Sinful Colors: SWAK!

While browsing through my local Walgreens in hopes of finding some of the Sinful Colors Holiday polishes that I missed out on (still sad about this … *sigh*), I happened upon this new display. I’m always thrilled to find a new Sinful Colors collection. I think I’m safe in saying this is my favorite drug store brand. It’s pretty much the only drug store brand I purchase. I sometimes buy Essie at the drug store, but I don’t really consider it a “drug store” brand, since it’s also sold at Ulta and (I think) Sally’s. Ditto with OPI. Anyhow, the point is this: I love me some Sinful Colors! (And also, how many times can a person write “drug store” in one paragraph? Argh! It burns!!)


It looks to me like this is a Valentine’s Day collection. It’s full of the usual V-Day suspects: pinks and reds and glitter and purples and shimmery finishes. I have to be honest. I find Sinful Colors a confusing brand at the best of times. I love shopping their display. I do it all the time, every time I hit a store where this brand is sold. But, I tend to have a hard time figuring out which polishes are new, which are re-released, and which are old colors that just have new names. Considering this seems to be a Valentines Day themed display, I’m guessing these are all new. At any rate, they were all new to me.

It looks like this collection has a total of 9 polishes. There was also a top coat in the display. I don’t know if that was a fluke or if the top coat is supposed to be part of the collection. About half of the collection didn’t appeal to me, as I’m not much of a pinks or reds gal. I ended up grabbing five from this display because the colors and the finishes really spoke to me.


I’m gonna start off with my negative, just to get it out of the way. This is “Kissful Thinking”. It’s a slightly tinted pink base packed with tiny white matte glitters and red metallic lip glitters. I swatched it over OPI, “Lincoln Park After Dark”, simply because it was the first black / almost black I grabbed out of my stash. This polish is so freaking adorable in the bottle. I loved it the moment I saw it. I thought Sinful Colors killed it with their holiday glitter toppers. I was in absolute lusting love with several of those. I think this gave me a bit of a soft spot for Sinful Colors glitter toppers, in general.

Sigh. I hated this topper. Hated it. The base was thick and kind of gloopy. The white matte glitters are too tiny. Instead of being cute and playful, they are just annoying. Plus, they are all the same size, which felt a bit “meh” to me. The red lips didn’t come out of the bottle at all for me. I fished and fished for the single one I managed to get onto my index nail. And then, I regretted it. I don’t think it looks like a lip at all. It looks like a big, red, oval-ly blob. What can I say? Sometimes a brand hits a home run, and sometimes they don’t. For me, this topper was incredibly underwhelming. I would have loved it so much more with different sized glitters, or maybe a mix of white and gold. And with hearts, instead of lips. Although, I suppose hearts wouldn’t really go with the “SWAK” theme.


Okay. Enough negativity!! On with the Sinful Colors LOVE-fest! This is “Lie-Lac”. It’s a pale, pastel purple (or lilac … hence the name. so clever, sinful colors. so clever.). This polish has a thick, rich appearance on the nail. It looks almost chalky. This isn’t a negative to me, as I love a polish with a chalky appearance. The purple is very dusty and sweet. The formula for this polish was a dream. My swatch picture is one coat. One coat! Granted, I went quite thick with my application because I was in a hurry. But still — wow! All in all, I feel like this is a beautiful polish. I love it. This was the only creme I purchased out of the display, although I liked this one so much that I’m thinking about going back for the light pink.


This is “Readie Or Not”. It’s a deep and shimmery purple — maybe between a purple and a burgundy, although I felt it tended to lean more purple than red. Even so, I see reddish undertones in there. It has a beautiful foil appearance on the nail, as well as silvery shimmer. The shimmer wasn’t apparent to me as “shimmer”. It blended into the color nicely and gave the polish a lovely glow. Again, the formula for this one was lovely. It went on smoothly and easily. I had no problems at all with running or pooling. I had very little streaking. I believe I did two easy-breezy coats for my swatch picture, and I almost could have done one. I also had pretty much no clean-up with this polish; it went on that perfectly!


This is “Break Dance Not Hearts”. I find this to be an incredibly cheesy name for an incredibly beautiful polish. Again, this has that lovely, foil-like finish on the nail. As you can probably guess, I am a fan of this type of finish. I love how it kind of rides the edge of looking metallic, but it also makes me think of glass flecks on my nails. This is more of a medium-toned purple, almost a grape purple. There is quite a bit of silver shimmer in here, which seems to give this polish a beautiful glow on the nail.


This is “It’s About Valen-Time”. This one was my favorite of the five I purchased. Shocking!! This is a bright, mid-toned pink with silvery shimmer and a foil appearance on the nail. You can see some of the silver in the bottle shot in my swatch picture. As with the other polishes, this one had an absolutely beautiful formula. I did two easy coats for my swatch picture, and I loved the look of this polish against my skin tone. I may have to start warming up to pink a bit more. Could this be a polish resolution for 2017? Hmm ….

Overall, I loved what I got from this collection. Four of the five polishes I purchased were spot-on fantastic. If the other creme formulas are anything like “Lie-Lac”, I would say you can’t go wrong with any of them. Ditto with the metallic/foil polishes. I am seriously in love with these foils. You blew me away with these, Sinful Colors! I might even forgive you for “Kissful Thinking”.


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