Polish Chit-Chat: If I Had to Start Over …

Imagine a world in which my nail polish stash is, somehow, destroyed. Gasp! Nooooo!! Say it isn’t so! Well, actually, it isn’t so. This is just for pretend, which is a good thing. Let’s be real: If my polish stash really disappeared, I would be a hot, sobbing mess. And you would hear it. I don’t care where you are located … you would hear it. You would stop whatever you were doing, and listen. And then you would say to yourself, “Wow. It sounds like Pish’s polish stash just disappeared.” Yeah. It would be that bad.

For the sake of “Let’s Pretend” … and because I have a nail blog that is in need of posts … let’s say my whole stash got sucked into another dimension through a time-warp continuum of some kind, and I wasn’t quick enough to fling myself in there after it. I am stuck right here, in my own dimension/time/whatever. And I am suddenly polish-less. What would any self-respecting polish addict do? Well, she would rebuild!  Yes!! You can never keep a polish junkie down for long — unless her storage shelf or cabinet falls over on top of her. It could take a while to dig one’s way out from under that.

If I had to go out and rebuild my collection TODAY, what polishes would I pick as my starters? These are not necessarily my favorite polishes of all time. Some of my favorite polishes are no longer available, so I wouldn’t be able to replace them very easily. These are polishes that should be available right now, either as part of a core collection or part of a recent seasonal collection. I did some quick internet research, and I did find each of the polishes included here listed on the brands’ websites. After sitting and thinking about this for a while, I decided it would be easiest to rebuild my collection color-by-color. So, I would want a black polish, a red, a blue, a green, a purple, a pink, a neutral, a yellow, and an orange. Not everyone would want these same colors as the building blocks for their polish collection. I know oranges and yellows, for example, are not everyone’s cup of tea. But they are colors I enjoy. For the most part, these fledgling polishes would have to be mainstream brands. Indies tend to be more limited, in general. And, you are probably going to see a fair amount of Zoya on my list, because it seems like Zoya doesn’t really discontinue many of their shades. Plus, Zoya makes fantastic polish.

So … let’s play this game! If my polish stash disappeared and I had to rebuild today, which polishes would I buy?

A Black & A White:

So I will just say up front that I don’t really have a white in mind that I would run out and purchase right away. I have yet to find a white I adore so much that I would consider repurchasing it. I would likely get OPI Alpine Snow — not because it’s my favorite white or anything like that, but because it is easily available. And, it’s not a horrible white. I don’t have a picture of it, though. *fail*


For black, I would go with Zoya, “Storm”. I should probably go more basic, but I adore this polish so much that I know it would be one of the first things I would repurchase. It is perfect and gorgeous. I love that there is a ton of scattered holographic packed into a base that is actually black and not a very dark gray.

A Red:


Without question, my first red purchase would be China Glaze, “Ruby Pumps”. There are so many great reds out there, and many of them are readily available. Zoya’s “Blaze” would likely be a close second for me, purchase-wise. But Ruby Pumps would be the first. I think this is one of those polishes that has so much hype around it. People tend to love it or absolutely hate it. I fall into the “love it” category. I am not understating things when I say that this polish changed my life. This was the first red polish I put on my nails and was like, “Oh wow! I can wear red!” It was the first red polish I fell head over heels in love with. Other reds will come and go, but Ruby Pumps is forever.

A Blue:


In terms of blue, the very first one I would run out to repurchase would be China Glaze, “Up All Night”. I’ve probably said this before, but this is pretty much my favorite polish of all time. I know! Let’s just give that a moment to sink in. This is such a beautiful, rich, velvety look on the nail. And I adore the deep, dark color. It does tend to look almost black in low lighting situations, but, at the end of the day, you can still tell it’s a dark and rich blue. This polish is a bit of a cheat, as it’s not listed on China Glaze’s website. But it is still available at Ulta.com, so I counted that as “readily available for purchase”. (Incidentally, I might have two back-ups of this polish. Not that I’m a crazy polish hoarder or anything. Oh, wait … *ahem*)

A Green:


Zoya’s “Merida” would be the green I would run out to buy right away if my entire stash somehow disappeared overnight. Much like Ruby Pumps did for red, this polish showed me how much I really love the color green on my nails. I realize this is a newer polish, as it only came out this past Fall. Before I wore Merida, I was more or less “okay” with green polish. I could take it or leave it, and I probably would have said I would be fine if I didn’t have any greens at all in my collection. Once I saw Merida on my nails, I was like, “Nope! I NEED me some green!” This polish is such a delicious, juicy shade of dark green. And it has scattered holographic, too. It’s a win-win!

A Purple:


Purple was a hard one for me. I have several purples in my stash. It’s a color I like, although I feel I don’t wear purple a whole lot. So it really took a lot of thinking for me to decide which one I would try to repurchase if I lost everything in my collection. In the end, I decided Zoya, “Haven” was the one. Although I also enjoy lighter, more pastel purples, I tend to gravitate toward the darker jewel tones a bit more. I feel like they contrast better against my super pale skin. Haven is a deliciously gorgeous polish. It is rich and luxurious, and it is the perfect shade of jewel-toned purple.

