Glam Polish: Wizardly Ways Collection


So I have to be honest here, right up front. This is a collection that YouTube made me buy. The instant I saw these polishes reviewed on one of my favorite YouTube channels, I was in starry-eyed, lovey-lust. And I knew I had to have them. Even more than that, I NEEDED them. Oh yeah. We are talking a nail polish jonesing in the worst way possible. Sometimes, the whole “YouTube made me buy it” thing backfires, and I end up with something I really regret. What can I say? I’m human. I get taken in by all the hype.

Not this time, though! Oh my gosh, but I adore these polishes. From L to R, these are: The Dark Crystal, Oz the Great and Powerful, An Unexpected Journey, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Chamber of Secrets, and Dungeons & Dragons. Even just seeing these bottles lined up together on my shelf gives me all kinds of happy feels. The bases are beautifully pigmented. I love how they go from dark and sultry jewel tones to lighter, brighter mid-range color tones. And every polish is packed — packed!! — with iridescent glitter. Over the past month or so, I discovered that I am a complete and utter ho for iridescent glitter. Seriously. If I could, I would just dump a big, old tub of iridescent glitter over my head. I would roll in this stuff like a happy cat.

Okay, so I wouldn’t. Not really. Because it’s weird. But there’s a little part of me that would want to. I should probably be ashamed of this. But I’m not. Not even a little.


First up is The Dark Crystal. This is a reddish-purple / cranberry jelly base color packed to the brim with different-sized iridescent glitters, a scattering of glass fleck, and holo micro glitter.


This is delightful. The base color is moody and sultry and a little bit vampy. And the glitters, holo, and glass fleck play off of the dark, rich base perfectly. I love how the iridescent glitters seem to shoot back a golden-red glow. It’s like my nails are on fire way down deep inside the base color. And I love the shifts from red to gold to a dark purple. The base is so perfect, too, for showing off all the layers of glitter and sparkle aaaaaallll the way down to the very first layer. It’s such a pretty look, and it’s not at all subtle. But you know what? That’s A-OK!

My swatch is showing two coats of polish, which got this one nicely opaque. As with all of these polishes, this one is pretty textured on the nail because it is beyond packed with glittery goodness. I’m showing it in my swatch photo without any top coat, because I wanted to show how the base is fairly shiny on its own. But a couple of coats with a good, thick top coat should even this out beautifully.


This is Oz The Great and Powerful. This is a beautiful, deep green jelly base stuffed full of color-shifting iridescent glitter, glass fleck, and holo micro glitter.


I find the green of this one very refreshing. I might be crazy, but I feel like I can see cool undertones in this base color. It reminds me of a deep, quiet forest. And the iridescent glitters are beyond amazing against this green. I love how they flash a lot of gold.

I can’t even with this polish. I love it beyond my ability to explain. This is the polish that convinced me to buy the whole collection — and I’m not usually a “gotta have it” gal with regard to greens! But this one is so special and magical. Two easy-breezy coats got this one opaque. This polish is fairly textured on the nail, so you would probably want a couple of thick coats of top coat with it to smooth everything over.


This is Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It’s a dusty, mid-toned purple jelly base which is, again, packed with iridescent glitter, glass fleck, and holo micro glitter. OHMYGOSHLOOKATTHEIRIDESCENTGLITTER!!!11!!!1


Um … yeah. I can not get over how the iridescent glitters in this one spark such a gorgeous, fiery red-orange color. It makes me feel like there must be red undertones to this purple, and I do feel like it’s a warm base color. Even so, seeing those reds in the glitters really surprised me. In a good way. It was just a little something-something extra, like an extra *zing*. Really, this isn’t a color that I would typically pick or wear. And yet, I find myself quite loving the dusty, muted base color contrasted with the fiery look of the iridescent glitters. This polish was opaque in two easy coats. In my swatch picture, you can see that I forgot to put two coats on my pinky (d’oh! swatch problems), and it’s nearly opaque in just one coat. As with all the other polishes in this collection, you will probably want to use two thick coats of top coat to get this nice and smooth.


This is Chamber of Secrets. I’ve seen this base color described as teal, but, whenever I look at it, my brain says, “Hey! It’s Aqua!” So … teal/aqua? This one has the same iridescent glitters, glass fleck, and holo micro glitters as the other polishes in this collection. I feel like the iridescent glitters take on a sort of coppery hue within this base color. Am I imagining this? Because, to my eyes, these guys are like sparkly chameleons, shifting and changing depending on the base color and the way the light hits the nail. And I LOOOOOVE it!! I love it all.


