My Week in Nails

Life is ever-so-slowly starting to settle down a little bit in my corner of the universe. At any rate, I was able to grab some time to do my nails a few times during the past week. Considering all that our family is going through, I know the whole nails thing seems pretty frivolous. But it does make me happy. And it helps me to feel less stressed. Both of these are a good thing right now.


My first polish this week was Colores de Carol, “Argon Festival”. This is part of her recent Anniversary Trio. I saved this one for last because I just knew I was going to love it the most. After all, it’s blue! It has iridescent flakes! And it’s blue! Did I mention it’s blue? Anyhow, I was totally right. I loved this polish the best. It’s such a pretty and vibrant blue. I think it’s perfect in every way.


Next, I wore Superchic Lacquer, “Vapor High”. Oh. My. Gosh! I won’t go on and on about this because I posted a little mini-review of this collection a couple of days ago. I’ll just say this: LOVE THIS POLISH!! So, so much. Ugh.


Next up was Essie, “The Lace is On”. Essie is not my favorite brand, so I hardly ever purchase it. I happened upon this particular one in a clearance bin at my local CVS. It’s such a vibrant and pretty color. I love how rich and jewel-toned it is. And, at about $3, the price was right, too! I wore this on a rather gray and rainy day, so it was a definite mood lifter. I like the finish of this one. It’s like an orchid-colored liquid metal … or something.


And last — but certainly not least! — here is Zoya, “Autumn”. This was one of the polishes I got in my massive Zoya Black Friday haul. And oh my goodness!! This polish is fan-freaking-tastic. I love it so much. It’s a beautiful, almost burnt orange color, and it just seems to glow right off the nail. I love everything about this polish.


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