Zoya Black Friday Haul Part 4

Here we are … the last part of my Zoya Black Friday haul. Finally!! I still can’t get over how incredible that sale was, or how much I love the polishes I purchased. I think this is the first time I’ve ever purchased so many polishes at one time. (And likely the last — until next year, that is. Ha, ha!)


This is Olivera, from the Holiday 2016 Enchanted Collection. The Enchanted Collection was fairly heavy on pixie dusts, which are not my favorite types of polishes. Out of the whole collection, I was only interested in two polishes: this one and Saint, which will be coming up in this post momentarily. Zoya’s website describes Olivera as a “color-flip metallic with an indigo base and green to purple shift”.

I wish, wish, wish I could capture the color shift of this polish in a photograph. I feel like you can see it a bit in the bottle and at the edges of a couple of my nails in this picture. This polish is freaking amazing. I used one coat for my swatch picture. It went on smoothly and was easily opaque, but I will likely use two coats once I wear this one as a manicure in real life. The formula is easy, smooth, and beautiful. The color flip is pronounced on the nail, even in low light. I love the dark, smooth, vampy feeling of this one. And that color shift … Well, it’s like magic!


This is Saint, from the Holiday 2016 Enchanted Collection. This is the only other polish I wanted from the collection. The Zoya website describes this one as a “color-flip metallic with a periwinkle base and magenta shift”.

I love, love, love, LOVE this polish. It is perfectly gorgeous and amazing in every way. I didn’t feel like it had a metallic look or finish on my nails. To me, it seems more pearlescent. Perhaps that’s because of the blue color. I adore this blue. Even without the color shift, it would be refreshing and beautiful. When you toss in the color shift, which is very apparent on the nail (although not in my picture … *sigh*), this polish becomes something super special. I used two coats, and I was happy with the opacity. Next time I wear it, I will likely do three coats to deepen the color a bit. This polish has a fantastic formula. It was a joy to apply.


This is Aurora, from the Winter 2012 Ornate Collection. Zoya’s website describes this as a “full coverage, medium sugar plum purple flecked with a high concentration of microfine diamond holo glitter”.

Aurora is, of course, part of Zoya’s scattered holographic polish family. All of these polishes are beyond superb, and Aurora is no exception. The formula is so perfect and easy. It goes on like a dream and is opaque in two coats. It could almost be a one-coater, but I like how the second coat brings out the base color more.


This is Roxy, from the Winter 2003 (?) Masquerade Collection. Zoya’s website describes it as a “sheer red-toned purple base loaded with bright purple glitter”.

This polish is beautiful on the nail. The glitters give it a deep glow, like my nails are sparkling with fiery embers or something. The purple base, with its red undertones, is beautiful. I used two coats for my swatch picture, and it was opaque. When I wear this one as a manicure (which I plan to do in the next few days, as it feels very Christmassy to me), I will likely do three coats to make sure the color is completely even and as deep and pretty as it can be.


And last … but certainly not least! … here is Hudson, from the Spring 2014 Awaken Collection. Zoya’s website describes this as a “full coverage, purple orchid metallic with silver shimmer”.

This is such a pretty color. The silver shimmer is very strong, which I love. It gives the polish even more of a metallic appearance on the nail, and I feel like it brightens up the base color. This one has a good formula. It built up easily and was opaque in two coats.


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