My Week in Nails + May Favorites

It’s 11:45 PM in my corner of the universe as I sit here typing this. So I feel like I am just barely getting my weekly mani post in under the wire. Sort of. I mean, it’ll be Saturday by the time this posts, but I started it on Friday. That counts, right? Yeah — totally! I’m also typing very awkwardly because I just did my nails, and my top coat is technically dry but not yet hard. Polish junkie problems. The struggle is real, my friends. It is Real.

I’ve been wandering through life for the past couple of days with mostly naked nails. Yikes! Say it isn’t so! But, yeah. It’s so. I spent the last two days doing some heavy-duty swatching, and guess what? I think I’ve made it through all of my current untried polishes! It doesn’t sound like a huge deal, but it totally is. I previously had two drawers in my storage units that were all untried polishes. Those are now beautifully empty drawers. Woot to the polish gods!!


I started out my week wearing A. England, Let Me In. I’ve already gone on and on and on about this one in a previous haul post. So I won’t repeat myself —  much. This one is gorgeous and juicy and beautiful and all the things. And I love it so, so much. Love it!!


For my next nail outing, I wore Orly, Royal Navy. My nail bestie and I were chatting away on Instagram one night, and I mentioned how much I loved Simply Fa-Blue-Less from the recent China Glaze Summer Reign Collection. Sadly, I don’t have that polish because my Sally’s sold out about an instant after they put it on the shelf. And it hasn’t been restocked since. So my bestie, being the awesome person that she is, was looking online for other colors that seemed the same, and she mentioned this polish. I was like, “Oh, wait! I think I have that polish!” Sure enough, I found it sitting on my desk, buried under some stuff. I had forgotten all about it. And, of course, I had to wear it right away.

I don’t think it’s a dupe for Fa-Blue-Less. To me (in pictures, anyhow), this one has a softer overall look to it. I think it’s because of the shimmer. Even so, this is a fantastic polish. I love the dark and deep tone of the blue base. I love the shimmers. And I love the finish it had on my nails. I’m so happy I remembered this pretty polish!


Next, I decided to go pink. And what’s more fun in pink than unicorns? Yep — nothing! So, unicorns it was! I used Colores de Carol, Eternal Love for the base color, and China Glaze Don’t Desert Me for the stamping. I’m still a complete stamping noob, so I was thrilled that I managed to get the unicorns placed where I wanted them. Yay for getting lucky!

I am not usually much for pinks, but I really enjoy Eternal Love. It is an unusual pink with a complex color tone and depth. And, as always, I love Don’t Desert Me for stamping. It has become one of my favorite stamping polishes!


Finally, I wore Fingerpaints, Asymmetrical. This was a complete impulse purchase this week. I went to Sally’s to get a birthday gift for a friend, and I couldn’t pass up this little darling. I love the tone of blue and the shimmer running through it. This one is kind of sheer. It took me three coats to get anywhere near opacity, and I could still see a hint of visible nail line in certain lights. But I like the delicate look it has on the nail. I really enjoyed wearing this one. I would probably still be wearing it if I hadn’t decided to do some major swatching.


Alright … It’s broken record time, but here I go: I can’t believe it’s June already! Seriously, June! Where the heck did May go? I have no idea, but I would really like for my life to slow down, just a little bit.

I had six favorites from May.


Colores de Carol, Nancy. This purple is so beautiful and perfect. It is full of details and packed with a juicy punch of color. I feel like this one is really special, and I loved wearing it.


This was my first attempt at a smoosh mani: Morgan Taylor, Water Baby,  China Glaze, Don’t Desert Me, and OPI, Alpine Snow. I loved these colors together, and was really happy with how this turned out. I had a fun time making and wearing this manicure.


Colores de Carol, Demeter. This one will be on the favorites list any time I wear it. I love it so, so, so much. I really wish I had a back-up bottle of it. I am eventually going to use it all up, and I’m not sure how I will live without it. *sigh*


This pink and gold gradient using Colores de Carol, Discovery and Zoya, Goldie. I loved everything about this. And I’m sitting here thinking that I need to do another pink and gold gradient really soon.


Colores de Carol, Perspective. This was one of the fan group custom polishes. I adore it. I still can’t get over how much this polish shifts in different light. It’s magical.


And, finally, there was this marble using all OPI polishes: Do You Have This Color in Stockholm?, I’m Gown For Anything, It’s a Boy, and My Dogsled is a Hybrid. I was so happy with the pattern and sense of motion in this marble. And I love these colors together. I’m still working on my clean-up game when it comes to the marbles, but I still loved this one.



4 thoughts on “My Week in Nails + May Favorites

  1. UGH, I so have to get A England Let Me In. Even though I have so many similar polishes. I must have.

    I’m glad I reminded you of Royal Navy! The shimmer makes it unique. The more I see Simply Fa-Blue-Less discussed, the more I see people saying that THAT polish is special. It is true that there are lots of cobalt blue polishes out there, but when we looked for dupes, we didn’t find anything quite like it (at least on our first Google dive…) The difference seems to be that it’s a jelly, no white in the formula, and yet it’s very even so you can do either 2 or 3 coats and have it look good either way. Debbie Vaughn likes it and you know she is a total stickler for formula. So I think we have to get you a bottle 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh! You totally NEED Let Me In. It’s right up your alley, color-wise. And it’s such a special polish. There’s no other way to describe it.

      And, yes!! Yay for Orly’s Royal Navy! It’s really so pretty because of the shimmer and dark blue color together. Although I wish it was a bit more opaque — which probably can’t even happen because of the shimmer, but anyhow … LOL

      The more I see Simply Fa-Blue-Less, the more amazing it appears! I can’t get over how deep and rich the color looks, even in internet pictures!


      1. As a footnote, I was in my Sally’s yesterday and saw Royal Navy on the Orly display (not on clearance). So it should be easy to find.


      2. I got my bottle of Orly’s Royal Navy from Target, so your Target might also have it. Not that it is any cheaper there, but it speaks to what you said about it being easy to find. Which I think is a definite “yes!” — LOL. I have an Orly Colorblast that is exactly Royal Navy. I’m saving it to send your way. It’s a smaller bottle, so you can try it out with less pain/storage issue. If you like it, you can get the bigger bottle later, maybe. ^.~


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