A Random Haul: Colores de Carol

It’s Random Haul Time. Yay! Come on, I can hear you cheering for joy out there. Or, maybe that’s all the crickets, chirping away. Or it might be the little polish hoarder that lives inside my soul, jumping up and down and feeling all the happy feels. Whatever the case, I thought it would be fun to do a quick Colores de Carol haul.

I love me some Colores de Carol! You guys know that already. I often buy entire collections from this brand, but these few polishes didn’t fit neatly into any collection. I kind of picked them up at random over the past few weeks. Even so, they are so pretty, and I felt like they deserved their moment in the blogosphere sun.


First up is “Rooster”. I wore this polish last week (I think), so you will have already seen a picture of it in that post. This is a limited edition polish inspired by the Chinese New Year; 2017 is the Year of the Rooster. This is an antique gold linear holographic base with holographic flakes, gold and red glitters of various sizes and shapes, and multi-chrome flakes that flash red-gold-orange.

Ugh. Somebody pinch me!! Because this polish is so, so, so, so GAWgeous!! I am a fan of golds, anyhow. But this is such a delicious gold with so much detail packed into the bottle. I can’t even with this polish. I really, really love it. It feels luxurious and regal on the nail. If I had to put the “Year of the Rooster” into a bottle, I am pretty sure it would look like this. New Year celebration on my nails!! I can’t remember if I mentioned this in my weekly wrap-up, but this one has a great formula. It went on easily and smoothly. It was decently opaque in two coats, although I think I used three to bump up the color. Plus, it was a lot of fun to apply! It wore really well for me, and the linear holographic was fabulous in the sunlight.


Next up is “Jet Black”. Based on some online research, I think this polish was added to her line in 2014. I am not sure, but I wonder if this is part of her core line now? This one is pretty straight-forward. It’s a black linear holographic.

I haven’t yet worn this one in a full manicure. But, even from my swatch picture, I LOVE it. It has a dreamy formula: easily opaque in two coats, non-streaky application. I love how deep and dark the base color is. The rainbow effect of the holographic really contrasts well with it, without washing the base color out to a dark gray. I feel like this is one of the nicest black holographics I have seen.


This is “Substitute Boss: Eros!” This polish was part of the 2017 Valentine’s Day Trio. It is a deep royal blue linear holographic with micro navy glitter, purple shimmer, and multi-chrome flakes that flash blue-purple-red.

This is the only polish I purchased from the Valentine’s Day Trio. The other two colors, although beautiful, didn’t interest me much at all. But I could not pass up this amazingly gorgeous blue. This is one of the prettiest blues I have in my collection, and that is saying a LOT. Blue is my jam, so I have a lot of blue and blue-toned polishes. This one is so juicy and perfect in color. I love the impact of the linear holographic against the dark blue color. And then, you catch the occasional shimmer of color from the multi-chrome flakes. Spectacular!! I have also worn this one in a full manicure already, so it has already shown up in a weekly wrap-up, although I tried to keep information about it to a minimum. This was nicely opaque in two easy coats. It was almost opaque in one. I loved applying this polish. I was almost sad when I was done with my manicure. I didn’t have any staining issues with this one, either.


And, finally, this is “Vintage Lights”. This is from the Holiday 2015 collection. It is a clear base with silver and gold micro holographic glitter and holographic rainbow glitter (the larger pieces).

This is another polish that has already shown up, picture-wise, in a weekly wrap-up. I didn’t plan it that way, but I just had to wear this one pretty much as soon as it arrived at my house. I thought about getting this polish for the longest time. I can’t even tell you how many times I visited it on Colores de Carol’s website. Each time, I was all, “It’s sooooo pretty … but will I like it on me?” *dramatic sigh*

Finally, a coupon code encouraged me to take the plunge and add this one to my cart. Let me tell you: WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?! WHY THE HECK DID I WAIT SO LONG?!?! Yeah. I love this polish. Love. It. It is one of the prettiest polishes I have ever worn. It feels delicate and elegant and special on the nail. I love this for any time of the year, but I think it would be extra special and perfect for Christmas. It really does remind me of those old-style lights twinkling from the boughs of a Christmas tree on a snowy evening.



2 thoughts on “A Random Haul: Colores de Carol

  1. Not sure why I never noticed Jet Black before. Also, how did I miss Malachite? (Found that one while checking out the Jet Black.)


    1. You know what’s funny? I had never really noticed Jet Black before, either. I decided to stick it in my basket because I wanted to “round out” an order. But I’m so glad I did. It’s really beautiful!


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