Swatch My Stash! OPI #6: The Blues

Woo Hoo! We’re back, and still swatching my current polish stash. I’ve been working my way through my OPI hoard, and it’s time to get the blues! Blue is my favorite color of life. Most of my favorite clothes are blue. My hair is blue. If I had a spirit animal, it would probably be blue. So, yeah … I think it’s safe to say I have more blues in my stash than any other color. I’m pretty sure that cuts across brands. In contrast to pinks, for example: I had (pre-destashing) 8 pinks; I have (pre-destash) 25 blues. And I keep on buying them. I seldom meet a blue polish that doesn’t want to come home with me. Yup. It’s a problem.

I generally tried to keep these in order from lightest to darkest, but things might end up going all wonky with different tones of blues all over the place. What can I say? I’m not great at organizing.


First up for today is It’s a Boy! from the 2016 Soft Shades. This is a super light, whited-out pastel blue. It’s probably supposed to be a baby blue (given the name), but I feel like it’s even a bit lighter and more whited-out than that. Much as I adore blues, I’m no expert on identifying the different color tones correctly. The formula for this one doesn’t seem too bad. It didn’t feel tricky when I applied it. The first coat was a bit streaky with some low spots and patchiness. The second coat brought it to full opacity. But I felt I needed 3 coats to make it seem even in my photo. So I’m calling this one a 2-3 coater.

This is a super pretty color. I’m a sucker for these types of light blues. And this is a nice one. I think it might be one of my lightest. But, honestly, I’m a bit on the fence about keeping this polish. I love the color, but I know I have quite a few light blues across brands. The formula isn’t terrible for a light blue, but it also isn’t stellar. I’ll probably hang on to it for now, so that I can think about it some more. I believe I have used this in a water marble, and it worked great in that, which is another plus in favor of keeping it. Argh! Getting rid of blues is so hard. Why, Universe, why?!?!


Sailing and Nailing is from the Summer 2016 Retro Collection. This is another light blue creme. It’s slightly darker than It’s a Boy, and this is the shade I think of when I think “baby blue”. The formula for this one is rather thin. It’s very patchy and streaky on the first coat. I needed 3 coats for full opacity and to get the polish even.

I really like this color — of course! I like that it’s darker than It’s a Boy, but still within a similar color tone or shade. I find this to be a cheerful, bright color, which is an almost instant emotional pick-me-up. But — the formula! Ugh. I really dislike the formula on this polish. I think I’m going to destash it. No matter how much I love the color, it’s not exactly unique. And it’s not worth fighting a super finicky formula.


Gelato on My Mind is from the 2015 Venice Collection. This is a light blue creme with a touch of green, along the lines of a Tiffany-type blue. It’s a tiny bit minty, but not overly so. I find the formula for this polish to be a bit thin and watery. The first coat is always streaky for me, although it evens out eventually. I’ve worn this polish a few times, and it’s been a 3-coater for me every time. I’m not sure if this is my application technique, if I got a difficult bottle, or if this is just how this polish is.

So … I’m not a fan of the minty colors. I went through a phase a year (maybe 2 years?) ago where I was all about the minty shades. I have realized over the last few months, in particular with doing this swatching project, that I pretty much hate them now. Life is weird. Somehow, though, I still like this one — a lot. I like that it’s mostly blue and a little minty but not super-duper minty. Does this even make sense? Probably not, but I like this color enough to deal with the finicky formula. At least for now. And so, I’m gonna keep it. At least for now.


I Believe in Manicures is from the Holiday 2016 Breakfast at Tiffany’s Collection. It’s a light blue creme, similar in tone to Sailing and Nailing, although I think this one is a bit softer — at least, this was my impression when I looked at the photos side by side. I would compare them on the nail, but I don’t think it matters at this point because I’m pretty set on destashing Sailing and Nailing. I believe this was supposed to be the “Tiffany Blue” color in this collection, but I think it’s more of a robin’s egg blue. Or maybe somewhere between Tiffany and robin’s egg. (Am I just making this up now? Probably — ha, ha!) The formula for this polish is pretty good. It feels a bit thinner than I would like, but it is easy to apply and levels off well. It was opaque in 2 easy coats.

I remember when I first saw promo pictures of the Breakfast at Tiffany’s Collection. I was wildly excited about this blue. Like, squealing like a maniac excited. Finally, OPI was going to give us a Tiffany blue! I couldn’t wait to see it, particularly since I’ve never been a huge fan of China Glaze’s For Audrey, which, I think, might be the closest thing to the Tiffany color that I have in my collection. In the end, I felt like it was just another light blue. Womp-womp. It was disappointing, especially after all the hype and my own giddy excitement. Even so, I like the soft and delicate appearance of this polish. Plus, it has a decent formula, so I think this one is a keeper. For now. I’m not particularly attached to it, though. It might end up leaving my stash at some point in the future.


