My Week in Nails + February Favorites!!

I can’t believe March is here already! Even though February is a short month, I still feel like it raced by at breakneck, hypersonic speed. I can’t believe it is done. Not that I would want to go back and have more of it. February was not the greatest or most fun month I have ever lived. Ditto with January. In fact, I think I totally forgot to list my favorites from January. I think this is because nothing about January could possibly fall into that category. January was, emphatically, not a good month for me or my family. Thankfully, life is looking up! My husband is getting stronger and feeling better every day. I am still exhausted, mentally and physically, but hopefully that will work itself out one of these days. On a huge plus note, I was FINALLY able to go and get my hair done yesterday. It had been two months since my hair had seen the inside of the salon. Having sad hair can just make you feel dead inside. I’m happy to report my hair is now a few shades of beautiful blue … it has a great cut … and … I’M ALIVE AGAIN!! Woo Hoo!

And so, I arrive here: on a Saturday, which is technically one day late for “week in nails”. I had a very strange (for me) nail week this past week. I only wore two polishes this week. Let’s let that sink in for a bit.

I know!! TWO POLISHES for the whole week!!!  What madness is this? What was I thinking? Well, I was thinking I really loved both of these polishes, and I didn’t want to take them off. Ever. I’m still wearing the second one. But with nail art over the top of it. This almost never happens for me. I have an embarrassingly large pile of untried polishes. And I love to do my nails. I usually change my polish every other day. But, sometimes … I dunno. A polish just grabs you where you live.


So, this is the polish that completely won my heart this week. It is “Black Holo Witch” from F.U.N. Lacquer. As you can see, this is an amazing pile of rainbow holographic goodness in a sleek, black base. And it is Marvelous. I doubt I would have gotten this polish on my own, as FUN Lacquer is a brand I have yet to explore. But this beautiful polish was a sweet gift from my Instagram nail bestie, Jenn W. I can’t believe she would send me something so lovely and gorgeous and perfect and All The Things. Thank you so, so much, Jenn!! But, even more than that, thank you for all the fun nail chats and Instagram silliness. It often makes my day. *cyberhugs*

I could not get enough of this polish. Literally. I stared at it in direct sunlight. I stared at it in indirect light. I stared at it in indoor lighting. I stared at it … well, everywhere! It is so sparkly and beautiful. It blew my mind. And I never wanted to take it off. Ever. Ever.


But, all good things must end. And so I did take off Black Holo Witch — mainly because it chipped, and it was looking a bit ratty around my cuticle line. Luckily for me, I got nail mail the very day I took off my wonderfully witchy holographic polish. And I was able to swatch my purchases from the Colores de Carol Spring 2017 Collection. I met my next polish love for the week, “Mila”. *sigh* Just look at her! She is perfect in every way. And I won’t say more than that, because I hope to have a review post for these polishes up in the next day or two.


And this is what I am wearing today, to round out my week. I got a new stamper, so I decided to give it a try over “Mila”. I love this new stamper! I also got new plates, from the Bundle Monster Coachella collection. I love them, too! I used Bundle Monster, “Amethyst” for the stamping color.

Overall, I’m pleased with how this turned out. I wish I had managed to angle all of my nails the way I did my index finger. But I did this late at night when I was tired. So … I was pretty much lucky I didn’t make a huge mess. I wanted some of the blue showing at the cuticle line because I love that little bit of extra contrast between the blue and purple. Next time, I’m going to try for a deeper angle across the end of the nail. But this is very wearable, and, overall, not bad for a stamping noob like me.


As I said, February feels like it flew by. Life has been weird and weirdly busy. I have been exhausted most of the time. I kind of feel like I moved through the whole month of February in a total fog. In some ways, I feel like I didn’t live any of it. In others, I feel like I lived entirely too much of the month. I think this is reflected in my favorites for the month, as there’s quite a bit of blue in here, as well as a healthy showing by my favorite indie brand. I love me some Colores de Carol!


Colores de Carol, “Argon Festival”


Colores de Carol, “Substitute Boss: Eros!”


Glam Polish, “An Unexpected Journey”


Colores de Carol, “Rooster”


Gradient Feather Stamp over Seche, “Calla Lily”


6 thoughts on “My Week in Nails + February Favorites!!

  1. Awwww you are so sweet, Patti! When I wore Black Holo Witch I used a peel-off base. Did you do that and if not, how did it remove? And look at that gorgeous stamping you did!! I love it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t own a peel-off base. I really need to get one. I keep saying that I’m going to order UNT off of Amazon, but I get distracted by all the stamping stuff. (LOL) I soaked it off with the aluminum foil method. It worked OK, but it was a little work. Thanks so much for the kind words on the stamping. I LOVE these new plates, and the new stamper. So much easier to use than the Pueen one I first ordered. Thanks so much for the gorgeous polish — and for being my Instagram nail bestie!! ❤


      1. It was the set of Coachella plates from Bundle Monster. I ordered them from Amazon. It’s a really great set. Lots of feathery, scrollwork, flowery stuff in it.

        EDIT: I was wrong! It’s called the “Festival Collection”. It’s 10 plates (the little square ones).


  2. A great weekly wrap up! Nothing beats a great polish given by a great friend. I’m glad you left it on a few days and enjoyed it. I am a two mani per week gal myself. But with so many great polishes I should up my game. 😉 What is your name on Instagram so I can follow you? Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I need to update my blog profile info so that my Instagram name is there. I’m “texchan” (without the quotes) on there. I’m a little bit nutso about changing out my polish. I usually get bored with the same color for more than a couple of days. But Black Holo Witch was too fantastic to let it go that easily — ha, ha! Thanks, as always, for stopping by! *cyberhugs*


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