China Glaze Fall 2017: Street Regal Collection

After I put up this post, I purchased the remaining creme polishes. I have a Part 2 review of those here:

Every year when I visit my parents, I make multiple treks to their local Sally’s. My parents live in a small-ish town, and their Sally’s always has different things than the one near where I live. On my first visit this year, I spied the brand-new, freshly stocked display for China Glaze’s new Fall 2017 collection. I was one amazingly excited polish junkie! I live for Fall collections. I love dark colors and jewel tones. I love to wear them all year long, and the Fall and Winter collections tend to be my favorites. Anyhow, I must have gotten to the store right after they put out the display, and I went CUCKOO!! There was polish flying off the shelves (and into my shopping basket). Normally, I would wait and purchase these online because I feel like I can get a better price that way. But I was way too excited to see these. I loved the way they looked, and I was on vacation. Woo Hoo!

The collection is called Street Regal. It has 12 polishes, which are a mix of cremes and shimmers. And this collection is gorgeous. The colors are lush and luxurious. I ended up purchasing 8 of the 12. When I looked at the four I left on the shelf, I felt that I already had polishes in my stash that were either dupes or kissing cousins. I’ve been trying to be more mindful of my polish purchases. The ones I purchased were so great, though, that I might end up looking for the last four online. I still haven’t decided.

The ones I did NOT purchase are: Truth is Gold, a gold shimmer; Throne-in Shade, a rich, raw silk creme; Rock n Royale, a deep, lush red creme; and Dawn of a New Reign, a deep violet creme. I keep looking at Dawn of a New Reign every time I go back to Sally’s, though. So I might break down and purchase that one before I return home.

And now, on with the colors I did purchase! EEEEK!! Seriously. I am so freaking excited about these. Spoiler alert: I pretty much loved all of them. So, yeah. Now you know. For some of these, I am including a shot of the polish in sunlight and a shot of it in shade/indirect light. If the sun/no-sun thing didn’t seem to make a difference in the polish’s appearance, I will include only one photo.


First up is Just a Little Embellishment, which is a greenish-blue creme. Does this make it a teal? A dark turquoise? I’m not sure, but it’s a pretty color. This is a creme, but it dries matte and looks rather rubbery on the nail, more akin to the way I would expect a crelly to look. It dried quickly, although it wasn’t impossible to work. It is super opaque, and was nearly a 1-coater. I ended up doing 2 coats for my swatch pictures.


The finish on this polish surprised me. I wasn’t expecting it to dry down matte. I left my index finger matte in the swatch photos, so you can see what that finish looks like. I used a glossy topcoat on my other fingers. I generally use a glossy top coat with every manicure, so I don’t feel like the matte finish matters all that much to me. I already have turquoises and teals in my collection, of course, but I’m not positive I have one in this color range/shade. I’m pretty sure I don’t have one that dries down matte. Overall, I like this one, but I don’t love it. I’m not sure why. It’s a beautifully rich, deep color. I like how it rides the line between green and blue without putting too much of either color out there. I found it easy to apply and very workable, so no complaints there. But, compared to others in the collection, it left me feeling a little bit “meh”.


Haute & Heavy is a dark, rich gray shimmer. I found this one to be a steely dark gray, and I can’t decide if it is dark gray with a slight silver shimmer or black with a silver shimmer. It has a liquid-metal sort of appearance on the nail, and it leveled out well. This is another polish that was nearly a 1-coater, but I did 2 coats in my picture.

I have to apologize, up front, for my swatch picture. You can see some weirdness happening on my index nail. It almost looks like the polish was sliding off the nail in waves or something. This was NOT the polish. I made the mistake of trying out a new top coat that I got as a freebie with my purchase, and I think it didn’t agree with this polish. I didn’t notice this until I was editing the photos. Okay … with that out of the way … This polish. Wow! I Love this polish. It is so pretty on the nail. I felt like it almost had hints of a blue undertone to it in certain lighting or at certain angles. It is dark, elegant, and a little bit vampy. And it was a dream to apply. What more could a polish junkie want? A word of caution: I had some slight staining at my cuticle line when I removed this one.


