Swatch My Stash! OPI #1: The Reds

I have wanted to start a “swatch my stash” series for a while. I have a fairly large collection, and it just seems to keep on growing. The thought of trying to swatch my way through all of these polishes felt a bit daunting and overwhelming. I kept on putting it off, telling myself that it wouldn’t be possible to accomplish. Well, I thought that about all of my untried polishes, too. I recently made my way through all of those, and this inspired me to tackle the huge job of getting every polish in my stash swatched and photographed.

I decided to break things up by brand. And then, within each brand, by color. It seemed simplest to go in, roughly, ROYGBIV order. I say “roughly”, because some polishes seem to fit in more than one category, while others seem not to fit anywhere. Basically, if a polish seems to have a dominant color in looking at the bottle, I stuck it in that color category. If it didn’t seem to fit anywhere, I stuck it at the end of my whites and light-colored neutrals. If it turns out that I missed polishes within a color, I’ll do an “overflow” post about them at some point, hopefully at the end of the brand.

As I was going along and swatching, it seemed like a good idea to destash polishes that just didn’t do it for me any longer. We could all use a bit more destashing, right? Polish hoarder problems — the struggle is real! I keep saying this. At any rate, there will be an element of destash to this series, too. My hope is that, once I have gone through all my brands (which will take a while), I can then cross brands to compare similar colors and look for dupes. All of these are things I’ve needed to do for a while, and I think taking these steps might help me streamline my collection into the polishes I love the most. That’s the hope, anyhow!

So … Today, I want to show my reds! I only have ten OPI reds in my stash. Ten might sound like a lot, but, compared to the amount of reds OPI puts out each year, it’s not that many. Right? Yeah, right. I mean … right? *ahem*


She’s a Bad Muffuletta is from the Spring/Summer 2016 New Orleans Collection. It’s a coral red creme. I feel like it looks very similar to My Chihuahua Bites in the bottle, although it’s a tiny bit brighter.

This is a pretty color. It’s deep and rich. The formula is pretty great. I got this polish opaque in two coats for my swatch picture. Sadly, this polish is so bright that I don’t feel like it photographs very well. I don’t really wear this polish very often because it tends to feel too bright for me on my fingernails. I have worn it on my toes, although it’s not a go-to. I’ve decided to destash this one because it’s so similar to My Chihuahua Bites, and I like that one a little bit better. I like the idea of coral-y reds, but I don’t wear them often enough to justify having two that are very similar. (If these were blue, that would be a different story — which you will see in an upcoming post. Ha!)


My Chihuahua Bites is from the 2006 Mexico Collection. It’s a coral red creme. See how similar this picture looks to Muffuletta, above? Yeah … very similar. I think this one is slightly more dusty, but not by much. The formula is really great on this polish, too. I had it opaque in two easy coats. I think this one was slightly easier to work with than Muffuletta.

I am on the fence on this polish. I go back and forth with it. One time when I wear it on my nails, I love it. The next time, I can’t get it off fast enough. I do like it better on my toes. It’s a beautiful color — creamy and bright, and with a wonderful formula. I feel like everyone needs at least one coral-red in their stash, and I’ve decided to keep this one, at least for now. I like it slightly better than Muffuletta.


Can’t Read Without My Lipstick is from the Holiday 2016 Breakfast at Tiffany’s Collection. It is a maroon-toned oxblood red with a jelly-ish finish on the nail. The formula for this one isn’t terrible, but it’s not amazing, either. I had some streaking and low spots when I applied it. I feel like you can see the variations in color evenness in my swatch picture, too, although I don’t remember noticing them in real life. I think I did three coats to get it opaque and even, but you might be able to get it done in two, if you’re better with application than I am.

Overall, I love these types of colors. This one is a really pretty mix of maroon and red. I feel like it looks more red in some lights and more oxblood/maroon in others. I like that. I’m not sure if I love the formula on this one enough to keep it and wear it. I’m going to hang on to it for now, and see if I wear it in the future. And, if so, whether or not the formula is a total no-go for me. I might also find a similar polish in another brand that I like better.


Ro-Man-Ce on the Moon is from the Holiday 2015 Starlight Collection. It’s a vibrant but deep metallic red. The formula is pretty good on this polish. My swatch picture is older, but I don’t recall it streaking, pulling, or pooling. It’s a fairly easy two coater.

I actually like this polish a lot, which is surprising for a red. I like that it’s a metallic, which is a little bit different. I also like this tone of red against my skin tone. It has a beautiful finish, and the polish seems to glow. I feel like it has a lot of depth and dimension. On the negative side, it shows every imperfection in my nails due to the smooth metallic finish. Even so, I like this one a lot. I especially love to wear it around the holidays, so I’m going to keep it for now.


Let Your Love Shine is from the Holiday 2015 Starlight Collection. It’s a deep red with a golden shimmer running throughout. The formula for this polish is pretty much perfect. It glides onto the nail and is opaque in two easy coats.

I remember the Starlight Collection being huge for me. I liked so many polishes from it, and this one is no exception. It really is a special polish. The red is deep and luxurious. It feels elegant on the nail. And the shimmer is beautiful, giving the polish even more depth and dimension. This one is a keeper, for sure.


