Zoya: Charming Collection


I’m so, so excited, because I finally have the Zoya Charming Collection for Spring 2017 to share. This collection has six polishes. Three of them are cremes, and three are a new finish that Zoya is calling “micro-sparkle”. All of the colors are lovely pastels. They all feel very “Spring” to me, color-wise. And I’m just going to say this up front: I loved EVERYTHING in this collection! This actually shocked the heck out of me, because Spring collections and pastels usually are not my thing. At all. I thought every polish in this collection had a fantastic formula. Each was opaque in two easy coats, and the pastel cremes were very good at self-leveling during application. I had no trouble with pulling, pooling, flooding, or streaking with any of these polishes. I basically had no clean-up at all for my swatch pictures, which almost never happens. As I have said before, I can be a bit sloppy with my polish application. I generally have to do some type of clean-up every time I do my nails.

I also want to do a bit of a shout-out for Zoya’s amazing customer service. When this collection went on sale for pre-order, it was such a great deal that I immediately knew I wanted the whole collection. I was just in time to get these polishes on the initial sale, which also included a Zoya lipstick. The lipstick is a beautiful color, too, although I don’t have swatch pictures of it to include here. I was so, so, so excited about this order. I actually squealed a little when I found that Zoya / Art of Beauty box on my front door step. Sadly, when I opened my package, I discovered one of the polishes had exploded inside the package. It was a huge, huge mess: polish and glass everywhere!


Just look at that damage. I was heartbroken. I called Zoya’s 1-800 number and explained that my order arrived with a broken polish. The customer service representative, who was incredibly sweet and kind, immediately offered to send a replacement for the broken bottle. I told her I couldn’t really tell which polish it was, as there was polish and glass everywhere in the package. (I have since figured out it was Tina, but I had no idea at the time. Tina, Tina, Tina … Why do you hate me so? *sigh*) The rep asked me to email pictures of the damage to her. I did, and, shortly after, I got an email from her confirming that a new set of polishes was on its way to me. It took about 10 minutes, tops, to have my issue completely resolved, which I think is amazing customer service. I have ordered from Zoya many, many times. This is the first time anything has arrived broken or damaged.

But (!!) I now have my new Charming package in my hot little hands, and I can’t wait to show these gorgeous polishes. I wish my initial package hadn’t been damaged, but I have to say these pretty ladies were well worth the wait.


First up is “Jordan”. Zoya describes her as, “a soft blossom pink cream”. Uh … YES, PLEASE! This is a beautiful, beautiful pink. It is soft in tone, although not super light. I would call it more of a mid-tone pink. I feel I can see blue undertones in this one. This polish has an AMAZING formula. I think it’s typical to have to struggle with this type of mid- to light pink. They usually streak or pool, and it can take three or more coats to get something that even comes close to looking smooth. This polish took two coats. Two Coats!! I didn’t have trouble with streaking, and the formula on this one is right in the middle: not thin at all, but also not too thick. Goldilocks would love this one, because the formula is “just right”.

How many times have I said I am not a pink gal? I know — about a gazillion. But this polish could make a believer out of me. This is the most perfect pink polish I have ever, ever used. The fact that it self-leveled so well still blows my mind. I was sitting there, putting it on, and saying to myself the whole time, “Self … She is leveling out. I think we only need two coats here. Mind. Blown!!” I’m not sure, but I may have finally, after years of searching, found my “perfect” light pink polish. Because I really love this one. I can’t say that about very many pinks.


Next up is “Abby”. Zoya describes her as “a light lavender cream”. Yep. That about sums it all up for this one. There is nothing super stunning or unusual or different about this color. We have all seen this shade, probably a thousand times. Given that, I do really like the balance of white to purple color in here. It has enough white in it to give the color a light and sort of airy feeling, but not so much that the lavender ends up feeling grayed out. Again, application was pretty much flawless. I had minimal streaking on my first coat, but everything leveled out nicely for full opacity on the second. I had to do more clean-up with this polish, but that was because I overloaded the brush. I found the formula on this one to be on the thicker side, but not in a bad way.

I don’t always like pastels against my skin tone because I am super fair. Like, I’m so fair that I could possibly be invisible in certain lights. Yeah … I am that white — ha, ha! I really like this one, even against my super fair skin. I feel like it’s light enough to be airy and springy, but not so light that it gets washed out on my skin tone. I enjoyed working with the formula of this one. It was so easy and smooth to apply that I was almost disappointed when I reached full opacity easily in two coats.


Next, we have my little trouble-maker, “Tina”. Ah, Tina … you are so pretty and, yet, so naughty. You know what? I totally forgive you — of course! Zoya describes this polish as, “a medium amethyst cream”. And it is: a rich, juicy, straight-up mid-tone purple creme polish.

