Happy Happy Polish: January Edition

I’m not sure exactly how to start off this post. I need to state the obvious: Wow, it’s been a long time since I posted in here. I wish I could think of a clever or funny way in which to say it. And then we would all laugh about it and feel good about how witty we all are. Or, maybe not. Maybe it only works that way in my imagination.

The truth is, I’m just too darn tired to be clever or witty. January has been a Month of Suck for me and for my family. On January 13, my husband had a heart attack. This was followed by open heart surgery (quadruple by-pass) on January 18. This all came as a shock, as he had NO symptoms for his heart attack. And I joke about being an “old lady”, but we aren’t even 50 yet, so he is pretty young. We thought the surgery was the big hump we would have to get over and get through. When the surgery went well, I think we both kind of relaxed a little bit and thought that the worst was over.

Nope! My poor husband has been sick with nausea and vomiting (gross! sorry!) pretty much ever since he left the hospital. He was home for three days, and it got so bad that I had to take him back to the hospital. We spent a night in the ER, then got readmitted to the cardiac surgical unit. We were there for another day and a half — really, it was two days by the time they discharged him. But he was feeling great when he came home. He was eating with no problems. He had more energy and was able to walk around a bit. It looked like things were finally starting to look up for us. I should have known better. Apparently, my corner of the universe doesn’t work that way any more.

Yesterday, he woke up feeling sick to his stomach yet again. He was uninterested in food and just generally miserable all day. Today, he woke up barfing up a storm. In the midst of all of this, I had to manage to get him to the radiologist for a chest x-ray and then to a doctor’s appointment. They think it’s likely two of the medications he was on. Each one causes nausea and vomiting individually. And, together, they cause even more nausea and vomiting. Wonderful. He’s off those meds now, and I am hoping he will feel better in the next couple of days. If he doesn’t, I think he’s going to end up back in the hospital yet again.

Needless to say … I have not been in the best of moods. I am frustrated and exhausted and emotionally drained. I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired that … Well, really, I think I’m just numb at this point. Which is what got me to thinking that I wanted to do a post on nail polish that has made me happy over the past month. I have had so little to look forward to that there were days when the only bit of joy in my life came from a sparkly or pretty polish. I usually keep track of what I wear each week, but I just haven’t had the time or energy to do that this month.

Pretty much all of the polish I wore this month made me happy. There was one color that disappointed me, but, for the most part, it was a good polish month. I didn’t wear a lot of different colors due to the craziness that was my life. But what I did wear was pretty darn great. But — these are the polishes that gave me a little extra thrill when I wore them.


China Glaze, “Emerald Sparkle”. I wore this polish before everything happened with my husband. It’s funny that I can look through my Instagram feed and think, “Oh, that polish is a pre-heart attack polish. I was so naive then.” Yeah … That pretty much sucks.

This polish, however, does NOT suck! It is fan-freaking-tastic! I can’t believe I managed to find a bottle of this. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought this lemming would come home to roost. (Do lemmings roost? I think they just jump off of cliffs or something, but anyhow …) This polish is as lovely and fun as I imagined it would be. I love the murky, dark base and the green glitters are deliciously sparkly. This one is an old polish, but the formula was still great. It was easy to work with and opaque in two coats with no problems.


Native War Paints, “The One With The …” I actually loved the entire Friends Collection. But this one was just a show-stopper for me. It brought me so much happiness when I wore it. This polish made me realize how much I adore iridescent glitters and flakes. I could not get enough of it. It’s beautiful and completely different from anything else in my ever-growing collection. Plus, I got a ton of compliments on my nails when I wore this one. It’s always nice to get a little confidence boost!


Native War Paints, “How You Doin’?” So, of course this one made me a happy happy polish junkie. I mean, it’s blue! Hello! I love all the different tones and colors of blue that you can see inside this polish. It has a ton of depth and sparkle. The formula was so nice and fun to work with that I ended up doing three coats on this one. It didn’t need three coats — I just enjoyed applying it that much!


Colores de Carol, “Xenon Jamboree”. I didn’t go back to look, but I think my post about the Colores de Carol Anniversary Trio was the last one I made before my husband’s health problems happened. At that point, I had only swatched these; I hadn’t worn any of them in a full manicure.

I have since managed to wear them all. And I have to say I adore the entire trio. It’s a great little collection, and each polish is stunning. I adore the mix of linear holographic and those iridescent flakes I love so much. And every polish in the trio has an absolutely perfect formula. I think the blue was actually my favorite of the three. But I decided to list this one as one of my “happy polishes” for the month because it really surprised me. I LOVED this on my nails. There is a wonderful mix of cool and warm in this polish, and I love love love how the iridescent flakes give off little flashes of red at times. It’s just a beautiful and complex polish. I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I did simply because it’s purple. Purple isn’t one of the colors I normally gravitate toward. In this case, though, it totally was!


Superchic Lacquer, “Vapor High”. This was another polish that surprised me. I expected to like it. I mean, I wouldn’t have purchased it, otherwise. But I wasn’t expecting the depth of LOVEY-LUST this polish inspired. When I was wearing it, I could not stop looking at my nails. This color is icy and beautiful. I don’t have anything in my collection that’s even remotely similar. This one is just perfect in every way.



2 thoughts on “Happy Happy Polish: January Edition

    1. I do think Xenon Jamboree is darker than Olivia. But it also has a different sort of finish — like more jelly-metallicish? Does this even make sense? Probably not. Ha, ha.


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