When I pulled these out of the package, I immediately thought this polish would be my favorite. After all, it’s nearly blue. And blue is my jam, as we all know. Oddly enough, things didn’t turn out that way. It was a shocker. I still love it. The color is bold and bright and fantastic. This one seems to have the least amount of glitters and flecks in it. I’m not sure if this is because my bottle settled strangely during shipping, or if it really does have less stuff inside it. Out of all the ones I swatched, this one was the least textured on the nail without top coat. Even so, I would probably toss on two coats of topper with this one, just like the others. And it was easily opaque in two coats.


Chase the rainbow!! Or dragons! Or rainbow dragons … ?? Um, yeah … *ahem* This is Dungeons & Dragons. I never played this game. But I loved the cartoon. I know. I’m old, and I just proved that — ha, ha! This has a beautifully deep and rich indigo jelly base. As with its sister polishes, this pretty lady is stuffed to the brim with iridescent glitter, glass fleck, and holo micro glitter.


I find this polish absolutely incredible for the way the holo, glass flecks, and iridescent glitters all throw off the most gorgeous rainbows. I mean, just look at the bottle! You can see every color in there. I think it plays off of the dark base perfectly.

Again, this is a very textured polish. Easily opaque in two coats, but you will likely want to do two coats of top coat to get everything smooth like glass. Oh  yeah … glassy, glittery nails. What could be better?


Okay … So, really, this entire post could have been called “My Love-Fest With An Unexpected Journey”. Which, actually, doesn’t make a lot of sense. But … whatever. Needless to say, this final polish is called “An Unexpected Journey”. It is a clear base with iridescent glitter, glass fleck, and holo micro glitters.


I am OBSESSED with this polish. Legit obsessed. It was easily my favorite out of the entire collection, which completely took me by surprise. I had on a water marble manicure when this package arrived, and I had to bust this polish out and put it on my nails right away. And then, I had to try it out over several different colors, just to see what the iridescent glitters would do. Yes. HAD TO. It was a mandate from the universe. As you can see, I already have a significant wear line in my bottle. And I’m sitting here thinking I should buy a back-up of this polish. Yes. I love it that much. If I could marry a nail polish, I think it would be this one. Maybe. Probably. Definitely probably. Argh!!! OHMYGOSHILOVEITSOMUCHIWANTTOSCREAM!!!111!!11

Okay. I feel better now. In the photo above, I am showing one coat (1 coat!!) of An Unexpected Journey over two coats of a dark green creme. I don’t remember which dark green creme I used. It was probably just sitting on my desk when I re-swatched this polish. In the macro shot, it is shown at 2 coats over Zoya, Padma. But base color doesn’t matter. An Unexpected Journey is beyond amazing over any dark polish. It seems to come alive with spark and reflection and color shift.

And just for fun, here are more pictures of An Unexpected Journey over different colored base coats: (**EDIT, 9-20-2018: Hello from The Future! I just wanted to drop a note here to explain the difference in picture style and quality. As you can see, I practiced a lot and improved (I hope!) my picture game. I periodically go through the blog to fix older pictures in an attempt to keep everything uniform. But, the below older pictures have to remain, as I did not reswatch Unexpected Journey over all these colors. Because I love that topper and didn’t want to waste it. Okay, then. Carry on.**)


This is over OPI, “Sweetheart”, which is a light nude-pink.


Over OPI, “Alpine Snow”, which is a white. Look at how blue those glitters are! Wow!


Over China Glaze, “Change Your Altitude”, one of my favorite warm-toned light grays.


Aaaaaand, finally, over China Glaze, “Boho Blues”. I like this polish over this type of dusty periwinkle color, but I wouldn’t mind also trying it over an even lighter blue. Maybe something like Zoya’s Blu …

I think An Unexpected Journey looks good over pretty much any color. At least it seemed to look great over every color I tried this morning. I wouldn’t mind giving a lighter gray, a gold, and maybe a silver a try, just to see what might happen. It’s like a science experiment!! Don’t worry. No polishes were harmed in any way during these experiments.


4 thoughts on “Glam Polish: Wizardly Ways Collection

  1. LOL you’re in rare form today! In the first paragraph, when you write “Oh yeah.” I heard that in Cristine’s voice. I think the unicorn body fluids topper would be great over some darker polishes too, like what about a hunter green, or an oxblood red?


      1. It just looks so stunning over the deep blue, it seems to bring out the warmth in the flakies, whereas the lighter colors bring out the blues (I think it looks fabulous over white too!) Of course you could try black, but you know that can be a little harsh on our skin tones 🙂 Oh, speaking of tones that are good for us, don’t forget a deep purple!


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