Morgan Taylor Mini Haul/Review

So, I’ve wanted to try Morgan Taylor polishes for a while. I haven’t heard a lot about them, overall, but what I have heard has been good. For several months — I would say at least a good 6 months, if not more — I would pop into my Ulta regularly just to take a look at these guys. My Ulta doesn’t have the best selection for these polishes. Actually, since they did a store “redesign”, their nail polish display and choices have been pretty pitiful. But that’s a topic for another time. At any rate, even with what seems like a fairly small selection, I found the colors on these polishes drew me in, every time. But I always hesitated and talked myself out of buying them. I have so much polish, and they are a bit expensive. This was my reasoning. And it worked for a good while.

Until, one day, I bopped into Ulta, thinking I would just take a quick look at the Morgan Taylors, only to find they were on sale. A sale! Wha-at?!? It was like the universe wanted me to buy these. Like, for real. Thanks, Universe!

I ended up getting four colors. There wasn’t any rhyme or reason to my choices. These just spoke to me. Which, as you see the polishes, will likely come as no surprise. I seem to buy the same colors over and over again. And over and over and over and … *ahem*


This is Gotta Have Hue. I did some online sleuthing, but I couldn’t locate any collection information for this polish. This is a teal creme. It had a beautiful, smooth formula, and it dried pretty glossy on its own, although I used a top coat in my photo.  This one was opaque for me in two easy coats, with practically no clean-up. I didn’t wear it for very long, but I didn’t have any staining on the skin around my nails when I removed it.

This is a lovely polish. I’m often a bit “iffy” on teals, but I liked this one a lot. I feel like it leaned more blue than green on me, which probably has a lot to do with it.   I liked that this polish stayed where I put it. Having virtually no clean-up was a huge and happy bonus, especially with a darker, more pigmented color like this one. Overall, this one is a smooth, easy, perfect creme. What more could a polish junkie ask for?


Next up is Make Me Blush. And yes, it’s a baby pink. I know what you’re thinking: Hello?!? You don’t even like pink! And, I don’t. I keep saying this. But pinks like this one often have tricky formulas. I like to try out a light pink in a new brand, if possible. I feel like it helps me get a feeling for how their formula will go, overall. If a difficult color is good, then it feels more likely that pretty much everything will be decent. Maybe this only makes sense in my own little, pea brain.

Anyhooo …

This is your basic, straight-up baby pink creme. It also dries pretty glossy, although I used a top coat in my photo. This one surprised me in a good way. It had a pretty fantastic formula, especially for a light pink. My first coat was somewhat streaky, but everything leveled out pretty well. I was happy with opacity in two coats. I also like this color. I feel like it has a bit of a blue or cool undertone to it: a definite plus for me in a pink!


This is Let The Eat Cake. Heh. I love the name of this polish. I started to leave it on the shelf, but the name grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. This is a glitter topper that is packed to the brim with purple glitters. In the light, I felt like I could see pinks, purples, silvers, and some blues in the mix, but all the online descriptions I found indicate the glitter is all purple. So … there ‘ya go. It has a very, very slightly tinted base. I don’t think the tinting would be enough to change a base polish color, unless you were applying this over white. I swatched it over Water Baby, another polish from my mini haul.

I liked this topper. It had fantastic glitter payoff in just one coat. It looked almost opaque in two coats when I applied it with the brush, and I bet you could get it completely opaque if you sponged it on. You might be able to get it opaque if you brushed on three coats. It dried a little bit textured, but it was nothing that a nice, thick coat of top coat wouldn’t fix. This one was really pretty with a lot of sparkle.


And, finally, we have Water Baby, which is, of course, my favorite out of the haul. Was there ever any doubt? I think not. Water Baby was also the only polish for which I located collection information. It is from the Spring 2015 Collection. This is a soft, pastel blue — sort of between an aquamarine blue and a baby blue. It has a fantastic formula. It is creamy and smooth and gorgeously opaque in just two coats!

I think this is one of the best (if not THE best) pastel-y, baby blues I have ever tried. Yep. I said it. The formula on this polish absolutely blew me away. I love this color tone. I buy a LOT of polishes that are this color. I know. It’s a sickness … What can I say? The point is, when I applied this one, I was expecting to need at least three coats. That’s pretty typical for these types of blues. When it went on it two, with virtually no streaking or low patches, I was floored. Seriously: Mind. Blown. Plus, it’s such a gorgeous color. I love everything about it.

Final Thoughts: I liked these polishes. I liked them a whole heck of a lot! I found the brush easy to work with, and the cap was pretty comfortable for me to hold. For the way I apply my polish, I wasn’t crazy about the bottle design initially. I have a habit of laying my hand flat on my desk and then holding the bottle in place with the thumb of the hand I’m polishing. (I don’t know if everyone applies polish this way, or if it’s just me.) The bottle felt a little bit bulky for this at first, but I got used to it quickly. I was blown away by these formulas. I can’t remember the last time I tried a non-indie polish with such a great formula. And every single one of these was fantastic, which I find particularly impressive, as it crosses all sorts of color lines. And speaking of color: I mean, look at them! They are fabulously beautiful!

Overall, I have to say I am now a fan of Morgan Taylor. Argh, Universe! Why do you do this to me? After trying out these four, I definitely want more from this brand. I hope to be shopping newer collections and adding new colors in the near future. I can already hear my wallet crying for mercy.


4 thoughts on “Morgan Taylor Mini Haul/Review

  1. You are so funny. You’re like, “I don’t really like pastels. Except I buy every baby blue I see. And I buy baby pink to test out new brand formulas. And I buy yellows even though I really don’t like the color.” Ha! Personally, I like the teal. Looks like a dupe for “Is that A Spear In Your Pocket?” Which formula do you like better? As far as the glitter, I think the fault lies in their description, I can totally see blue and turquoise glitter in there 🙂


    1. Ha! I know!! I think I am totally insane. Er … slightly insane? Kinda sorta insane? The yellow thing is totally weird. I love yellow nail polish. But don’t like yellow on other things. Like walls or a car, etc. (Although I say this and most of the walls in my house are a golden sort of yellow that shifts and changes colors depending on how the light hits it throughout the day. What can I say? I was pregnant when I picked our house colors. I blame it on pregnancy brain!) I do love my soft blues, that’s for sure. And I think I keep on buying pinks because I really do want to like that color. I’m the same way with corals. I keep on thinking that, one day, I will put one on and think: “Yaaas!! This is the one!” And I will hear trumpets playing … or something. 😛


      1. “Maybe I’m crazy, possibly….eee, eeeee”

        Re: wanting to like a color. It’s funny cause you probably don’t do this with clothes? Like you probably just say, hey I don’t look good in coral, I’m not going to buy a shirt in that color. I will say, that I have been quite surprised by some things I’ve discovered by wearing nail polish. I love to wear black clothes, but I have never liked to wear black mascara or eyeliner. Thus I suppose, I shouldn’t be surprised that I don’t like the way black polish looks on me either. Also, I look horrible in light pink clothing and lipstick, but it turns out if you put it on my eyes and cheeks, it takes 10 years off. So maybe you just need to find the right place to wear it.

        Then again, it might just be because you are fair and cool toned skin. I own nothing that is coral, I am repulsed by the color, and I just stay far away from it because. It looks bad on me. I have accepted that 🙂


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