Swatch My Stash! OPI #5: More Greens

I’m back with another Friday installment of my “swatch my stash” series. I’m still working through OPI, and still on green (as the title suggests — ha, ha). I have a total of 12 OPI greens, and I have the last 6 to share today.

This is about the worst intro in the history of ever. So let’s just look at polish. Yay!


Is That a Spear in Your Pocket? is from the Summer 2017 Fiji Collection. This is a dark, sort of dusty-looking green with a blue undertone. The formula for it is pretty great. It’s nearly opaque in one coat, but I used two in my swatch picture. It is easy, smooth, and creamy to apply. I have worn this in a full manicure, and I didn’t have any staining problems with it. Your mileage may vary.

I love the depth in this polish, as well as the blue undertones. I liked several polishes from the Fiji Collection, which, I think, puts me in the minority among internet nail peeps. I agree the colors weren’t terribly unique, but there were several I thought were pretty with decent formulas. I will say, however, the Fiji Collection was a turning point for me in causing me to stop and figure out where I want my polish collection to go, as opposed to continuing to buy polish like a crazy woman. I mean, I still buy polish like a crazy woman, but now I’m trying to buy it like a crazy woman with a plan. A crazy, crazy plan. But I digress …  For me, this polish was a stand-out in the Fiji Collection. I started out with the mini bottle (as you can see from my gigantor-fingers picture), but I liked it so much that I ended up purchasing the full size.  It is a beautifully rich and deep color. So it’s a keeper for now. That could always change later, when I start comparing colors across brands.


Amazon … Amazoff is from the Spring/Summer 2014 Brazil Collection. It is a beautiful, rich blue-toned green. I love the depth to this color. I feel it’s quite similar to Is That a Spear in Your Pocket?, but they are different color tones. I think Spear is a tad dustier. The formula for this one is lovely. It’s smooth and creamy. An easy 2-coater. I have worn this one time, and it stained the H-E-Double Toothpicks out of my nails. Which made me a sad, sad nail polish junkie.

I love this color. It’s so, so, so pretty. As I said, it is similar to Spear, and, now that I’m looking at my swatch picture again, I find myself sitting here wondering how similar it is to Jade is the New Black, too. I think they are different color tones, but definite sisters or kissing cousins. This one is different enough from Spear that I could justify keeping both of them. But it’s also similar enough that I could be happy with just one of them. I like this color tone slightly better than Spear. But … the staining! Argh! What’s a polish addicted gal supposed to do? This is a conundrum. I’m keeping it in my stash for now, as I want to compare it again to Spear and, also, to Jade. I also might try wearing it with a different base coat to see if that helps with the staining, but if that remains an issue for me, this one will probably get destashed.


Green Come True is from the 2016 Neons. This is a super bright, grassy green with a hint of a yellow undertone to it. The formula is horrible. I hate to say that, but it really is. This polish is thin and super watery. It will never be opaque on its own. Never. I used four coats in my swatch picture. Four coats! I had almost no free nail on my Shorty McShorties, as you can see, and I can still see VNL. Argh! Because of the watery formula, I found this one finicky and difficult to apply over white. Plus, I hate wearing a white undie.

Here’s the thing: Neons are not for me. I know this. I KNOW it. And yet, I end up buying neons all the time. Because I just look at the color in the bottle and think about how pretty and bright it looks. It doesn’t look “neon” to me. It’s not a color I think of when I think “neon”. Then, I get the polish home and find out I have something that pretty much requires the hated white undie in order to be opaque. This color is really gorgeous. I mean, look at it! Ugh. So, so pretty. But the formula is so terrible that it should be an automatic destash for me. The one saving grace for this polish is that it water marbles beautifully. So it will stay in my collection for that purpose.


Green on the Runway is from the 2014 Coca Cola Collection. This polish is a green to reddish-brown duo chrome. The formula is pretty fabulous. It is smooth, even, and opaque in 2 easy coats.

I think this polish was supposed to represent Sprite in this collection. I’m not sure, because I kind of ignored this collection when it came out. I had started back into collecting at that point, but I wasn’t into looking at YouTube and online collection information or reviews. My local Ulta had this collection. I looked at it several times, but never purchased anything from it. But, one or two summers ago, I visited my parents and found several from this collection at their local grocery store. I fell hard for them and grabbed them up super quick. So glad I did! This polish is beautiful, and I love it. Big-time. It’s an unusual finish and color even within my ever-growing collection. The shade of green is gorgeous, and I enjoy the color shift. When you add in the fabulous formula, this one is a total winner in my book. It’s a definite keeper for me.