The I’s Have It is from the 2016 Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection. It’s a light powder blue creme. The formula is rather thin. I find I have to be careful when applying it, but it will apply evenly with only slight patchiness. It’s generally opaque for me in 2-3 coats, depending on how much pressure I apply to the brush and whether or not I overwork the polish.

I don’t feel this polish has a perfect formula. I would like for it to feel a bit thicker or more substantial on my brush when I apply it. Given time, I will probably get my wish, since polish thickens as it ages. But — I really, really, really LOVE this shade of blue. It is light but still has depth to it. It reminds me of an early morning sky. My love of the color makes this one a keeper.


No Room for the Blues is from the Summer 2009 Bright Pair Collection. It’s a sky blue creme. The formula on this polish is fantastic. It’s not too thin, not too thick. It applies evenly, and is opaque in 2 coats.

I haven’t worn this polish a lot. I don’t think my bottle is from 2009, as I wasn’t purchasing a lot of polish then. I know I didn’t purchase it in 2009. But it has ended up languishing in my storage drawers. That’s what happens when you are a polish junkie: stuff gets a bit lost in the mix. At any rate, when I swatched this one, I realized I freaking love it. It’s such a great shade of blue — very wearable and pretty on the nail. And the formula is so, so, so good. This one is a keeper.


Fearlessly Alice is from the 2016 Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection. It is a bright, bold, and vivid blue creme — maybe a peacock blue? The formula for this polish is so freaking great. It is thick and creamy. It applies like a dream, and is opaque in 2 coats.

I love this color. I mean, look at it! It’s so, so, so, sooooooo pretty. And yet, this polish broke my heart. Because it stained the HECK out of my nails. I had staining on my nails from this polish for almost two weeks. I could not get rid of it, no matter what method I tried. As a result, I’m actively afraid of wearing this one. And I’m destashing it. Why, pretty blue polish? Why couldn’t we be friends? *sob*


Rich Girls & Po Boys is from the Spring 2016 New Orleans Collection. This is a bright blue creme with a decent amount of depth to it. OPI describes it as a china blue. The formula is good. It’s a little thin, so you can’t rush through applying this one, but it goes on evenly and smoothly. It’s opaque in 2 coats.

I love this blue. I love the depth to it, and I love how bright it is. I don’t necessarily love the formula, but I like it enough to buy it dinner. So this one is a keeper.


Can’t Find My Czechbook is from the Spring 2013 Euro Centrale Collection. It’s a dusty, grayed-out aqua creme. The formula is so, so, so good. It’s nearly opaque in 1 coat, and fully opaque for me in 2.

I adore this color and this polish. This is one of my oldest OPIs (as in one of the first I purchased when I started on the madness that is my polish hoarding habit), and it’s still a favorite. The color is watery but deep. It’s got an edge of brightness to it, but it’s still muted. I think it’s a great transition color from Winter into Spring, Spring into Summer, and Summer into Fall. Heck, I think it’s great for any time of the year. I love it on my toes, too. Needless to say, this polish is never leaving my grabby hands.

And that’s a wrap for my first batch of blues! I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I find it particularly applicable to blue: Doing this swatch-my-stash project has been an interesting learning experience. I often have this sneaking suspicion that I buy the same color over and over again, but nothing brings that reality home like seeing all your polishes lined up together or seeing pictures of them side-by-side. Even so, it’s a little bit painful for me to decide to destash some of these blues. It’s a color that speaks to me so strongly and on such an emotional level. Definitely my feel-good color. But destashing has to happen! So that I have room for more blues! The madness will never end.



2 thoughts on “Swatch My Stash! OPI #6: The Blues

  1. Everything is blue! (Channeling Jenna Marbles)

    Regarding shade names. To me, Gelato on My Mind is less minty and more aqua. I enjoy the color.
    Peacock is more of a medium green blue, tending towards teal. I would call Alice closer to an azure. No Room For The Blues looks so close to Fearlessly Alice. If it doesn’t stain and has a good formula, maybe destashing Alice won’t be so hard?

    You make me want to buy Can’t Find My Czechbook!


    1. I agree that No Room For the Blues looks really close to Fearlessly Alice in pictures. I haven’t compared them on the nail. But, even if they are totally different, I don’t think I’m going to have trouble destashing Alice. The staining was just so bad. *cries* I’m actually afraid to put it back on my nails — LOL.

      You NEED Can’t Find My Czechbook! It’s such a great color. I have a serious love affair going with it. (Shhh! Don’t tell my other polishes. ^.~)


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