2016 Zoya Mystery Box Unboxing

It’s been a bit of a Zoya fan-fest here on my blog lately, with the Black Friday sale and, now, the Mystery Box. After this post is done, I shall have to resolve not to mention Zoya for at least a week or two. Who am I kidding? I can’t manage to do that. Zoya has quickly become a favorite brand of mine, and I love talking about their products — especially their polishes.

So, I got a shipping notification last week saying that my Mystery Box had shipped. The tracking information indicated it would reach me by next Wednesday (Dec. 21). I was a little bummed, as I had ordered my box right when the order period opened up. Basically, I was on my computer finalizing my order at 11:59 PM EST. Even though I know it typically takes a while for my Zoya orders to reach me, I had hoped ordering early would cut a bit of time off of that. I resolved to be patient and wait things out, even though it was hard. After all, what other choice did I have?


What other choice, indeed … Because my Mystery Box arrived yesterday!! It was a total and complete surprise, but I am so thrilled and excited that it arrived several days earlier than expected. Happy early Christmas to me!! Woo-Hoo!! This was my first time ordering the Mystery Box. Initially, I said I wasn’t going to put in an order because I felt I had gone a little crazy with the Black Friday sale. (Have I mentioned what an amazing sale that was? Um … yeah …) I ended up watching several unboxing videos showing the boxes from previous years, and they got me hooked. It looked like a great deal, overall, and I loved the idea of a whole box full of little surprises from one of my favorite companies.

I am going to be showing the contents of my box in the rest of this post. If you have ordered the box and not yet received it, and you want to be surprised, STOP READING NOW!! THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD!!


Since this was my first-ever mystery box, I was very taken with the whole unboxing process. I loved the way everything was packed. The actual box, which is a nice, heavy-weight cardboard with a magnetic closure, was inside another box. Once I pulled my actual mystery box out and opened it, this is what I saw. On top of the goodies were a few inserts. One of them was a set of coupons. I will definitely put those to good use in the near future. My favorite insert is the one that says, “Let’s be friends!!” Okay, Zoya. I will totally be friends with you. And then, right on top of the yumminess that is this box, is a lovely little card that welcomes you to your “magical mystery box”. Yay! I’m so in, Zoya. But you knew this already, didn’t you?


Okay, so if you are still reading by this point, I am going to presume you are okay with having the fun spoiled for you. I gave everyone plenty of time to turn around and back out of this post if they wanted to keep the surprise intact. Under the cardboard inserts, I found this: the magic that is my lovely, lovely mystery box! This is how everything was packed together in the box, including the adorable little bow. This made it feel even more like a gift to myself. Just from my first glance, I could tell I had three full-size polishes, three minis, and two lipsticks, along with a few other goodies. I couldn’t wait to dive right in!


First up out of the box were these three lovelies: a 2 oz. bottle of Remove, an intense lip therapy balm, and a solid gold cuticle oil. So, maybe these aren’t the “meat” of the box, but I have to tell you I was already super excited with these three items. Remove is my favorite. I love that stuff so much. It is the best polish remover I have ever used. I use it very sparingly — only for cleaning up after I’m done with my manicure or nail art or whatever. And it is magical. It makes clean-up a snap. If it wasn’t so expensive, I would use it to remove all of my polish, but I feel like I have to conserve it, even though I just purchased a huge, 32 oz bottle during the Black Friday sale. I had never used the lip balm before, but I was eager to try it after hearing quite a few raves on it. I tried it for the first time today, and it was fabulous! I used my finger to apply it, and it went on easily. It has a tingly feeling on my lips that I found pleasant. It made me feel like the balm was already working to make my lips soft and moisturized. I haven’t tried the cuticle oil yet, but I can’t wait to bust it out. I love that it’s a good-sized container. I think it will last for a while.


Next up were the two Zoya lipsticks. I haven’t yet tried any of their lippies. I was happy to find these included in the box, because I would never buy these for myself. I’m too busy buying their fantastic nail polishes!


The first lipstick was Paisley. It’s a medium-toned rose color. It’s very pretty, and it felt smooth against my skin when I swatched it. I feel like this color will be nicely wearable for me, even with my very pale skin tone. It feels like a nice neutral, and I think it will end up being something of a go-to for me.


This is Jasmine, the second lipstick I took out of the box. This color is much darker. I feel like it leans more on the berry side of things than rose. I see blue undertones in this one, but maybe that’s a trick of the light. I like the darkness to this color. I think I will feel very glamorous when I wear it!


Next up … Three Naked Manicure minis! Again, I was happy to find these included in the box because I would never buy them for myself. I don’t often go with naked nails. Basically, my nails are only naked for an hour or two in between manicures. Even so, I find this concept interesting. I’m looking forward to trying it out soon.


And, of course, my favorite part of the box is going to be this: the three full-sized polishes! I could not WAIT to dive into these beauties!!


The first polish I opened was Olivera. I thought it was amazing that Zoya included a polish from their most recent collection. I happen to own this one already, but I am not at all disappointed to own a second bottle of it. I adore this polish, and I foresee it getting quite a lot of wear. It’s so beautiful. I feel like you can even see the color shift in this picture, at the top of the bottle.


Next, I opened Alicia. Again, this is from a fairly recent collection. (Fall 2016 Urban Grunge) And, again, I already own a bottle of this polish. As with Olivera, I am thrilled to have a back-up. I have already worn Alicia several times — enough that there is a noticeable wear line on my bottle. Alicia is beautiful and delicate and sparkly and oh-so-elegant!


And, finally, here is Debbie! She is a lovely neutral, kind of a plum-tinged brown. I love the combination of brown and purple tones in this one. I also love that it’s a darker neutral. I’ve never been a fan of the mannequin hands look on myself, so this is the type of neutral I can really enjoy. Even better, I don’t have this polish in my stash yet. And it’s not a color I would likely purchase for myself. Score!


So … overall feelings? I think this box was fan-freaking-tastic! I’m thrilled with everything I got in here. I’m excited that there are several brand new-to-me things that I can try. And I can’t wait to use everything. I had so much fun anticipating this box and opening it, and I think all of that increased my enjoyment about a hundred times over. It really was like being a little kid again, waiting for Christmas morning to get here. I checked on the Zoya website, and, from what I can tell, all the items in the box would total up to over $100 if I had ordered them separately. For the $30 that I spent, I feel like I got a great deal. I hope they have the Mystery Box again next year. If they do, I’m all in!



2 thoughts on “2016 Zoya Mystery Box Unboxing

  1. I heard someone saying they really enjoyed the cuticle oil gel, since they could really control how much and where it went. I also think it’s supposed to be a matte finish – for photos! I have Paisley and on me it’s very mild and wearable. I think they both will look good on you!


    1. Oh! That’s good to know about the cuticle oil gel. I haven’t really tried much out of my box yet. I keep my nail polish supplies in my home office, which is where my box is now stored. But that room is currently in service as my guest room. I won’t really be able to be back in there until after my parents leave on January 4th. I’m still excited about trying out all the Zoya goodies, though! Both of the lipsticks look beautiful!


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