Superchic Lacquer: Slayeigh The Mountain

I’m so late in sharing this, but I wanted to post about the Superchic Lacquer “Slayeigh the Mountain” collection. I saw so many videos of this collection online, and I thought every polish looked fantastic. Sadly, Superchic tends to be a bit pricey for me. I do think the polish is worth it. They have fabulous formulas and creative takes on color and finish. But I’m not made of money. This means I have to pick and choose and make really tough decisions. The struggle is real. Like … FOR REALz.

I ended up choosing three polishes from this collection. There are a couple more I would dearly love to have, and I might end up trying for them if they ever come back into stock. In particular, there was a sort of coppery, rose gold-looking polish (Powder Burn) that is so, so pretty. I am still kicking myself for not ordering that one, too. Like I said: the struggle is real. Being a polish hoarder isn’t easy, folks!


First up from my own little “mini-haul” is “Vapor High”. The Superchic website describes this polish as, “An incredibly intense vibrant shade of mint teal-blue chrome with sparks of icy silver and gold duo-chrome reflects.”

I didn’t notice much gold in this one on my nails. I felt like I could see some gold in the bottle, depending on the light. The minty blue-greenness of this polish is stunning. I love the silver that is packed in here, as well as the chrome finish/effect on my nails. This polish is icy and flashy (but not too flashy) and absolutely perfect. I don’t have anything in my collection that even comes close to this color, which makes me one happy polish junkie. The color of this one reminded me of aquamarines, although I think it’s much more saturated.  I love, love, love, LOVE this polish. So much. It makes me want to sit down and cry for joy. That’s how much I love it.


Next up is “Hypothermia”. The Superchic website describes this polish as, “An incredibly intense vibrant shade of chrome periwinkle blue with sparks of icy silver and gold duo-chrome reflects.”

Oh, Mama!! Now this is what I’m talking about!! This color is just … *sigh* It’s like the perfect combination of old denim and the deep blue ice from a glacier. Does that even make sense? Maybe not. But it totally makes sense in my mind.  Which might be rather frightening. I also want to point out that my swatch picture only has one coat of this polish. There are a couple of low spots on my index and middle nails, but, overall, I think this is phenomenal coverage for one coat. The formula of this polish is a dream. It applies so beautifully. It’s one of those polishes that I enjoyed applying, so I almost felt disappointed when I had to stop. I haven’t worn this one in a full manicure yet, but I am looking forward to it. I adore it, and I’m so happy I got this one.


Finally, here is “Ice Dagger”. The Superchic website describes this one as, “An incredibly intense vibrant shade of chrome charcoal with sparks of icy silver and gold duo-chrome reflects.”

So … I have to admit I’m a bit on the fence about this polish. I wore it as a full manicure a couple of days ago, and I felt a bit underwhelmed by it. I think I wanted it to be darker, overall — like more of a black, as opposed to a gray. Or, maybe a darker gray. When I first applied it to my nails, I felt like it took on the color of pencil lead. It just didn’t have the depth or complexity that I was hoping for based on the bottle. BUT … I tossed it on my nails today to grab a quick swatch picture, and I found myself liking it a lot more. Today, I felt like I could see some silver and blue glinting out of the gray as the light hit my nails. The first time I wore this polish, I felt like the gold was overwhelming. It dulled out the gray too much. Today, I liked the way the gold played off of the other colors in the holographic.

Final verdict? I don’t know. I might love it. I might hate it. But I’m definitely giving it another chance. The formula of it is too perfect and lovely for me to write it off that easily.


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