My Week in Nails: Jolly Polish Days, Week 3

I feel like Christmas is approaching at super sonic speed. Just two more days, and my first “Jolly Polish Days” will be behind me. I have no idea what I’m going to do for fun once it’s over, although I’m looking forward to wearing some of my new polishes for two or three days, instead of taking them off at the end of each day.

Overall, my week has been decent. My parents arrived from Texas on Monday. They are planning to spend Christmas with us, and stay for a total of two weeks. Tonight, we are taking them out to a nice dinner to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. My daughter is still recovering from the concussion she got during PE right before Winter Break started. Plus, it seems she now has a virus. It might be Strep, but we are awaiting the results of the overnight culture test to be sure. Today was hectic, as I had to do the rest of the grocery shopping for our Christmas Day meal, then get my daughter to the pediatrician, and then go to lunch with my husband and some friends of ours who have recently moved back into our area. Everything had to run exactly on schedule, so I was a bit frazzled. What better reason to talk about nail polish, right? Because nail polish makes everything better.

Day 17:


For Day 17, I wore Zoya, “Charla”. Oh my gosh, but she is pretty!!! I love the finish and the color of this polish. It has one of those finishes that looks like glass on my nails. And the color is rich, deep, and very jewel-toned. I enjoyed this polish a lot. Sadly, Charla stained my nails a bit. Nothing that some extra cuticle oil and a bit of rubbing wouldn’t get rid of, but I will have to remember to double up on base coat next time I wear her.

Day 18:


For Day 18, I decided to go with OPI.  This is “Liv in the Gray” + “My Voice is a Little Norse”. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m a huge fan of the Nordic Collection. It’s a very sentimental collection for me. This glitter topper (My Voice is a Little Norse) is from that collection. It’s a recent acquisition for my stash, but I’m happy to have it. I seem to be, ever so slowly, gathering up the whole Nordic Collection, although there were a couple of polishes in there that I can’t see myself ever buying. Because this glitter has a gray tint to the base, I decided to pair it with this beautiful, dark gray from the recent Washington DC Collection. I loved the look of these two together. We had a cloudy, gray day on the day that I wore this manicure, but this topper still sparkled like a disco ball on crack.

Day 19:

cdc-goneskiing2-sm copy

For Day 19, I returned to my beloved Colores de Carol. I am on a mission to wear every polish from the 2016 Winter Collection before Christmas. And, I think I actually accomplished that this week! Yay for goals!! This is “Gone Skiing”, and it is a glittery, spectacular, gorgeous RED. When I was applying this one, I felt like I could see an orange undertone to this red. But, in other lights, I saw a blue undertone. So, I feel like this red is a bit of a shape-shifter. I also love that the holographic glitter in this one sparks a lot of blue. It has such a pretty sparkle, no matter the light. And I actually liked this red on my skin tone.

Day 20:


For Day 20, I wore OPI, “I Believe in Manicures” + Sinful Colors, “Santa Claws”.

I Believe in Manicures is the light blue from the recent OPI Holiday Collection (Breakfast at Tiffany’s). I think it’s supposed to be a “Tiffany Blue”, but … well, it’s not. I still like the color quite a lot. It’s a very pretty light blue, and this is the first polish I wanted from the Breakfast at Tiffany’s Collection. I only had this blue on for a day, and it stained my nails. This surprised me, as it’s a very light blue. I wasn’t expecting any staining at all. It won’t keep me from wearing this polish, as I quite like it. I had heard, in different reviews, that the application with this one was a challenge. I didn’t have any problems with it. I had very little streaking, and it all leveled out for me and became opaque in just two coats.

Santa Claws is a limited edition holiday glitter topper from Sinful Colors. I happened upon this on a recent Target run, and I thought it was super pretty. When I applied it, I realized there is quite a bit of iridescence in the base, which gives this a lovely and delicate appearance on the nail. I love the combination of sparkly red and matte white glitter, too.

Day 21:

cdc-pine2-sm copy

For Day 21, I wore Colores de Carol, “Pine”. *sigh* Pine, pine, pine … How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Yes. I love, love, LOVE this polish. This surprises me, as it’s not blue. But it is the most deliciously perfect evergreen green. It looks just like a pine tree. When you toss in the beautiful glitters, it looks like you’re wearing a Christmas tree on your nails. What could be better? I’ll tell ‘ya: Not much.

Day 22:


For Day 22, I wore Colores de Carol, “My Favorite Jacket” + “Flurries”. I adore both of these polishes.

Flurries is just like … Well, if Christmas barfed up all its glitz and glitter and sparkly spazziness into a bottle, it would be this polish. It is Fantastic. I love all the different colors and shapes and sizes of the glitter. There’s a lot of gold in here, though, which I feel like will make it go nicely with almost any polish. This one is a whirlwind of glittery goodness.

My Favorite Jacket is perfection. The formula is perfect. The color is perfect. The linear holographic is perfect. I love this polish, from start to finish.

Day 23:


And, finally, we have today’s manicure: Day 23. Woot!! I’m almost there! I can’t believe I managed to keep up with this for this long. I feel so accomplished, although I probably shouldn’t feel that way — ha, ha.

Today, I decided to do a gradient with Colores de Carol, “Baccano” and Native War Paints, “How You Doin’?”. I adore Baccano, and I’ve been saving it back to wear last. That is how much I love it. It’s such a silvery, icy-blue beauty … with just a hint of gold in certain lights. I feel like it’s soft and delicate and wintery. When I saw How You Doin’? in my most recent nail mail order, I could not get the image of these two polishes together out of my head. And so … I put it on my nails. I like it! The glitter went freaking everywhere, but it was worth it.


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