Swatch My Stash! OPI #7: More Blues

It’s Friday! Yay! Although I’m not super chipper about today. Not like I would usually be. Today is the last day of our Texas trip. Tomorrow afternoon, we head home to the urban wilds of Northern Virginia. I’m feeling a bit bittersweet about all of it. We’ve had a great trip, but I’ll be glad to get home to my hubby and my dogs. At the same time, I hate leaving my parents. This year, more than any other, I feel the weight of the fact that they are getting older. But, anyhow … that’s a subject for another blog. None of that super heavy stuff in here! This is about polish and fun, right? Right!!

Today, as my last act of bloggerdom before packing my computer away for the trip home, I have another batch of OPI blues. Ah, glorious, glorious, wonderful blues! Is there anything better than blue nail polish? Uh, yeah! LOTS of blue nail polish! I think OPI has a way with the blues. They seem to put out a lot of great ones. On the one hand, this makes me a happy polish addict. On the other hand, it makes destashing blue polish nearly impossible. Argh!


First up today is Suzi Says Feng Shui, which is from the 2010 Hong Kong Collection. I have seen this polish described as a dusty cobalt creme. It’s dusty, all right. But I’m not sure it’s a cobalt. Still … I’m willing to go with it. The formula for this polish is fan-freaking-tastic. It’s almost a 1-coater, and it was opaque in 2 easy-breezy coats.

This is another oldie but goodie in my polish stash. You can’t see it in the picture, but this lovely lady has quite the wear line. I love the look of it on the nail. It is rich and dark, but not too dark. I think it falls into the category of “elegant”, and maybe a little bit of “refined” in a surprising and unexpected way. I like this polish all year round, but I think it’s a great color for late Summer, as well as a terrific transition into Fall and Winter. It’s so, so, so pretty. Just looking at the picture of it makes me want to run around the table and scream like a wild child. I haven’t worn this one in a while, but I think it might be time to give her some loving this Fall and Winter. Needless to say, she is a keeper!


Teal the Cows Come Home is originally from one of the Brights Collections (I think), but my internet sleuthing was unable to turn up any information regarding the release year. Maybe 2012 or 2013? This is a blue-leaning teal shimmer. It is super, super bright on the nail, and has something of a frosty finish. The formula is good. It’s opaque in 2 easy coats. It is a bit sheer on the first coat, but it applies smoothly and easily. It levels well, too.

I have had this polish for a while. It’s not the oldest in my stash, but I’m pretty sure it’s among the first groups that I purchased when I was starting back into my polish-obsessed frenzy. Back then, I didn’t pay much attention to collection information. I just grabbed whatever pretty polish called to me from the shelf. And this blue definitely called. She yelled, “Hey, Sailor!!” And I was all, “Um, Me? Yes, Ma’am!” This is a pretty, pretty, pretty blue. It is bright and vibrant on the nail. It has that clear water sort of look to it. And it’s easy to work with. Even so, I’m on the fence with whether or not I will keep this one. I’m not crazy about the finish and final appearance on the nail once it’s dry. I love shimmers and usually am not too bothered if a polish is slightly frosty. For some reason, though, it kind of bothers me with this one. I’ve found I don’t wear it that often. And yet, I feel a bit sentimental about it because it’s one of the early birds in my stash. *sigh* I think I’ll hang on to it a bit longer to see if I wear it or not. If I don’t — or if I wear it and still don’t love the finish — she will, sadly, have to find a new home.


Ogre-the-Top Blue is from the 2010 Shrek Forever After Collection. It is a deep cyan blue creme. In my picture, I feel like the polish on the nail looks very much like it does in the bottle, but it actually dries down a bit darker/brighter on the nail. The formula for this one is pretty perfect. It is smooth and even. It almost applies itself! It’s nearly a one-coater, but it was opaque for me in 2 easy coats. In spite of the deep and rich pigmentation, I didn’t experience any staining with this one, even after wearing it in a full manicure for a couple of days.

Oh, how I wish I had been into polish back in 2010. Because I would have been all over this particular collection. Heck, I still wish I could be all over it, but I feel like most of the colors are hard to find. At least, they have proven difficult for me to search out. I happened to find this one randomly. I think it was either at a Marshalls or one of the random polishes I was lucky enough to find in my parents’ local grocery store or Tuesday Morning. I pretty much adore everything about this polish. It’s a great shade of blue, which seems to go with everything. It has a fabulously rich and creamy formula. It’s just delightful. There’s no other word for it. This one is a keeper.


Venice the Paty? is from the Fall 2015 Venice Collection. According to my internet sleuthing, this was a “limited edition” shade from the collection. It is a medium blue shimmer. The formula is good. It’s easy to apply and opaque in 2 coats.

This is such a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful color. I mean … WOW!! This color makes me want to do naughty and unforgivable things. I love this polish. I love the look on the nail. I love this shade of blue. It is bright and vibrant and perfect. It looks like blown glass on the nail. A definite keeper.


This Color’s Making Waves is from the Spring/Summer 2015 Hawaii Collection. This is a watery, greenish-blue with pink shimmer. It’s probably a teal, although I don’t think “teal” when I see this one. Maybe because of the shimmery finish? I’m not sure. The formula is not great. It’s thin and watery, although not difficult to apply. It goes on evenly without pulling or leaving low spots. The pink shimmers are so, so, so freaking pretty in the bottle, but they aren’t readily apparent on the nail. I could see them twinkling through the blue in certain lights, but it wasn’t an effect that jumped out at me. This was disappointing. I needed 3 coats for full opacity.

