My Week in Nails & April Favorites

This was one of those weeks. I thought Friday would never get here. I feel like I end up saying that nearly every week. Hmm … Let’s not think about what this might mean for me and my place in the universe. But it was yet another tough week at my house. My poor kiddo is still fighting her sinus infection from last week, and it seems she has come out on the losing end of things. She woke up with a terribly sore throat yesterday. A visit to the pediatrician confirmed that kiddo now has a sinus infection and strep throat. And there is the continuing saga of my allergy shots. I’m now up to the series of shots containing the stuff I’m most allergic to (like essence of cat dander, or whatever it’s called). I get two shots two times a week, and I’ve been having an uncomfortable reaction each time. My arm gets a knot, which turns into a welt, usually surrounded by a rash. And I feel like crappola. Definitely not happy times. Here’s hoping next week will be better, all around.

Luckily, I had my lovely nail polish pretties to cheer me up. As always, these little darlings were a bright spot in a long string of difficult days. I decided to do blues as my theme for the week. This made it even more fun for me. Blue is my favorite color, and my favorite color of polish, too. Seeing it on my nails never fails to give me a happy boost.


I started out my week with Colores de Carol, Nancy. I know, I know … it’s not blue. But it’s just so, so pretty. My family was lucky enough to celebrate the marriage of one of our dear friends this past Saturday. My dress had a lot of purple in it, and I thought Nancy would be brilliantly perfect. And it was! This purple matched my dress almost exactly. And I loved having this on my nails. It is such an incredible polish. The color tone is rich and deep, and it’s full of beautiful, sparkly glitter. The formula for this one is buttery, smooth, and amazing. I’m not usually one to say that people need a particular polish. But, yeah … You NEED this polish! It is just that perfect.


For my next manicure, it was time to break out the blues! But I wasn’t quite ready to say good-bye to beautiful Nancy. The perfect solution: a gradient! I paired Nancy with Zoya, Ling. And I topped the whole thing with a coat of China Glaze, Fairy Dust. Ling is … Dreamy. It’s the word that comes to mind immediately when I think of it. It’s a perfect, beautiful mid-tone blue with an equally perfect and beautiful formula. It reminds me of patterns on fine china, which seems to make the name appropriate. I love this color tone, and this polish. Such a pretty, calm, and beautiful blue. I loved seeing it on my nails, and I thought it looked gorgeous paired with Nancy.


For my next manicure, I decided to “shake it up” a little bit. I tried my first smoosh mani, using Morgan Taylor, Water Baby (light blue), China Glaze, Don’t Desert Me (bright pink), and OPI, Alpine Snow (white). I used Water Baby as the base color on all of my nails. On the index and ring finger nails, I stamped some adorable unicorns with Don’t Desert Me. On my middle finger and pinky nails, I stamped some stars using a basic black stamping polish. Whew! That’s a lot of manicure description!

I LOVED this manicure. I really didn’t want to take it off. I liked it that much. Sadly, I think the unicorn design on my stamping plate isn’t etched quite properly, as the unicorns’ horns seem to look more like ears. It turned my unicorns into horses. But … honestly, I really didn’t mind all that much. I like them equally well as horses.

I think Water Baby might be my new favorite light/baby blue. It is such a beautiful color, and the polish has a wonderfully rich formula. It goes on evenly, and is easily opaque in two coats. In my experience, a blue this light generally takes at least three coats to get it even. And so, I adore this polish — both for color and formula.


Next, I wore Sinful Colors, Super Star. This polish has a beautiful, blue jelly base, and it’s packed with blue micro glitters as well as scattered purple glitters. The polish builds up on its own, but it’s so sheer that I needed four coats to get things looking even and decently opaque.

It’s a beautiful and unusual polish. I don’t have anything like this in the rest of my stash, and I like the combination of blue and purple together. As soon as I decided on a week of blues, I knew this little pretty had to be on my nails at some point during the week. I had swatched it earlier, and I couldn’t wait to wear it. This one did not disappoint.


And, finally, I am finishing out my week with Zoya’s Tallulah. She is a medium to dark blue with a vibrant, luster-like finish on the nail. Great formula, too. She was opaque in two easy coats.

*sigh* Just look at her. She is perfect and gorgeous and vibrant and beautiful and perfect in every way. Did I already say perfect? Yeah. So, so, sooooo perfect. Dearest Tallulah, I love you. Will you marry me?


Since we’re here in the first week of May, it’s also time for my April favorites. I feel like the month of April fairly flew by. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. But … whatever. As my husband loves to say: “It is what it is.” So, here are the manicures that most captured my heart in the month of April.


Of course, this springy linear marble has to lead the list. This was with Zoya, Pippa (yellow) + OPI, Small + Cute = ❤ (pink) + OPI, Gargantuan Green Grape (light green) + OPI, Green Come True (dark green). I was so, so happy with how this one turned out. I love the way the darker green sort of spins through the lighter pinks and yellows in the design. I thought it was cheerful, and it just felt like “Spring” on my nails.


Sinful Colors, Flip Tease. Oh my gosh, but I love, love, LOVE this polish and color. It’s a perfect turquoise. I love how bright it is, and I also love that it strikes the perfect balance between blue and green tones. It has a beautiful pink shimmer running through it. The shimmer is subtle, but it gives the polish a pretty, soft, and delicate look.


Zoya, Lotus. This one snuck up on me. I was surprised at how much I loved it because, really, it doesn’t look like much in the bottle. But … on the nail … Wowza. It comes alive. I love the dusty color tone in the base, and that magenta shimmer gets me where I live. It’s almost like there are glowing embers deep down inside this color.


Colores de Carol, Daydream. Surprisingly, this was one of my favorite colors from her recent Pure Imagination Collection. It’s not the sort of color I would typically go all ga-ga for. But … I dunno. I just adore it. It’s warm and cozy and feels oh-so-perfect, even against my super-light skin tone.


A. England, Fotheringhay Castle. Such a perfect, gorgeous, golden-mossy green. It seems to glow right off the nail. And I LURVE it.


And my last (but certainly not least!) April favorite is this green water marble. I used China Glaze, Tree Hugger (light green) + OPI Green Come True (darker green) + OPI Black Onyx (black) over A. England, Fotheringhay Castle as the base color. This was my first attempt at doing a double linear pattern, and I ended up adoring it. I love the sense of motion it has. And I ended up really liking the bold look of the black against the green.




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