Tuesday Untrieds #8

I am really dragging today. The weather is cloudy, and there’s a slight smell of rain in the air. I have a horrible sinus headache. I think the universe is out to get me today. There are many days when I wonder about this, but it feels particularly true today. Overall, just feeling more than a little bit “blargh” and not human. I had a really hard time crawling out of bed this morning.

But (!!) it’s Tuesday! And that means Tuesday Untrieds, which I love. I may be the only one, but what the heck. A girl needs something to look forward to. Plus, I’m getting my hair done today. It will no longer be a faded mess. Yay!


This is Zoya, Britta, from the Fall/Winter 2016 Urban Grunge Collection. She is a raspberry pink with silver shimmer and a foil finish. The formula for this polish is bang-on perfect. I did one coat for my swatch picture, and I felt like it dried nicely opaque.

This beautiful lady was a gift from my Instagram nail bestie, @jenniferwallenfels. Thanks, Jenn!! I love this one. The color is deep, rich and juicy, all at the same time. I love, love, love the finish on my nails. I doubt I would have purchased this one on my own because it’s kinda pink.  But, oh my gosh … what a pretty, pretty pink! Argh. It slays me. It slays me dead.


Zoya London is a gray pixie dust. She is kind of a brown-toned gray. I feel like I can see quite a bit of warmth in the base color. I forgot to make notes about the formula, but I think I used one coat for my swatch picture. Of course, it dries bumpy because it’s a textured polish.

This one was also a gift from my wonderful nail bestie. Thanks again, Jenn — You’re the best! *cyberhug* I was a little on the fence about this one, as I haven’t had good luck with liking the pixie dust polishes in the past. But I do love my grays. I decided to give it a try. I surprised myself by liking this one on my nails quite a lot. I found this particular pixie to be a little smoother. Maybe the glitters are smaller or more finely milled? This one might be a good way for me to break into liking the pixie dusts because the base color is more subdued, and there is only a hint of sparkle.


Urban Decay, Granite is a mid-to-dark metallic gray. It looks like a slate or graphite color to my eyes, and it has a rather foil finish on the nail. The formula on this one is good. It applies easily, and was opaque in two coats. It almost could have been a one-coater, but there were a few low spots.

I’m unsure about this polish. I like the color. I mentioned my thing for gray polish, right? Um, yeah. But I’m not sure if I like the color and finish together. Even though it applies easily, I felt like it has a thick, almost lumpy appearance on the nail. It’s not actually lumpy in real life, but it looks like it is. I think this is down to the finish. Overall, this one has a “pencil lead” look to my eye. I’m not sure I am a fan.


China Glaze, Conduct Yourself (Fall 2014 All Aboard Collection) is a reddish brown. Or maybe a brownish red? Yeah. It’s hanging somewhere between brown and red. The formula on this one is good. It applies easily, and was opaque in two coats. It dries to a glossy finish. I didn’t have any staining on my nails, as I didn’t wear this for very long. But there was some staining on the skin around my nails.

I really like this color. I mean … really, really, really LIKE. It is beautifully deep and dark. It’s kind of vampy. This is one of those colors I tend to wear a lot. Funny story, actually: I thought I already had this color. Even when I randomly picked it up, I thought: “Self, you already have this polish. Why are you buying another bottle?” And yet, I bought it, anyhow. I got home, went through my China Glaze stash, and discovered that I did NOT have this one. Victory! Hah!


Finally, here is Savina, Sparkling Water. She is a bright aqua blue with scattered sliver glitter. I’m not sure if the glitter is holographic or just regular glitter. Although, with the way it’s scattered throughout the polish, I think it might be holographic. The formula is okay on this one. It goes on sheer and a bit thin, but it didn’t pool or flood. It was opaque in two coats.

This color is super, super pretty. It has a glossy finish even without a top coat. Unfortunately, it shows brush strokes, which is a bummer. Seeing brushstrokes in my finished polish doesn’t always bother me, but it kind of does with this particular color and finish. I think it’s because with the bright color + oddly scattered glitter + brushstrokes, I feel like there’s a little too much going on. And not in a good way. I like this color, but I’m not sure if I LOVE it enough to keep the polish. I have other polishes with this same basic base color. Sitting here looking at my swatch picture, I doubt I will keep this one. Yep! It seems I have just talked myself out of it. Yay for waffling around!

And that’s it for yet another set of Tuesday Untrieds! I need to go through and do a big destash sometime in the near future. That might become a fun feature on the blog, at least for a little while. Lately, I’ve been feeling a desire to stick with the few brands that are bigger mainstays in my collection and send my “one-offs” (or two or three, etc …) to new homes. I’m not sure yet what will happen with the destash. I’m also not sure exactly how I will organize it. Right now, I’m leaning toward slashing out bigger chunks by ditching the brands I don’t buy often or the ones that were total impulse buys on my part. And then, for a second wave, going through my collection brand by brand to find possible dupes. The third destash wave would be crossing brands to find dupes. I feel a little bit overwhelmed even thinking about it, but it needs to happen. At any rate, the squeaky wheels in my brain are whirling away. Plans are being made. Mwuahahahahahaha!


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