OPI Fiji Collection

A little over a month ago, I was on a random browse of my local Sally’s Beauty Supply, and I happened to see a little mini set for the OPI Fiji Collection. The store I was in had the Fiji collection already in stock in the Infinite Shine line of polishes. Sadly, I don’t wear that line; I prefer the regular lacquer. Even so, this collection looked gorgeous. I was super excited about it, and I wasted no time in snapping up the little mini set. As always happens, the colors I really lusted after weren’t included with the minis … but it was my first sniff of this new Spring/Summer collection. Because of that, I was hooked! I ran home, looked online, and wasted absolutely no time in ordering the colors I really wanted.

My full-size bottles arrived yesterday afternoon, and I spent this morning happily swatching away. Seriously, I was a happy, happy polish addict. I was as happy as a cat rolling in a catnip patch. And that’s some serious happy going on! As I was saving my photos to my computer, I realized I had managed to get almost the entire collection, between the mini set and the full-sized polishes I purchased. Could I have planned this any better if I had tried? Well … no. No, I couldn’t have.

This is a 12-piece collection. I have 11 of the 12 to share with you. I am missing “No Tan Lines”. Initially, I was pretty positive that I would not want that color. It’s an orange, and I’m a bit iffy on oranges, in general. I like them sometimes, but not ALL the time. But (!!) I have since seen multiple pictures of “No Tan Lines” online, and I think I will probably get it once it shows up in my local Ulta. Maybe. Probably. Maybe.

I’m going to start this off with the minis. I have to say, up front, that the pictures of the little mini bottles always crack me up. I tend to sit there and say (in a ridiculously goofy voice, of course), “Oh wow … Look at me. I have giant hands. Mwuahahahaha!” Because, you know … MINI bottle. Anyhow …


This is “Two-Timing the Zones”. It’s a vibrant, mid-tone pink. I don’t feel it’s deep enough or rich enough to fall into “hot pink” territory. But it’s a nice mid-range tone. It might be my imagination, but I feel like I can see blue undertones in this one. I rather like that, as I am always a fan of cooler-toned shades. (Also, see what I mean about the mini bottles? GIANT HANDS! Yikes!) The formula was decent on this polish. I’m seeing a couple of low spots right now in my photo, but I did not see those on my nails in person. I did two coats in this picture, so I’m going to call this one a two to three-coater. I think  you could probably get this nicely opaque in two coats. I rushed through my application because I wanted to get my swatch pictures done.

Overall, I liked this one okay. I’m generally not much for pinks, and I don’t feel like this particular shade of pink looks that great against my skin tone. This was an easy polish to work with, and I feel like it’s a nice, almost neutral sort of pink, which will go with pretty much anything. With that said, it’s not for me. I wouldn’t want a full-sized bottle of this one.


This is “Getting Nadi on My Honeymoon”. It is a creamy, light, pastel pink. This one went on a bit streaky, although I did manage to get the streaks to level out. I can’t remember if I needed two or three coats with this one, but I suspect it was somewhere in between: two coats for some nails and three for others. I’m generally okay with doing up to three coats, so this isn’t a deal-breaker for me. I like the creamy look to this once you have the finished manicure on the nail. And I think it’s a very pretty, refreshing, feminine color.

I’m on the fence about whether or not I want a full-sized bottle of this one. Initially, I thought, “Nope. Not doing it, ‘cuz it’s pink.” That is generally my first thought when it comes to the color pink. The more I look at this color, though, the more I like it. So … I may end up breaking down and getting a full-sized bottle of it. This one reminds me a lot of “Mod About You”, which I already own. So, I want to compare those two colors first to see how similar they are. If they are close enough, I wouldn’t have a need for more than one polish like this. You see, I can’t buy all the pinks. If I did that, I would not have enough storage space for all the blues … *ahem*.


This is “Is That a Spear in Your Pocket?”. Clever, OPI, very clever with the names there. This is a mid-range, dusty green. I feel that it leans more toward actual green than the blue-green I would expect from a teal. It’s extremely pigmented, although I didn’t have any staining problems with it. I like the dusty, almost muted quality to it, which makes me think more of a jade green than a true or evergreen type of green. The formula was great with this polish. I got it opaque in two coats, and I didn’t have to work for that at all. It went on super easy and smooth, and it leveled off beautifully.

I like this one. The more I think about it, the more I like it, and I may end up getting a full-sized bottle of it. When I first saw it, I immediately thought it looked just like “Amazon Amazoff”. I had terrible staining problems with “Amazon”, so I was pretty leery of this polish. I have since seen comparisons of the two polishes, and I feel like this one is quite different. Different enough that I wouldn’t mind having both this and “Amazon” in my collection.