In a Holidaze is from the Holiday 2014 Gwen Stefani collection. I looked up the color description for this one online, and the information I found described it as a red creme with maroon undertones. Really, it looks more red to my eye. And I feel like I see some blue undertones to it. The finish on the nail is somewhere between a jelly and a crelly. The formula isn’t terrible, but also not spectacular. I needed three coats to build it up, and I still had a hint of visible nail line at certain angles. Although it takes some effort to build this one up, I didn’t find the formula particularly difficult.

I really love this red. I enjoy the color tone against my fair skin. I like the finish on the nail, and I even like the hint of VNL. I love the jelly-ish finish. Fun fact: This is another polish I wear around the holidays, and my mom really loves this one. Every time she sees me wear it, she says, “Now it feels like Christmas!” Needless to say, this one is a keeper.


Thank Glogg It’s Friday! is from the Fall/Winter 2014 Nordic Collection. It’s a pink-toned fuchsia red or wine color. This is one of those colors that kind of crosses lines. I feel like it could fit with the pinks, but the depth to the color makes it feel like a red to me. The formula for this polish is fabulous. Fabulous! Its easy to apply, and I don’t have trouble with brushstrokes. It’s usually opaque in two coats — easy-breezy.

I adore this polish. The formula is creamy and perfect, and the color is deep, rich, and gorgeous! I like how it’s sort of an unusual red tone. It’s kind of funky, in a way. I love it on my fingernails, and this is also one of my go-to pedicure colors. It’s a definite keeper!


Romeo & Joliet is from the Fall/Winter 1997 Route 66 Collection. My bottle isn’t from 1997, but, according to my inter web sleuthing, this color originally released in that collection. It’s a rusty, burgundy red. The formula on this polish is bang-on perfect. It almost applies itself, and it could nearly be a one-coater. I generally use two coats for depth and color richness, and this one was easily opaque in those two coats.

Believe it or not, this is one of the newer OPIs in my stash. I’m guessing it’s part of the core line. Or, if it has been discontinued, it only happened recently. My bottle has the green label, so it’s from sometime in mid-2006 to 2015, which is a pretty big range of years. At any rate, I have not had this polish kicking around since 1997. I wish I had! I really love it. It’s such a pretty color, and the formula is so perfect it makes me want to cry. It has a beautiful finish on the nail. Definite keeper!


Midnight in Moscow is from the 2007 Russia Collection. It’s a blackened red-brown base with reddish-brown shimmer. I could have included this one with the browns, but it really looks more red to me in the bottle. The formula for this polish is lovely. It is smooth and easy to apply, and opaque in two coats.

I haven’t worn this polish a lot. As I was applying it for my swatch picture, I kept wondering why the heck I haven’t worn it more. It is so gorgeous and fantastic. I love it. Love it! Rediscovering stuff in my stash is one of the fun things about this new project. This one looks very dark on the nail. It could almost pass for black, but you can see that red-brown shimmer peeking through in most lighting situations. It’s very pretty, and a definite keeper for me. I hope I will remember to wear it more.


And, finally, here is I’m Not Really a Waitress, from the Fall/Winter 1999 Hollywood Collection. It’s a vibrant, deep, shimmering red. It shimmers off the nail so much that it almost looks metallic. The formula is outstanding. It’s easy to apply, nearly opaque in one coat, and totally opaque in two.

This is actually my newest OPI red polish. I purchased it a few months ago on a whim at my local Rite Aid because I had heard so much about it through my online wanderings. In my Internet sleuthing to try and track down collection information, I found an article that said this polish is OPI’s most popular color ever. I don’t know if that’s true, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Because this color is fab! And the formula is fab, too!

This polish surprised me. It looks a lot darker in the bottle than it does on the nail. But it was a good surprise. I like this polish a lot, both for the color and the formula. There is something about the shimmer that gives it a “hard” look on the nail. In some lights, I find that a little off-putting. In other lights, it doesn’t bother me. This one is a keeper, at least for now!


2 thoughts on “Swatch My Stash! OPI #1: The Reds

  1. Wow, amazing to see the results of all your diligent work!

    I’m glad you destashed Mufaletta. My first impression of that photo was I didn’t enjoy the color on you. For some reason I just like Chihuahua a lot better on you? It’d be interesting to see in person, but maybe it just has a different undertone.

    Oh why oh why do I love the OPI three coat jelly formulas even though they ARE so fussy?? I can’t help myself!! So not only do I love Can’t Read Without My Lipstick, but now I feel like I need In A Holidaze!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I completely agree re: Muffuletta. Which makes me kind of sad, since it’s so pretty in the bottle. I really wanted to love it. But I just … don’t. There is something about Chihuahua. It somehow looks a little bit softer or smoother to me on the nail. Maybe I’m just imagining it — ha, ha!

      Both Lipstick and Holidaze are great. Such beautiful polishes, and they look amazing once you can finally get them all opaque and everything on the nail. I wish they were a tad bit easier. Ah well. LOL


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