As with the other cremes, this one is beautiful, but nothing new or startling. This is a pretty straight-forward, standard purple for Spring. I don’t have a lot of purples in my stash, but I bet even I have something that comes close to duping this polish. Where Tina blows them all away is with her formula. It. Is. Fan-freaking-tastic!! Gorgeous, juicy, perfectly spring-like purpleness in two easy-breezy coats with no muss and no fuss. On a couple of my nails, I would have almost called her opaque in one coat. Needless to say, lots of love from me for this polish, even if she did have a tantrum moment all over my previous shipment.

And now … the shimmers! Oh, the magnificence of these shimmers! I feel like this is where the Charming Collection really shines, because these shimmers are so pretty and delicate and unique. I don’t have anything in my polish hoard that is even remotely similar to these.


This is “Millie”. She is magnificent. Zoya describes her as, “a dewy violet micro-sparkle”. I describe her as va-va-va-voom gorgeous!! This color is vibrant, rich, and luxurious without feeling heavy on the nail. The best way I can think of to describe it is that it’s one of those colors your eyes have trouble really seeing. It seems to shift from a vibrant violet to a cool blue depending on the light. There is a lot of blue undertone in this polish. The micro-sparkle is readily visible as you are applying the polish, but I feel it blends in with this one once everything is on the nail and dry. Even so, the micro-sparkle gives this polish a beautiful, glowing sort of shimmer. I found this one to be sheer on the first coat, and I thought I would need three coats for opacity. Instead, I found she filled in and leveled out nicely so that two coats was plenty.

I feel like my pointer finger looks a tad see-through in this picture, even after two coats. This was only in the picture. The polish looked completely opaque to me in real life. It was only after I looked at the photos that I was like, “Hmmm … what happened there?” The next time I wear this one, I might try three coats to see if the color deepens up any more, although I felt the color pay off was gorgeous at two coats. I love that this is a cool-toned polish that remains vibrant and sparkly. Looking at this color, you would almost expect it to be a warm tone, but it’s not. I really enjoy the undertones of blue in this one and how these colors play together. I also love the finish on this polish.


Next, we have “Lacey”. Zoya describes her as, “a light dewy green micro-sparkle”. There is quite a bit of gold in this polish, which lightens the green out to a pale sage color. This one was very sheer on the first coat, although it applied evenly. I felt it was decently opaque with two coats, but I will likely use three the next time I wear it. I’m not sure it would make the color any deeper, but I felt like opacity was right on the edge with the two coats. I had no problems at all with application. It goes on smooth and easy. It applies evenly with each coat, and levels out well.

I surprised myself with how much I liked this polish. Even as I was applying it for my swatch picture, I was all, “Oh! I like this one! I like it a lot!!” Yeah. Very unexpected for me with a color like this. This polish is so pale and soft. It reminds me of brand-new plants just starting to peek out of the soil after winter. I love the mix of gold and green. When I first saw this one in the bottle, I thought it would be a lot more grayed-out than it is. I was happily surprised to see how light and airy the color is once it’s on my nails.I don’t have anything even close to this color in my collection.  My swatch photo looks a bit “brush strokey”, but the polish did not look like that in person.


And, finally — last but certainly not least! — here is “Amira”. Zoya describes her as, “a soft dewy blue micro-sparkle”. When I got my first look at the bottle for this polish, I thought to myself, “Self, this isn’t blue at all. It’s gray. What the heck?!?” I wasn’t too upset, as I also like gray. But I LOVE blues. Then I started putting this on my nails, and the color snuck up on me. Yep! It’s blue! This polish also has a good deal of gold in the sparkle, and I think that tones down the color quite a lot. As with the others, it was sheer on the first coat but built to opacity in two. I think it was right on the edge, so I might do three with this one, too, when I wear it later.

Is it any surprise Amira is my favorite from the collection? She is so, so, so perfect and lovely and perfectly lovely. I find it hard to describe this color, as she seems to shift from blue to gray to gray-blue, depending on the light. I suppose this is due to the micro-sparkle. This polish glows so prettily on the nail. It’s like wearing a rain cloud. What could be more “Spring” than that?

As I said waaaaay back at the beginning of this post, I love every polish in this collection. That almost never happens. I realize half of the collection is a bit “ho-hum, nothing new here” in terms of color. But the formulas are amazing. I have never used pastels with such good formulas. I also love the blue undertones in all of the creme polishes. The micro-sparkles really steal the show for me. They are delicate and pretty. I think this whole collection is perfect for Spring — or, really, for any time of the year when you want a mood lifter. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these beautiful polishes.


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