Baroque Jungle is a dark emerald shimmer. This is a deep, rich green, and the shimmer looks turquoise to me. I’m not sure if that’s really the color, or if the shimmer interacting with the base color fooled my eye. The formula for this one was good. It was a little thin, but still easily workable. It applied smoothly, and was opaque in 2 easy coats.


This polish is so gorgeous. It makes me think really naughty thoughts — that’s how good it is! As I was going through my photos and editing them, I found myself stopping just to stare at the swatch pictures for this one. It’s that darn pretty! I found this polish to be dark and rich on the nail without looking black. The shimmer is prominent and beautiful. When the sun hits it, this green seems to glow off the nail. I felt like I was wearing crushed up emeralds on my nails! I really love it.


Glamcore is a maroon purple shimmer. This one almost seems to be a color shifter, as the purple is more prominent in some lights and the red/maroon is more prominent in others. The formula on this one was nice. It leveled well, and I thought it had a very pretty, “plump” appearance on the nail. It was almost good in 1 coat, but I used 2 for my pictures. It has a beautiful, shimmery finish on the nail.


This color is just … wow. I mean, really. Wow! This polish has such richness and depth. It hits me right in the feels. It has a soft, almost velvety appearance on the nail, which I appreciate. And I find there is something almost mysterious about this one. It shimmers and hints at different colors deep down within the polish, as if it has a treasure trove of secrets. Oh, pretty polish … tell me all your secrets, and I’ll tell you mine. Yes!


Royal Pain in the Ascot is a dark fuchsia shimmer. When I first saw this on my nails, I couldn’t decide if it was a purple-toned oxblood or a red-toned wine. It has a “liquid metal” sort of finish on the nail. The formula is good: not too thick, not too thin. It was easy to work, and it leveled out well. It had some brush strokes during application, but I felt most of those leveled out once the polish dried. I used 2 coats in my pictures.


And yet another gorgeous polish from this collection. I’m starting to sound like a broken record here, but … Yep! I love this one, too. Just look at how pretty and plump it looks on the nail. It has a rich, deep, and vampy appearance. And it comes alive in the sunlight. This is another polish that I could sit and stare at for hours because it’s so darn beautiful.


Street Style Princess is a pale, stone gray creme. The formula was okay. It felt a little bit thick to me, but it wasn’t impossible to work. I had some streaking and low spots on the first coat, but they leveled out and disappeared with the second. I used two coats for my picture.

Given my newly-minted “mindful” attitude about shopping for polish, I probably shouldn’t have purchased this one. I mean … it’s a gray creme. I don’t think it is anything earth-shattering or spectacular or unique. I probably have grays in my stash already (including some from China Glaze) that either dupe this or come close. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a lovely gray creme. And this one is that perfect shade of mid- to light gray that hits me where I live. Every. Darn. Time. *sigh* Even though this polish isn’t terribly unique, I like it a lot. At first, I thought I wouldn’t like the formula, but I ended up enjoying the extra thickness once I got used to it. I like how this one gives a rich look on the nail with just two coats. And it is a nice tone of gray. I think this is a polish I will end up wearing often.


Born to Rule is a royal blue creme. The formula on this one is really good. It was pretty much opaque in 1 coat, although I used 2 for my pictures. Application was easy. It almost felt like this polish applied itself.


So yeah … I love this one. I know this is a HUGE surprise, right? Right?

Uh, yeah. A huge surprise to NO ONE. This is another polish I probably shouldn’t have purchased. I have scads of blue polish. Heck, I probably have more than scads of it. Blue is my favorite color of life, and it’s also the polish color I tend to gravitate toward the most. I’m sure I have things in my collection that are at least kissing cousins to this. And yet, I find I’m not sorry about purchasing it. I’m not sorry at all. The formula was so great, and I love how it looks on my nails. Looking at this one makes me happy. Oh, so happy.

I was surprised, though, to see them put this type of blue into their Fall Collection after they scored such a huge hit with Simply Fa-Blue-Less in the Summer Collection. I’m not sure how these two polishes compare on the nail, but they look very different in the bottle. Simply Fa-Blue-Less looks quite a bit darker than Born to Rule — more of a navy, as opposed to a royal blue.