This is “Living on the Bula-Vard!”. It’s an orange-toned red. Maybe it qualifies as a coral? I feel like it’s more vibrant than most corals I’ve seen. It is a very bright and vibrant color. This polish had a lovely formula. It was opaque in two fairly easy coats, although you have to be careful to keep your coats thin to avoid flooding. I didn’t have any staining issues with this one, although I didn’t wear it for very long.

I feel like this is going to be a popular color from this collection. Overall, it’s not a color that is for me. I think it would be a fantastic pedicure color for me, but not so much for my fingernails. Given that, I do really like the juicy finish it has on the nail. And it’s definitely a show-stopper of a color!

And now, on with the full-sized part of the post! No more GIANT hands — yay!


This is “I Can Never Hut Up”. This polish is so, so, sooooo pretty in the bottle. It is a light to mid-toned gray with very fine turquoise shimmers running through it. When you look at the bottle, you can actually see quite a lot of the shimmer. However … When you put the polish on your nails, you can’t see any of that beautiful, turquoise goodness. I mean, seriously … Can you see any of the beautiful turquoise goodness in my picture? I’ll tell you a secret: The answer is NO. Grrr. Lack of shimmer aside, this polish has a great formula. It went on like butter … (Well, I mean, if I ever put butter on my nails, which I haven’t. Or, if I had, I wouldn’t admit it out loud.) I got it opaque in two easy-breezy coats. It leveled out beautifully. It looks great under a glossy top coat. I just wish I could see the shimmer as actual SHIMMER, as opposed to simply seeing it give this gray a rather greenish-blue tint. Oh well …

Overall, though, I have to say I really like this polish. Admittedly, I feel let down by the lack of visible shimmer. I can’t lie. But I love the formula on this one. I love the finish it has. And I really love the color. It’s one of those “ugly pretty” sorts of shades. And I love my grays, anyhow. I can see myself wearing this one a lot.


This is “Polly Want a Lacquer?”. Oh, OPI … You’re so clever with the cute names. This is a sweet, almost juicy-looking pale purple / lilac. I feel like I can see quite a bit of blue undertone in this one. For such a light color, the formula was surprisingly good. I didn’t have much of a problem with streaking, and I got the polish to level out nicely in two easy coats. I didn’t have any trouble with it wanting to pool on my sidewalls or flood my cuticles.

This is not the type of color I usually go for. I’m not generally one for pastels. Or purples. And yet, I immediately wanted this one in a full-sized bottle. It is so, so, so pretty. And dainty. And feminine. It makes me feel girly and pretty and All The Things. I love the formula. I love the color tone. I love the look of this one on my nails and against my skin tone. I just think this one is a winner, all the way around.


This is “Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet”. It’s a beautifully sunny yellow — not too bright, not too dark, not too orangey. For a yellow, this one has a decent formula. You have to work for it a bit, and you need at least three coats for full opacity with no bald spots or low spots. But this one does manage to level itself out fairly well on that third coat, and the finish is nice and creamy.

Oh yellow, yellow, yellow … Why can’t I quit you? I don’t know. But I can’t. There’s just something about yellow nail polish that draws me in Every Single Time. Like a fool, rushing to her doom. If you’re not a fan of yellows, in general, you won’t like this polish. If you are a yellow lover like me, you will probably enjoy this one quite a lot. I have several yellows in my polish stash, and I have to say this one is one of the best. I really love it — for the formula, for how workable it is, for the sunny color, and for the way it finishes out to such a creamy goodness on my nails. This is one yummy yellow!


This is “Coconuts for OPI”. It’s a khaki-toned taupe with a creamy formula and a fairly flawless finish. This one was super easy to apply. It was nearly opaque in one coat, although I ended up doing two. It leveled out perfectly. And it’s just a nice, soothing, pretty neutral.

Neutrals are not my jam. I don’t often wear them. I don’t typically gravitate toward them in most collections. And yet, I wanted this one immediately. It is one of the nicest, prettiest neutrals I’ve seen in a long time. I love how creamy-smooth it is. And I really like the color tone. I can see this one being a great color under various glitter toppers, for nail art, and any time I feel the need for a bit of a palette-cleanser. It’s just that darn pretty.


