My Week in Nails

I feel like things are slooooowly getting back to normal at my house. My husband is recovering well from his surgery. He is still at home from work, and we are still heading forward with what feels like baby steps. It can be frustrating, day-to-day, but at least we are moving forward. Much, much better than the alternative! The weather is nice out today, so we are all looking forward to a walk outside in the sun.

One great thing is that my husband is starting to feel more able to do things for himself. This means more time for nails. Woo Hoo! (Actually, it really means more time for laundry. But still … )


I started out my nail week with Glam Polish, “Dungeons & Dragons”. It’s another of their Wizardly Ways Collection. I am so, so, so IN LOVE with this entire collection. The iridescent glitters/flakes had me at hello. Like … for real! For really, really real! Yeah. That’s so much nail polish luvvin’. This one has a wonderfully dark and moody indigo base. I love how the iridescence sparks off of this color. Needless to say, this one is going to remain a favorite, I think.


Next, I wore Glam Polish, “Oz the Great and Powerful”. As you can tell, this one is also from the Wizardly Ways Collection. This is the polish that convinced me to buy the entire collection. I saw pictures of it online and thought it was so breathtakingly gorgeous. It has a dark, deep green base. And, like the others, is packed with the iridescent glitters I love so much. I do love this one, although I was surprised to realize it wasn’t my favorite from the collection. Considering that this one convinced me to buy all these polishes, I thought it would be the immediate, stand-out favorite for me.  Go figure!


These were my Valentine’s Day nails. I used Seche Premier  Colour, “Candid” (the red) and Sinful Colors, “Social Ladder” (the white). I wanted to do something graphic and simple but with a lot of contrast. And this particular red polish really spoke to me. I wanted it on my nails. I figured red and white were classic for Valentine’s Day. I did a random dotticure on my pinkies and thumbs. Now that I think about it, I probably should have done little hearts on them, but the dots seemed like a good idea at the time. Overall, I was happy with how this came out. It fit my desires for simple and contrast-y really well. Plus, I remain in love with this red.


And, finally, my first attempt at a stamping manicure! Woot! The base color is OPI, “I Can Never Hut Up”. This is a color from the new Fiji Collection. It’s the gray in the collection, with a very pretty (in the bottle, anyhow) turquoise shimmer. Initially, I thought the shimmer disappeared on the nail, other than giving the polish a sort of blue-green cast. But, I wore it alone for a day or so before stamping over it, and I noticed that you actually CAN see the shimmer on the nail. It is very fine, but it will show up in flashes in certain lights. Overall, it’s a really pretty polish. I like it a lot.

I am totally new to stamping. I got my first set of stamping plates (+ stamper + stamping polish) about a week ago. And I practiced on paper for several days before I had the courage to try it on my nails. Overall, I am super happy with how these turned out! I got a bit of a mess-up on my middle and ring fingers, but I feel like it’s not bad for a first effort. I used a Bundle Monster plate (BM-XL215), and the stamping polish is Bundle Monster, “Sky Blue”.


2 thoughts on “My Week in Nails

  1. I recently found your polish blog and love it! I feel like we have similar tastes in polish. 🙂 Did you hear Zoya is having a BOGO sale through tomorrow? I ordered a ‘few’ including Apple and Daisy and others you have shown on your blog. It helps to see a polish on someone with lighter skin tone to see how it will look before purchasing.


    1. Hi! I’m glad you found the blog, and that you like it. Thanks so much for stopping in and for taking the time to read. Yay on getting new Zoya polishes!! I hope you will love each and every one of them. 🙂


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