Accent Piece is a velvety pumpkin shimmer. The formula for this one is good. I found it a little thin, but not sheer. And the color was opaque for me in 2 easy coats.


This is such a unique color. I know it won’t be for everyone, but I fell for this one right away. It was the first polish I snapped up when I saw the display. I just HAD to have it! It reminds me of warm butterscotch or liquid gold. I love the shimmer running through it, and I think it comes alive beautifully in sunlight. I feel like my sunlight swatch photo shows some brush strokes, but those were not visible in person. In shade or indirect lighting, it looks rich, elegant, and luxurious. I really enjoyed applying this polish, and I think I will get a lot of wear out of it in the coming months. This one basically screams FALL to me!

And that’s it for my little part of the Street Regal Collection. As I said in the beginning of this post, I thought all of these were fabulous. So much so that I found myself thinking today that I should have grabbed the entire collection. Even if the remaining four are colors that already appear in my stash, the odds are they will have fantastic formulas. Do you see what I’m doing here? I’m sitting here talking myself into buying more polish. I’m a maniac!

Picking a favorite from this collection is hard for me. I loved the shimmers. They are all elegant and luxurious. And I thought the cremes were rich and deep. Every polish looks beautiful on the nail. My gut instinct, of course, is to pick Born to Rule, because it’s blue and it’s fabulous. Out of the shimmers, I think my favorite would be a tie between Baroque Jungle and Royal Pain in the Ascot.




6 thoughts on “China Glaze Fall 2017: Street Regal Collection

  1. Woo! I swear, you are the first person on the entire interwebs who has swatches of this. I know because I just checked again! I think your parents’ Sally’s got them way early and put them out earlier than they were “supposed” to! Yay!

    Of course Glamcore is my favorite 🙂 Accent Piece is stunning and it is certainly unusual! I would agree Born To Rule is a perfect Royal Blue (at least in your swatches, of course I haven’t seen in person yet!) and Fa-Blue-Less is a true Cobalt. And I consider Fa-Blue-Less a jelly whereas Born to Rule looks like a lovely creme.

    What topcoat did you use? Was it that weird “natural” one? I thought that looked like one I did NOT want to try, and you confirmed that!!


    1. Yes!! You know what I found out today? I was in the store to get some more acetone, and the manager happened to be checking me out. I asked her if they were going to get any more of the Street Regal polishes, and she said they weren’t because they were limited (which is totally weird, because they only had enough bottles to fill the display — so, like, 1 of each color? o.O). Anyhow, she mentioned that she accidentally put them out earlier than she was supposed to because the company never sent her the release date. Lucky me! I totally thought of you the moment I saw Glamcore. And also, the blackened red: Royal Pain in the Ascot. I think those two are both right up your alley, and I wanted to grab bottles for you. Totally bummed that they aren’t getting any more. I really like Accent Piece. I liked it a lot in the bottle, but I love it on my nails. It’s such a unique color.

      I totally agree with your assessment re: the blues. They are definitely different shades. I compared them in the bottle, and they aren’t even close. I wouldn’t expect them to be close on the nail, either.

      I forgot the name of the top coat. It wasn’t a natural one. I think it was called Diamond … something? I had never used it before, so I’m not sure if it was just a bad interaction between it and the polish or if it’s the way this top coat is.


      1. So you DID get them early! Awesome 🙂
        I was highly suspicious of that topcoat, that came free with two China Glaze. It didn’t even claim to be quick dry.


      2. Yes! I think I did get them early. Except the online information I saw on China Glaze’s website said they were available for release in the beginning of July. The whole situation was weird. Anyhow, I’m glad I grabbed them up when I did. The manager said she had come in the next day to pull them off the shelf, and they were already gone (except for three of them). And I was thinking, “Yeah! Because I bought them all!” Ha, ha!

        Yaaas. That topcoat was not my friend. I wonder if it would react that badly with every polish. But I’m too addicted to my quick-dry lovelies to try it with anything else. =P


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