Colores de Carol: Spring 2017

I am so excited about the Colores de Carol Spring 2017 Collection! It’s sort of a given that I would be excited. I love, love, love this brand — as anyone who has even glanced into this blog knows. But, above and beyond that, this collection is spectacular! I feel like Colores de Carol has been killing it with their last few collections. They have been putting out such gorgeous polishes, and each one contains the most amazing, beautiful, delicate details.

Spring 2017 is no exception. This is an eight piece collection. After the dark and heavy colors of winter and fall, this collection feels like a breath of fresh air. As I opened my package and got my first in-person look at these polishes, it was as if I felt the brightness and hopefulness of “Spring” blowing right into my life. There is something beautifully happy about each and every one of these colors. And each polish in this collection contains something special. Each one has layers of depth and dimension. I purchased 6 of the 8 polishes. I ended up passing on the two orange tones (“Aria” and “Ava”), as those are typically not the best against my skin tone. It was kind of hard for me to pass on them, though — even knowing they wouldn’t look great on me. They are just so gorgeous!! Why, oh why can’t I wear ALL THE COLORS?!?! The struggle is real, folks. Don’t let anyone tell you any differently.


First up, this is “Abbey”. The Colores de Carol website describes her as, “a fuchsia pink base with multi-chrome shimmer (gold/green/purple), gold dust shimmer, and micro holo glitter. This is a beautifully deep, luscious, and juicy-looking bright pink. I almost want to say “hot pink” because of how bright it is, but I feel like I can see cooler undertones in the base color. I like the hints of blue/purple I can see in there. The gold shimmer is easily prominent on the nail and in the bottle. Ditto with the holographic and multi-chrome elements, although I don’t feel I captured them very well in my swatch picture. This polish applied beautifully. It was almost opaque in one coat, and I ended up doing two easy-breezy coats for my picture. This polish was so easy to use that I didn’t even have to do any clean-up afterward. That almost never happens! (I can be a sloppy polisher …)

Doesn’t that description just blow you away? It amazes me that there is so much stuff packed into this bottle of polish! And every polish in this collection is like this. I know I’ve said this before, but I’m gonna say it again: I’m not a pink gal. But I adored this pink! I’m looking forward to wearing this one soon. In fact, I was just sitting at my desk a few minutes ago thinking about how this one would look with orange stamping over it. I’m a maniac, I tell ‘ya!


This is “Amelia”. The Colores de Carol website describes this as, “a dark turquoise green with lime holo micro glitter, micro holographic flakes, and gold shimmer”. This is another color that just screams SPRING (!!) to me. I really like this smooth shade of green. It’s not too green, not too blue, but perfectly in the middle. I tend to think of turquoise as more blue, so I might describe this one as more of a jade color. Whatever the case, it is a beautiful, beautiful base color. I can see this color tone working with many different skin tones. It is bright, vibrant, and airy. The holographic flakes and gold shimmer are prominent on the nail. I felt like the lime micro glitter hid a little bit more, but it gives this polish its smooth, rather cool feeling. This one was opaque in two easy coats with no streaking, flooding, or pulling.


I have only recently started becoming more comfortable with green polishes. In the past, it wasn’t a color I gravitated toward or wore that much. I think this is a very wearable green. It has a smooth, almost dusty look to it that I think will complement many skin tones. I really liked it on my fair skin. And, as an aside, I really like how it looks on my shorter nails, too.


This is “Camellia”. The Colores de Carol website describes her as “a holographic top coat with four different multi chrome flakes, micro holo flakes, and three different sizes of iridescent color-shift glitter”. I think the picture pretty much says it all with this one. You can really see the color shifts in the flakes and the glitter. It comes through right away in the bottle, but I found it also showed up easily on the nail. I like this one over a dark polish. I didn’t have any trouble getting lots of color-changing, glittery goodness out of the bottle and onto my nails.


What can I even say about this one? It is SPECTACULAR!! Not to be someone who sits here and says that you’ve gotta run out and get this polish, but … You’ve GOTTA run out and get this polish! If you miss out on this one, you will regret it. Forever! (Okay, so that might be an exaggeration. But only a little.) This topper is a show-stopper. It is delicate and in-your-face all at the same time. I love, love, love it. I love it so much that I actually ordered a back-up bottle. What?!? Yep. I totally did that. I can’t wait to experiment and see how it looks over different colors.



