My Week in Nails

I’m happy to say things are starting to get back to normal around my house. It’s a very sloooooow process. There are “up” days and “down” days. But, still, I think we are moving forward. My husband is getting stronger by the day. And I’m able to leave him now and again so that I can run out for errands or concentrate my attention on other things. Like … doing my nails! Woot!! (Seriously … you knew that was coming, right? Right?)

I didn’t have a ton of different polishes this week, but I did manage to sit down and play around with my nails a few times. In the midst of all the heavy personal drama we’ve been going through, it feels very frivolous for me to take the time to do my nails, or for me even to care about my nails. I almost feel guilty about it, like I should apologize or explain myself. But, really … It just boils down to this: Doing my nails makes me happy. And I need some “happy” right now. (And always.) There’s nothing wrong with that.


I started out my week with Colores de Carol, “Substitute Boss: Eros!”, which is from the recent Cupid’s Vacation trio. This polish is beyond fantastic. I can’t get over how rich and deep and gorgeous this blue is. The formula was about as perfect as you can get. Plus, there are iridescent flakes in here. My favorite!! I’m absolutely, ridiculously in lovey-lust with this polish. Even after wearing it only one time, I can tell it’s destined to be a favorite.


For my next manicure, I decided to do a water marble. I didn’t intend on doing such an involved manicure at first, because I wasn’t really sure I had enough time to fiddle around with it. Water marble is weird for me. Sometimes, it goes really quickly. Other times, it takes FOREVER. But, I got a new little cup to use for my water marble efforts. I had to come home and try it out right away. It was a rather gray and dreary day when I did this manicure, and I was a little down in the dumps. So I decided to try out a pastel manicure for a bit of a mood lift. I used all Sinful Colors polishes. They are: “Yolo Yellow”, “Mist-erious” (the light blue), “Lie-Lac” (the light purple), and “Besos for Pesos” (the pink). I used Mist-erious as the base color, which kind of caused Lie-Lac to gray out a bit. In the end, I liked it this way, so I left it.


The day after I did my pastel water marble, my Glam Polish Wizardly Ways collection arrived in the mail. And stick a fork in me … ‘cuz I was DONE! Pretty much, all you’re going to see on my nails in the near future are these polishes. I love them so, so, sooooo much. I started out with “An Unexpected Journey” over China Glaze, “Up All Night”. Oh. My. GOSH!!! I love this so much. Just looking at the picture makes me want to squeal for joy and freak out. I did not want to take this manicure off. Ever. But I got a couple of little chips in my nails, which were impossible to fix. If not for that, I would probably STILL be wearing this manicure. I think it’s a favorite out of all the recent manicures I have done.


And finally, I finished out the week wearing Glam Polish, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”. My daughter picked this one for me to wear after my previous manicure chipped. She’s a huge Harry Potter fan, and we saw the Fantastic Beasts movie two or three times. This is a great polish. Easily opaque in two coats. Fantastic formula, although it dries a bit textured on the nail. But it’s totally worth the two coats of top coat because of those iridescent glitters. Have I mentioned how much I love those? ‘Cuz, yeah … *sigh*


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