This is “Suzi Without a Paddle”. It is a light, blue-toned mint. I tend to think of “mint” as leaning more green than this, but it probably falls into that blue-greenish, minty territory. There is a lot of white in this polish. I feel like it’s almost a white with about ten drops of blue tossed in to give it a bit of “oomph”. For such a light, whited-out pastel, I thought the formula was decent. The first coat made me nervous because it went on a bit streaky. But I was able to level it out nicely with the second coat on most of my nails. I had a couple of nails where I needed to do three coats to cover low spots. If you put too much pressure on the brush with this one, you will end up lifting the color and causing bald patches. Ditto with if you overwork it. So I can’t say it’s an “easy” formula. But it’s not terrible, all things considered.

I love this color. And, in spite of the rather finicky formula, I really enjoyed this polish. As I’ve said many times, I don’t mind going for three coats if I love a color enough. And this one is so, so pretty. This is one of those colors I tend to gravitate toward, so I’m certain I probably have polishes that are very similar to this in my stash already. And you know what? I don’t even care! I still love this one, and I think I will get a lot of wear out of it, finicky formula and all!


This is “Super-Tropi-Cali-Fiji-Istic”. Yes, that is really the name. No, I didn’t make this up. Yes, I think whoever names the polishes over at OPI was high on something when they thought up this one. But what do I know? This is a luscious, gorgeously vibrant, deep blue. It’s a bit more dusty than a cobalt, so I would call it a mid-tone. And the formula is FANTASTIC!! Fantastic!! That’s one coat in my swatch picture. I couldn’t believe my eyes when it happened. It applied easily and looks juicy and perfect on the nail.

Need I say it? Probably not, but I’m gonna say it, anyhow. LOVE THIS ONE!! LOVE IT! Argh!! It is such a rich and pretty blue. It looks juicy and gorgeous on the nail. It has a perfect and creamy finish. Yep. Blues are my jam.  And this one is a good one. I don’t know if it will stain, but I would say double up on your base coat for this one, just to be sure.


And, finally, here is “Do You Sea What I Sea?”. This is another mid-tone blue. I feel that it’s similar in shade to the above polish (whose name I don’t want to type out again. ever.). But this one has some subtle shimmer going on. Once it’s on the nail, it looks like blown glass. It has a delicate and very pretty appearance. The formula is a bit thin, although I didn’t have trouble with it running or pooling. Each coat dries quickly, which makes application easy. I used three coats for my swatch picture. You might be able to get it opaque in two coats, but I think the third one deepens up the color.

And, of course, this is another one that I absolutely LOVE. The finish on it reminds me of “Venice the Party”. I love that glassy sort of look on my nails. Color-wise, I think it’s similar to “Venice”, although “Venice” looks to have a touch more green to it. For a blue junkie like me, they are definitely different enough that I don’t feel guilty having both of them. (Not like I would feel guilty anyhow, but … *ahem*). I can’t say enough good things about this polish. It makes me happy seeing it on my nails. It makes me happy seeing it in pictures. So, yeah … I don’t want to sit here and be all bossy, like, “You really need to buy this polish.” But … You really need to buy this polish! (Especially if you love blue.)

And that’s it! That’s almost the whole OPI Fiji Collection. Overall, I like this collection a lot. I have to be honest and say that I was not a huge fan of either the Washington DC Fall Collection or the Breakfast at Tiffany’s Holiday Collection. Out of both of those collections, there were only a few polishes that appealed to me. With that in mind, I found the Fiji Collection to be like a refreshing breath of fresh air. There were so many blues in here, which made me a happy happy polish junkie. Based on the number of blue polishes, alone, I was pretty much guaranteed to adore this collection. But, I love the range of color tones in here, from pretty pinks to light neutrals, to vibrant color tones. Overall, this collection makes me think Spring and Summer. It makes me super ready for some warmer, sunnier weather!


2 thoughts on “OPI Fiji Collection

  1. I wanted to buy “I Can Never Hut Up” just for the name! I think “Coconuts” is a lovely shade for that kind of color, it looks good on you. As far as the Polish That Can Not Be Typed, I think that might be classified as a cerulean blue?

    I bought almost the whole Fall collection and some of the Winter. But I suspect the reason they appealed to me and not you is that, I was so new to polish and didn’t own those shades, but you probably already had many others like them.


    1. That could be. I did look at the Fall and Winter collections and feel like I had stuff similar to them already. I honestly don’t know why this Spring collection appeals to me so much. It’s really kind of strange, because I’m not always a big pastels fan. I do think the formulas for the Fall/Winter (the DC collection) were overall better, though. So you probably made a much wiser choice than I did — ha, ha! I do like the Coconuts one, which surprised me. I don’t often like that color tone on my skin. I Can Never Hut Up was a surprise favorite for me. It is so much prettier in person than it looks in pictures!


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