This lovely lady is “Lily”. The Colores de Carol website describes her as, “a white crelly base with medium dots (pink, fuchsia, purple, blue, and light blue), and pastel hearts and stars”. This is such a fresh and lovely polish. It almost feels like Easter on my nails. Is that crazy? I don’t know, but that was my first thought when I saw this on my nails. I ended up doing three coats for this polish. I was a bit heavy-handed with my application on the first coat, which caused some pretty bad streaking. I feel like this was user error, though, as opposed to a problem with the polish. My bottle had settled quite a bit during shipping. I shook it up and turned it upside down for a couple of minutes. But I was too impatient to leave it for long. Even so, I got a decent amount of glitter out onto my nails without much effort.


I love, love, love me some crelly polish!! In particular, I love how white and bright the base color of this polish is. It is creamy and stark. Every glitter color just pops right off of that beautiful base, and the colors in here all work together perfectly. I found this one to be festive and so much fun to wear. I’m hoping I will be able to get more of the stars out onto my nails the next time I wear it. And, maybe even some of the hearts, too! Overall, though, this is a perfect and perfectly lovely Spring polish.


This is “Mila”. The Colores de Carol website describes her as, “a light blue creme with electric blue micro flakes, a multi chrome shimmer (purple/violet/reddish gold), iridescent color shift (red/gold/green) glitter, micro holo flakes, and light blue micro holo glitter”. Whaaaaaat?!? Could there be any more awesome, amazing stuff packed into this polish? I think not. And you know what’s even crazier? You can see every single little “extra” that’s in this polish when it’s on your nails. Oh, yeah. Party on my nails! Woot!! I found this one to be a bit sheer with my first coat. It was mostly opaque on the second, but I ended up doing a third, just to be sure. Sometimes, a polish looks totally opaque in person, but it doesn’t look opaque in a swatch picture. I had no problems with application. This one went on beautifully and easily.


Ah, Mila. Mila … Mila … Mila … Where have you been my whole life? I’m sure it comes as no surprise that this one is my favorite from the collection. This is the most perfect shade of sky blue. Believe it or not, I don’t have anything in my polish stash that even comes close to this polish, either color-wise or “extras”-wise. I love the delicate look of the color shifts within this one. It’s beautiful in the sunlight, but also gorgeous in low lighting. For me, this is a happy color. And it makes me happy to wear it!


And, finally, here is “Olivia”. The Colores de Carol website describes her as, “a medium lavender creme with multi chrome shimmer (purple/blue/green), iridescent (blue/purple) micro glitter, and micro holo flakes”. The color shifts in here are easily seen on the nail, as well as in the bottle. I think this shade of lavender is very wearable for a wide variety of skin tones. I have to say it’s probably not the greatest against my own super fair (as in so-white-I’m-almost-invisible) skin, although that’s not going to stop me from wearing it! Against darker skin tones, I think this will be beyond stunning. I had no trouble with application on this one. It was opaque in two easy coats.


I love how this polish is soft and vibrant, all at the same time. I’m not sure how a polish can do this, but this one does. The blue shifts in here are particularly beautiful. I find this one to be a really great palette cleanser. It makes me think about Spring and warmer weather and sunny days.

Overall, I love all the polishes I bought from this collection. “Mila” is easily my favorite. That sunny, lovely, bright sky blue is a sure winner in my book. But “Camellia” runs it a close second. I can’t even with that topper. It is just gorgeous!! I’m amazed at how consistent all of these polishes were, formula-wise. There wasn’t a difficult one in the bunch — at least, not out of the six that I purchased. I also love how the glitters and color shifts are so prominent on the nail. When I get a new polish, I generally fall in love with how it looks in the bottle. I want to see that same thing on my nails. With these polishes, that was definitely the case!!


2 thoughts on “Colores de Carol: Spring 2017

  1. LOL I was commenting as you were posting – so surprised to refresh and see your second post today!

    Lily is so cute. I think I prefer the crellies with the larger glitters more than the tiny microglitter ones I I have. Even Carolina’s swatch only has one heart in it, and you really have to be looking for it. I think there are probably just more stars in the bottle.

    My cat is named Olivia and I’m tempted to get this polish because of the name but I think it’s the same as you. Not the *best* on fair skin.


    1. Yeah, I had some extra time this afternoon, so I decided to try and get this post up. There are so many times during the week when I’m like: Oh, I need to make a blog post. And then never get around to it. I love crellies with the bigger glitters, too! There is something really pretty and refreshing about this one. I think you’re probably right about the stars. I like Olivia a lot, but I felt like it kind of got lost against my skin tone … Does that even make sense?


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