Orly All the Live Long Day: a mini haul

So I dropped into Target last Friday. I needed dog food. And English muffins. That was all. Just dog food and English muffins. But, of course, I quickly found myself standing in the nail polish section. In my defense, it is actually on the way to the dog food in my particular Target store. But, anyhow …

Target had some Orly polishes available, and they were on sale for 20% off. What?!? It’s like the universe wanted me to buy nail polish. Thanks, Universe!

Overall, I feel like I don’t hear or see a lot about Orly, but I generally like this brand. I don’t have a large Orly collection, but, out of the ones I do have, they mostly have fabulous formulas. I think I have one or two out of the bunch where the formula is a bit difficult or finicky. They have a nice, wide brush. I like the shape of it, as I feel it makes it easier for me to get in toward the cuticle for a clean line with minimal clean-up. And, for nail polish, Orly bottles are HUGE. They are 18ml, as opposed to the usual 15ml for most other polish brands.

None of these are new colors, although they are all new to me. I tried my best to do my due diligence regarding collection names and years in which these were released, but I only found that information for a couple of the polishes. I will include it where possible.


First up is Hip and Outlandish, from the Spring 2016 Melrose Collection. This is a bright and vibrant teal, which seems to lean more toward the green side of life. It has a beautiful jelly/crelly sort of finish on the nail, and it dries a bit matte. I used a top coat for my photo, as I love all the shiny. I found the formula of this one to be great. It went on smoothly and evenly, with only slight streaking on the first coat. It was opaque in two coats.

I love this polish. It is very difficult to photograph, and I found it to be a bit of a chameleon, as it looked different on the nail than it looked in the bottle. And then, it looked way different in my photograph than it looked in person. Mind. Blown. This is a beautifully bright polish with a perfect formula. What more could a polish junkie ask for? Not much … that’s what!


Next up is Naughty. She is a deep, dark, moody “blood” red. I saw this polish described online as a dark brown, but I feel like it’s more of a brown-leaning red. This one has a fabulous formula. It has a jelly-like finish on the nail, and is pretty much opaque in one coat. One coat!! I used two coats for my picture because the second coat deepens up the color so beautifully. I will likely wear it in two coats when I rock this one as a full manicure. This polish dries glossy, although I pretty much always use a top coat.

I am completely enamored with this polish. The moment I saw it on the sale rack, I headed right for it. It’s like she called to me. I can’t believe I didn’t have this one in my stash already, honestly. This polish goes on unbelievably well. It is smooth and even, which can be pretty unusual for these types of colors and finishes. The color is vampy and moody and oh-so-gorgeously-perfect. And I love the rubbery, squishy sort of finish it has on the nail.


This is Royal Navy. She is a dark blue with bright blue/turquoise glitter running throughout. Overall, this polish applies evenly, although it was somewhat sheer on the first coat. It was opaque in two coats on some nails, and three coats on others. The glitters are apparent on the nail, and this polish dries to a glossy finish.

This is such a pretty polish! I adore everything about it: the base color, the glitter color, the finish it has on the nail. It is just freaking fabulous. Would there be any doubt that I would love this one? I mean, hello — it’s blue! And what a fabulous, fantastic blue. *sigh* This one makes me a happy polish junkie.


Next up is Star Spangled. This is a medium-toned red with fine red glitter running throughout. The formula for this one is lovely. It goes on smoothly and evenly. I had slight streaking on the first coat, but I was happy with the opacity at just two coats. The glitter is very fine, so this one does not dry textured.

This is a beautiful polish. The glitters have a super pretty sparkle down deep inside the base color, and they give this one a lot of texture and depth. I love the jelly finish, and I love that you can see the glitters easily on the nail. I am in the midst of doing a “shop for dupes” sort of thing in my current stash. I haven’t gotten to reds yet, but, once I do, I will definitely be putting this one next to Ruby Pumps. Even as I put this one in my cart, my little inner voice was telling me it was exactly like Ruby Pumps. I feel like the glitter in this one is a bit more fine, but I might be completely wrong. I have a serious love affair with Ruby Pumps. Because of this, I pretty much can never pass up a beautiful red that’s packed with glitter like this. It’s a disease, I tell ‘ya!


And last — but certainly not least! — here is Skinny Dip, from the Summer 2012 Feel the Vibe Collection. This one is a light to medium blue with bright blue/turquoise shimmer running throughout. It’s quite sheer, but it applies evenly. It dries quickly and to a matte finish. Overall, I didn’t have any trouble with application on this one, but I needed three coats for opacity because it’s very sheer.

This is a beautiful and super easy polish, in spite of the fact that you need at least three coats to get it opaque. The shimmer is visible in the bottle, although I couldn’t really see it on my nails as much. It does add a sort of soft quality to the polish’s finished appearance. I love how bright and pretty this color is, and I also love the rubbery appearance it has on the nail after applying a glossy top coat.

And that’s it for the mini Orly haul that Target made me buy. I mean, really … It would have been rude to turn them down, right? I don’t want to hurt Target’s feelings, particularly because I pretty much live there. It would make things awkward between us. Happily, I love all of these polishes, and I’m thrilled to have them. That doesn’t always happen when I make these types of impulse purchases. In looking at these, I really can’t believe I didn’t already have them in my stash. I almost feel like Orly made these just for me.


4 thoughts on “Orly All the Live Long Day: a mini haul

  1. They are all beautiful colors, but of course you know my fave is Naughty. But how can it be jelly and opaque in one coat? That like, defies the laws of physics. I always look at the Orly in Target and Ulta and Sallys, but Target and Ulta have terrible selections and have so many of those Orlys that you can’t see through the bottle. I hate to buy polish where I can’t actually see the color! So I will have to be on the lookout for this one (and Snowcone!)


    1. I know! Naughty blew my mind. I was so not expecting anything near opacity with one coat. I really don’t get how it’s even possible, but this is a fantastic polish. I may have to go back to see if they have another bottle of it — you know, for my nail bestie. ^.~ I agree with the Orly selection in Ulta and Target. It’s usually very poor. I got lucky this time in finding some new-to-me oldies but goodies! (My Sally’s used to have a fantastic Orly selection, as well as getting in all the new collections. But they don’t have that any longer. Bummer.)


      1. Oh shoot, did they discontinue Orly in Sallys? Bummer. Trading Orly for Essie, may increase sales, but I know without even having tried Orly that they beat the pants off Essie any day!


      2. I guess they did. I’m not sure if it’s all Sally’s or just mine. My local Sally’s is a super small store. They do have a huge Essie selection now, which doesn’t interest me in the least. Essie has to be my least-favorite brand. If I find a color that jumps out on me, I will buy it. But I mostly buy them on clearance. LOL


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