Here Today … Aragon Tomorrow is from the 2009 Spain Collection. I think it might be part of OPI’s core line now, but I’m not sure about that. This is a deep and dark blackened green. It looks mostly black on the nail, although you can see definite green around the edges, particularly when the light hits the free edge of the nail. The formula on this one is  decent. It’s a little thin for my liking, but it applies evenly and easily. I don’t have problems with it running, pulling, or flooding. It’s pretty much opaque in 2 coats, but I like the way 3 deepens the color. I believe I used 3 in my swatch picture.

I love this polish. I think it’s beautiful on the nail, and I like the jelly/crelly-like appearance it has once it is opaque. A lot of people don’t enjoy almost-black polishes, but I quite like them. On a side note, this polish always makes me think of Lord of the Rings. You know, Aragon … Aragorn … Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? *ahem* This one is a definite keeper for me.


Fresh Frog of Bel Air is from the Holiday 2011 Muppets Collection. This polish has a clear base with lots of small green glitters and larger sliver hex glitters. The formula is good. I found the base was great — not too heavy, not too thin. I generally use this one as a topper with one coat over a base color. I think you might be able to get it opaque in 3 coats (maybe 2 if you sponged it on).

I pretty much love everything about this polish. I love the bright green of the smaller glitters. And I love the way that color mixes in and bounces off of the larger silver hexes. It’s fun and festive for the holidays, but I think this one is also nice for any time of the year. Sometimes, you just need a happiness boost, and what better to supply that than a poppy, bright green glitter? I love this one over dark colors. It’s beautiful over black, and it is stunning over Here Today … Aragon Tomorrow. Needless to say, it’s a keeper.

And that’s a wrap for my OPI greens! I wasn’t very successful at destashing many of these, although I don’t feel too terrible. I didn’t have that many of this color, to begin with. Well … I didn’t have that many for a polish obsessed hoarder. Ha! Green isn’t a color I have traditionally loved on my nails, but I’ve come to like it more and more over the last year or so. Next week, I think we will start in on the blues. I have more blues than anything else, so that color is probably going to take a few posts.




4 thoughts on “Swatch My Stash! OPI #5: More Greens

  1. It will be interesting to compare, but from what I heard when the Fiji collection came out, “Spear” is very similar to “Amazon” (same color, different tone?) but I think “Jade” is a different shade of green altogether. I see Spear and Amazon as more of a teal and Jade as a true green. Everyone I’ve ever heard mention Amazon mentioned what a stainer it is, ewww.

    I believe there was a green, blue and white glitter polish to represent Sprite (or was that only in the Nicole by OPI Coca Cola collection??) Okay I just looked it up and this does represent Sprite, but I like the Nicole by OPI version better. Here’s a reference for the collection:
    By the way “Sorry I’m Fizzy Today” is a great example of a warm pink!

    I think the reason green is one of the least favored colors of nail polish is that it does naturally bring out the red in skin and gives one the lobster hands. It’s just not flattering to most skin tones, although it really depends. But it’s probably the hardest lipstick color to carry off for the same reason. I never like green hair either, although that may be more due to it looking so dingy as the dye washes out!


    1. Yeah, in looking at the pictures right next to each other in this post, “Spear” and “Amazon” seem pretty different to me. I am also curious about how they compare to “Jade”. This will be another great color experiment for when I get back home. I think “Spear” and “Amazon” look more similar in the bottle than on the nail.

      “Amazon” is a major, major stainer. The only polishes I have had that stained me worse than that one were OPI’s “Fearlessly Alice” and Zoya’s “Honor”. I am really reluctant to get rid of Amazon because the color is just so darn pretty. *sigh*

      I haven’t looked at pictures of the Nicole by OPI Coca-Cola Collection. Were there a lot of differences? I think the blog post you linked is the same one I looked at to get collection info. It’s one of my favorites! (the blog — lol)

      Interesting thoughts about green! For me, it’s a color I haven’t traditionally thought of wearing. But there are some fabulous green polishes out there!


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