? Here it is! And it’s been out here in the polish universe for months now. Why didn’t I know this existed before? Why, Universe, WHY?!?!?

Well, I know about it now. And it lives in my polish hoard. And I LOOOOOOOOVE it! How could I not? I mean, look at it! It’s so fabulous. The perfect blue base. The perfect crelly consistency. The perfect scattering of rich, gorgeous coppery glitters. I’m so excited to have this one. I can’t wait to wear it.

And that’s it for my first Le Polish adventure! I am excited and happy that I finally decided to try this brand. I’m super impressed with the formulas on the three polishes I purchased, and I think the color combinations are beautiful and creative. I can’t wait to purchase from them again. Maybe I will have a whole storage drawer of Le Polish one day. A girl can dream. Yay!


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