My Week in Nails

Now that the craziness of “Jolly Polish Days” is over, it seems I have settled back into a more manageable pattern for doing my nails. It feels weird, in a way, to wear a polish for more than one day. I really got into the groove with doing my nails every day. I enjoy polishing my nails, anyhow, so it wasn’t a huge stretch or sacrifice for me. I will say, though, that my schedule got more and more hectic as Christmas approached. So there were nights when I really didn’t feel like redoing my polish. And yet, I did because I wanted to reach that goal. Goals … We all need them. Am I right?

This week, I think I only wore three polishes. I’ve moved from hectic Christmas planning to the hectic “getting back to normal” schedule. Plus, trying to get my house back in order after having my parents with us for a couple of weeks is a lot of work.


First up is China Glaze, “Emerald Sparkle”. Yay!! I’m so, so happy I FINALLY have this polish. And I owe it all to Instagram. One of my Instagram buddies posted up a picture of her manicure with this polish, and I commented about how I would love to get my hot little mitts on it. She was kind enough to tell me where to go. (I mean, you know … in a nice way. So that I could get my very own bottle of this. *ahem*) Basically, this is Ruby Pumps, but in green. LOVE!!! Seriously, I love this so much more than I expected to. Ruby Pumps is one of my favorite polishes, and possibly my all-time favorite red. I’m so excited to have a green version. This is gorgeous and sparkly and just Everything. I’m already thinking I need to get a second bottle of it. Polish hoarder problems … like, for realz.


Next, I wore Native War Paints, “The One With The …”. This is from their recent Friends-themed collection. Earlier, I put up a haul/review post about the polishes I purchased from that collection. This polish … This polish is just Wow. I almost don’t know how to describe it. This is the most unique polish I own, without a doubt. And it is mesmerizing. The color shifts in here are prominent and stunning. I could not stop looking at my nails while I wore this. I got tip wear with this one pretty quickly, but that’s not unusual for me with dark colors. All in all, just a stunning polish. I’m not one to say, “Hey, you need to get this polish,” or anything like that. But … Hey! You need to get this polish!!


Finally, my manicure for today is Native War Paints, “Gum Would be Perfection”, also from the Friends-themed collection. I do not like pinks. I think I have mentioned this a couple or three dozen times. But I LOVE this pink! LOVE IT! It’s such a beautiful shade of pink. I feel like the polish is a bit frosty/foil on the nail. It does show a few brush strokes, although top coat helps to even those out. The above picture is my swatch from the earlier review, which was taken without top coat. The holographic in this polish is beautiful. It gives the color a delicate and elegant feel. And I see beautiful, warm, almost-gold undertones in this polish in certain lights. Maybe that’s just me. It reminds me a little bit of candlelight. Just a pretty, pretty polish.


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