Native War Paints: I’ll Be There For You

Happy, Merry Christmas to one and all! I hope everyone is enjoying a restful and good holiday weekend. It’s been a good one so far at my house. My blogging has been a bit few and far between over the past week because my parents are visiting from Texas. Between having them in the house and rushing around to get all the last minute Christmas stuff done, I have been pretty busy.

This morning was terrific, though. My husband, daughter, and I all slept in rather late. Then we got up and opened presents with my parents, and my mom and I spent the rest of the afternoon in the kitchen, preparing our Christmas “feast”. We just finished eating and cleaning up the kitchen. The dishwasher is humming away, even as I type. It’s the kind of low-key, relaxed holiday at home that I love. In about an hour, we are all going to watch Arthur Christmas, which is probably my family’s favorite Christmas movie, followed by a screening of Polar Express. I couldn’t ask for much more than that.

And so, I decided to take advantage of this little lull in our holiday festivities to share a new Native War Paints collection I received last week. This is the “I’ll Be There For You” Collection, which is based on the TV show Friends. Friends is a favorite show for both my husband and me. We used to watch it together every week, and we still laugh at the episodes whenever we catch them on late night TV. Needless to say, the fact that this is a Friends collection meant I HAD to have them all. HAD TO. I believe this is a twelve piece collection. Six polishes are in the Native War Paints Classic Essentials line, and six are in the regular Native War Paints polish line. I picked up the six “sparkly” polishes from the regular line. I didn’t get any of the Classic Essentials.


This is “The One With The …”. The NWP website describes this polish as a “black jelly with shifty glitter and scattered holographic”. The name of the polish comes from the episode titles for the show. Each episode was titled, “The One With The …”, with something filled in the blank at the end of the sentence.

This polish is just … wow. I love everything about it, which surprised me a bit. Initially, I felt unsure about this one. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as the bottle shots I saw left me wondering exactly what the polish looked like. Well, I can tell you what this polish looks like. It looks like Fantastic Glittery Sparkles On My Nails. (Seriously, why is there not a polish named “Fantastic Glittery Sparkles On My Nails”? Why?) I love the different sized shifting glitters. I was able to see a pronounced shift in them from a coppery, orangey-red to a bit of yellow to a vibrantly gorgeous green. It’s a beautifully unique color combination. There is a ton of holographic in this polish. I happened to take my swatch photos on a cloudy day, which is a pity. I’m looking forward to seeing this pretty polish in the sun. I liked the formula. I got it opaque for my picture in two quick and easy coats. I got plenty of glitter out onto my nails, and didn’t have to do much manipulation at all. You can see that it’s a bit textured in my photo. I don’t do top coat in my swatch pictures, so I expect that texture will even out nicely with a thick top coat.


This is “Seven, Seven, SEVEN!”. The NWP site describes this polish as a “deep purple holographic with UCC flakes and shifty flakes”. The name of this polish comes from the Friends episode where Monica teaches Chandler about the seven erogenous zones on a woman’s body. As she is describing the different zones, she gets really into it, and ends with a very “expressive”, Seven, seven, SEVEN!

This polish is such a pretty color of purple. I feel like it’s more in the mid-tone range of the color, but I like the depth and the reddish undertone I see in here. The flakes are super pretty, and they do quite a lot of color shifting. They make a nice addition to the base color. I thought the formula was good. I used two very easy and smooth coats for my swatch picture. The flakes distribute nicely onto the nail, and they lie smooth and flat.


This is “Gum Would Be Perfection”. The NWP site describes this as a “pink holographic with coppery gold shimmer”. The name of this polish comes from the Friends episode, The One With The Blackout. When there is a sudden blackout, Chandler finds himself trapped inside an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre. Jill offers Chandler gum, which he refuses because it’s not sugarless. After mentally kicking himself for refusing gum (or anything) offered to him by Jill Goodacre, Chandler then comes back with the memorable quote, “You know, on second thought, gum would be perfection.”

I don’t know about gum, but this polish is perfection. I don’t even like pinks — not really — and I LOVE this polish. It has a sort of frosty look on the nail. I hesitate to say this, because I know most people hate frosty polishes. But this is “frosty” in the best of ways. It’s kind of like a metallic, frosty, foilish type of finish on the nail. And the color!! I love this color. The pink is so pretty when combined with the coppery-golden glow of the shimmer, which is nice and strong. Again, a great formula. I got it opaque in two easy coats, and it could almost have been a one-coater.


This is “I Got Off The Plane”. The NWP website describes this as a “blue to purple duo chrome packed with scattered holographic in a black base”. The name for this polish comes from the series finale. Ross and Rachel try to resume their on-again, off-again relationship, although Rachel is preparing to move to another country for her dream job. Ross goes to the airport and confesses his feelings to her, but Rachel can’t quite process all of it at that moment. She gets on the plane, anyhow. Ross, dejected, returns home, where he finds a phone message waiting for him. The message is from Rachel, who is trying to explain that she returns his feelings, but the message cuts her off. Ross turns around to find Rachel standing in the door of his apartment, and she tells him, “I got off the plane”.

So, I have to confess that I adore this polish for the name alone. I was so into the whole Ross + Rachel thing when Friends first aired. I know it sounds silly, but I was totally on pins and needles waiting to see if they would end up together or not. This was one of my very favorite moments in the whole series because it was sweet and just oh-so-perfect.

This polish is my very favorite out of this collection. I love everything about it, from the formula down to the color. When I first saw this one, I felt a bit “meh” about the bottle shots. It really didn’t look like anything spectacular. But, as I put the first coat onto my nails, I was completely wowed. With the first coat, the polish has this beautifully icy, kind of steely-blue color to it. And this deepens out as you apply the second coat. But the black and gray and purple all come out to play, as well. This is such a beautiful and beautifully unique polish. And the formula is perfect: smooth and easy to work with.


This is “Smelly Cat”. The NWP website describes this polish as a “grey taupe with copper shimmer, UCC flakes, and a hint of scattered holographic”. The name for this polish comes from Phoebe Bufay’s signature song, which was called Smelly Cat.

This polish is a bit hard to describe. I can see the hints of gray in the base color, although I feel like this polish leans a lot more brown on my nails. I think this is due to the copper shimmer. I thought this polish looked very different on my nails than it did in the bottle. On the nail, it is vibrant and lively and full of depth. I enjoyed the shimmer, which seems to give the polish a glow that comes from down within the base color. It is striking and very pretty. This one was another great formula, easily opaque in two coats.


This is “How You Doin’?”. The NWP website describes this polish as a “blue jelly packed with gold, silver, and blue holographic micro glitters”. The name of this polish comes from the signature pick-up line used many times by the show’s main ladies’ man, Joey Tribbiani.

This polish is glittery and fantastic! I love this shade of blue, and the mix of gold and silver glitters with the blue gives this polish a lot of sparkle and flash. I wish there had been more sunlight when I took my swatch picture, although I already wore this polish in a gradient. It was super sparkly and eye-catching. I found the formula to be good on this one as well. I got it opaque for my swatch in two coats, although I might use three in real life to deepen up the base color a bit. Because of the glitters, this polish is a bit textured, but I think that would smooth out nicely with a thick coat of top coat.

All in all, I thought this collection — at least the six polishes that I purchased — was fantastic. There wasn’t a bad formula in the bunch. And I love the creative and unique mix of colors, finishes, and textures. As I mentioned earlier, my favorite was “I Got Off The Plane”, with “How You Doin’?” running a close second.


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