A Pink:


So … pink is not my color. I’m not a huge fan of it, and that sentiment typically runs both ways. There are many pinks, particularly the lighter tones, that I feel don’t look the best on my skin tone. My absolute favorite dark pink is an indie, so it wouldn’t be available to me for the purposes of this mental exercise. This led me to think about whether or not I would even need a pink. But, really, I think pink is a necessary building block of any good polish collection. There are times when you just need or want to wear this color.

After much internal debate, I decided OPI, “Suzi Shops and Island Hops” would be my first pink repurchase. I like this tone of pink against my skin. It’s not too light, not too dark. It’s in the middle, but not “too much” in the middle, if you get my meaning. The formula is pretty decent, too.

A Neutral:


I realize most people think of “neutrals” as a polish that matches or comes close to matching one’s skin tone. Obviously, I do not have gray skin, since I am alive and not a zombie or a corpse. (Thank goodness for that!) I decided to go with neutral as being a polish that can go with anything. So, a polish tone that will coordinate with any outfit or can be appropriate for any setting, casual or business.

For my neutral, I chose China Glaze, “Change Your Altitude”. I adore this gray. ADORE IT! This is one of my favorite polishes, and it is my absolute favorite gray. This is saying a lot, because I love gray polish. I have quite a bit of it in my collection. I like the warm, taupe-ish undertone in this polish. It has a pretty good formula. It wears well, and always looks fantastic on the nail. Plus, it is great under almost any glitter or as a base for pretty much any nail art.

A Yellow:


For my yellow, I decided to pick a light gold. If my polish stash disappeared, I know, without a doubt, I would run out and repurchase Zoya’s “Brooklyn”. I am in love with this polish. You can see that in my photo, too. I mean, look at that wear line in the polish bottle! This color is so light and airy on the nail. I love this particular shade of gold, somewhere between spun gold and fresh honey. It applies like a dream. And it makes me feel pretty when I wear it. You can’t ask for more than that!

An Orange:


When it comes to orange, my first purchase would be Zoya’s “Amy”. This is such a perfect, juicy, gorgeous orange. I love the look of it on my nails. It has the prettiest metallic shimmer running through it, and it looks like blown glass on the nail.  This is, without a doubt, one of the prettiest polishes that I own. I remember the first time I wore it, I could not stop looking at my nails. I never wanted to take it off!

And there you have it: the pretend building blocks of my new collection. It’s a fun mental exercise, but I have to admit that even thinking about the demise of my polish hoard gives me the heebie-jeebies. I think I’m going to go tuck all of my polishes safely into their storage drawers.  And maybe read them a bedtime story, too. ^.~


6 thoughts on “Polish Chit-Chat: If I Had to Start Over …

  1. Believe it or not, just yesterday I saw a post and video from someone who’s cat knocked over her gigantic polish bookshelf, which was not anchored to the wall. Only about 8 broke thankfully, but it was on carpet!

    I love your picks. Honestly, if all of mine vanished I’d be pretty much good with just the whole collection Zoya scattered holos!

    And I don’t think neutral = mannequin hands. I know some people equate neutral to “nude” but I don’t see them as the same. To me, neutral encompasses nudes, greys, browns, taupes, mauves and combos thereof!


    1. I totally agree with regard to “neutral”. I think of it as colors that kind of step back and play nicely with anything you are wearing. I can’t really do the mannequin hands thing on myself. It kind of freaks me out. I’m more OK with it if my nails are shorter. I would freak out if my whole polish stash fell over! Just thinking about it makes me sad — LOL!


      1. Yes. My polish racks are not accessible to the cats and are anchored to the wall! Priorities!!

        I have a polish that may be close to mannequin hands on me, not sure yet, I haven’t worn it. In the Spring.

        I forgot to mention I also have Amy, I bought her for Halloween nail art. And she is beautiful. But she stained the crap out of my nails!


      2. Really? I didn’t have any staining problems with Amy. That’s so weird. But there are things that stain me and don’t stain anyone else. The Zoya Satin (?) Matte (?) polishes are a perfect example. Every one of those I have tried has stained the heck out of my nails. But I never see anyone else posting about getting stained from them.

        My polishes are stored away in cabinets with drawers. Definitely not easily accessible to the dogs. Ha, ha!


      3. Well you know what? My nails stain orange, not yellow like everyone else’s. ???
        The last thing I got staining from was Zoya Britta – a raspberry color. And I took it off and VOILA, my nails had a nice new coat of orange all the way to the cuticle.

        At first I thought this was from having worn so many orange/brown polishes in October and November, but eventually I realized my nails just are always stained orange no matter what colors I’m wearing. And that experience with Britta totally proved it. So maybe my nails have pores that are the right shape/size soak up orange pigments but not others? I have the red hair, so maybe I have “red” nails too? Anyway, it may be that somehow I am just susceptible to oranges.


      4. That is interesting. Maybe it has to do with your underlying skin tone, because you are a redhead … ?? I love Honor from the Zoya velvet/matte velvet (can’t remember what they are called) line, but it stained my nails so badly. They were green for a week! Yikes! I tend to always have yellow nails, but I think it’s mostly from wearing a lot of dark nail polishes. LOL


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