So … I found the formula for this polish lacking. I was also disappointed that the pink shimmer, which is so prominent and pretty in the bottle, didn’t show much on the nail. And yet, I find I can forgive this polish almost anything. Because I love the color so much. It’s watery and lovely and delicate, but also deep. It reminds me of sunshine twinkling off the deep ocean. I love it enough to deal with the finicky formula. She’s a keeper for me!


Blue Chips was a bit of a mystery polish for me. I was perplexed by the lack of collection information for this one, until I discovered it is a repackaged/renamed polish. This was originally The Flowers are Blue-Ming from the 2012 Ulta Too Haute To Handle Collection.  This is a beautifully bright blue with scattered holographic glitters. The formula for this polish is great. It’s opaque in 2 easy-breezy coats.

I love this polish. I love the weird story behind its name, and I love that I ran across it randomly last year while visiting my parents. (It was sitting on the shelf of a Tuesday Morning, just waiting for me to come along.) I have other blue holographics, both indie and mainstream, but there is something about this one. I think it’s because the blue base is bright and vibrant on the nail. I like the metallic-esque finish, and the holographic glitter is dainty and beautiful. A keeper!


Keeping Suzi at Bay is from the Fall 2013 San Francisco Collection. This is a medium-to-dark blue (perhaps riding the line between a royal blue and a navy?) creme. The formula is great. It was opaque in 2-3 coats, depending on application technique.

What can I say about this one? I love dark blues, and I love this polish. Just looking at the picture makes me a happy polish junkie. It’s so dark and rich on the nail. I’m keeping this one for now. Being the blue polish hoarder that I am, I have several dark blues. Eventually, I will have to compare them all to see which ones I need to keep and which ones need to find new homes. Argh! Even the thought of it makes me sad. *sadpanda*


My Car Has Navy-gation is from the 2015 Brights Collection. In spite of the name, I don’t see this as a navy blue. Maybe more of a cobalt or indigo? For a dark color, it really does seem pretty bright on the nail. Or, perhaps “bright” is the wrong word. Vibrant? I think this one is a creme, but it applies more like a jelly. It also has a jelly look on the nail. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s … a crelly? Yeah, maybe. I’ve seen reviews of this polish online that indicated the formula was terrible and difficult to apply. My bottle is fantastic, though. Seriously, it was a dream to apply for me. I had a bit of sheerness/streakiness on the first coat, but it built up well and was decently opaque for me in 2 coats.

I LOVE this polish. It’s a rather recent addition to my stash. The first time I wore it, I didn’t want to take it off. I wore it a couple of times in a manicure. I wore it in a pedicure. Basically, I would be happy to dunk myself in this color from head to toe. It is so, so, so pretty. I love the look on the nail, and I love the way this one looks against my super fair skin. Definite keeper.


Blue My Mind is from the 2006 Brights Collection, although I think it might be part of the core line now. I often see it in my local Rite Aid, and I’ve seen it several times in grocery stores in my parents’ town. This is a dark, shimmery blue — somewhere between an electric blue and a cobalt, I think. The formula is good. The polish is somewhat thin, but it applies evenly. It is opaque in 2-3 coats, depending on application technique.

This is such a stunning blue. It is deep, rich, and sophisticated on the nail. This one is so sleek and beautiful, I think it might even be acceptable for some work settings. I could basically sit and stare at this beauty all day, so I’m keeping it.


Give Me Space is from the Holiday 2015 Starlight Collection. She is a medium blue with blue glitter and scattered holographic glitter. The formula is good. This one is easy to apply and opaque in 2 coats.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking this looks exactly like Zoya’s Dream, right? I’m sitting here, looking at it, and thinking the same thing. I purchased this one before I had ever heard of Dream. Before I had ever started buying Zoya, even. I haven’t compared the two, but I suspect they are pretty close. I also have a Colores de Carol polish (Demeter) that might be close to this one. Needless to say, this is a look I love. Given that I can think of at least two other polishes that are probably identical (or nearly identical) to this one, I should destash it. But … I’m not going to. I know. It’s totally irrational of me. But I love this polish. I was completely obsessed with it when I first got it. It looks like a dark and moody night sky on my nails, and I want to adore her for forever. What can I say? Sometimes the hard choices elude me. Ha ha!





2 thoughts on “Swatch My Stash! OPI #7: More Blues

  1. Don’t listen to anyone on those blue descriptions. I have heard so many people call this and that cobalt. It seems nobody knows what cobalt really is… maybe I am different because I used to paint? “Navy-Gation” is cobalt blue, so yeah, even OPI has no idea what cobalt is. As far as the formula, I find that OPI makes polishes that I might consider crelly. Their cremes are opaque in 2 coats usually, but some polishes like Anti-Bleak are sheerer and need 3, at least for pictures. Though it’s not a full on sheer jelly like you’d use in nail art. OPI never calls these crellies, but maybe I would. So Navy-Gation is probably one of those. I think 2 coats on those is definitely doable in real life.

    I believe Suzi Says Feng Shui is a cerulean. It’s gorgeous and I love the name 🙂 Also love Blue Chips, I’ve never seen that one before.

    This Color’s Making Waves looks multichrome in your picture????


    1. Yes, you are right! Even when I pull the descriptions from OPI’s website, I often feel it’s not exactly on point. Plus, it’s nail polish. It should be fun! LOL

      I totally agree that I feel quite a few of my OPI polishes fall into crelly territory. But they never call them that. It’s OK by me, as that’s a finish I love.

      Feng Shui is such a great polish. I love the color, too. And Blue Chips — it was a fun surprise running across that one. I wonder if This Color’s Making Waves is supposed to be a multi chrome. I’ve never seen it described that way. Maybe it’s a case of the shimmer being really strong in some lights … ?? Hmm …


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