My Week in Nails

It’s Friday yet again. Somehow, this was the longest week. I felt like it dragged by, and I’m not sure why. It’s not like anything special happened, but it was just a long week. Spring Break is next week, so that might be one reason. At any rate, my kiddo gets out of school two hours early today, and we have a special lunch planned to kick off a week of rest and fun. Yay for Spring Break!

This week was a week of yellow for me. Yellow isn’t a color I particularly like in terms of clothing or interior decoration. But I love yellow nail polish. There’s something so cheerful and happy about it. It gets me into a Spring and Summer mood, for sure, even when the weather is a bit gray, as it was this week.


I started off the week with this rather 70s-themed water marble. I used OPI: Need Sunglases (bright yellow), No Tan Lines (orange), and I Believe in Manicures (blue) for the marble. I used China Glaze, Lighthouse for the base.

I originally planned to do this marble over a white base, but I liked the more subtle look of everything over Lighthouse. It gave everything a rather subdued vibe that reminded me of some of the wacky color combinations from my 70s childhood. I ended up liking this quite a lot. Lighthouse is one of my very favorite yellows, and a favorite polish, too. It’s a beautiful, sunny glass fleck that has a lovely sparkle to it. I felt like some of that beautiful sheen came through in this manicure. Sadly, it’s been a rather dreary week, with no sunlight to show off that sparkle.


For my next manicure, I decided to do a more subtle, grayed-out design. I used Zoya, Pippa (the yellow), OPI: Small + Cute =<3 (pink), and Gargantuan Green Grape (green) for the marble. I used China Glaze Everglaze, Coastal Mist for the base.

This was my first time trying out a linear water marble design. I was really happy with how this turned out, and I like how all of these colors look together in this type of design. I think they are much more suited to that than to my normal (and much-loved) petal design. Overall, I liked this manicure a lot. At the time I did this one, I was in the mood for something subdued and calm, and this fit the bill perfectly. I was a bit surprised at how much the gray base showed through. But it wasn’t a bad surprise.


I decided to stick, more or less, with my previous color scheme for my next manicure. I used the same colors in the marble design (Zoya, Pippa and OPI: Small + Cute = ❤ and Gargantuan Green Grape), and I added OPI, Green Come True (the brighter, darker green) for a little contrast. I used OPI, Alpine Snow as a base so that the colors would stand out more.

I have to admit I fell head over heels with this particular manicure. I loved everything about it. It was bright, cheerful, and sunny. It felt very “Spring” to me. And I really like how all of these colors look together. I particularly like how the darker green gives a nice ribbon of contrast throughout the whole thing. It was such a happy accident that all of this worked together so well. I love that about this particular type of manicure: you never know quite what you’re going to get. This manicure reminded me of easter eggs or ribbon candy. I didn’t want to take it off, and I wore it until the index nails started showing too much wear.


For my next manicure, I used Zoya, Daisy as the base color and added in some little blue flowers for a bit of fun interest. I used OPI, I Believe in Manicures for the blue and OPI, Green Come True for the leaves.

This ended up being a super cheerful and springy manicure. I enjoyed it a lot, particularly because yesterday was a terrible weather day for us. The sky was gray and full of rain, but at least my nails were sunny! Daisy is a beautiful color. It’s a creamy, beautiful shade of yellow with a bit of blue flash to it. Sadly, I wasn’t able to capture the flash in my photo because we didn’t have sunlight.


And, finally, my manicure for today! This is Colores de Carol, Slippery Deck. It’s a yellow crelly packed with different colored, metallic hex glitters and a subtle shimmer.

This is such a pretty and fun polish. I’ve had it in my storage drawers for a few months, just waiting for the perfect chance to wear it. And here it is! This was perfect for rounding out my week of yellows. It’s cheerful, sunny, and oh-so-fun.

And that’s it! A whole week of yellows, as well as a week packed with nail art. I have no idea what came over me. I guess I was feeling extra creative or something this week. I’m not sure what I will use for my theme next week. Maybe reds or a palette cleanser, like neutrals or grays, would be a good idea. Hmmm … gotta think on it.


2 thoughts on “My Week in Nails

    1. You must be reading my mind, because I’ve been thinking about doing a green week! I’m not going to do it for the coming week. I decided to do a random, hodgepodge sort of thing. But I might do greens for the week after. I’ve been thinking about reds and corals, too … I have been enjoying doing themed weeks.


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