My Week in Nails: Jolly Polish Days, Week 1

So I have finally reached the end of the first full week of “Jolly Polish Days”. As I mentioned in a previous post, I borrowed this idea (with permission) from Alli Evette, who has a wonderful, entertaining, and extremely inspiring YouTube channel ( Changing out my manicure every day is fairly time consuming. I often polish my nails, but there have been days this week when I would have kept a manicure on for two or three days due to how crazy our schedule has been. But, in spite of the extra time commitment, this has been a bright spot in my week. Have I mentioned that this week has been extra crazy? Yeah …

Anyhow, on with the polish. Woot!!


This was my Day 3 manicure. This is OPI, “Fresh Frog of Bel Air” over OPI, “Here Today … Aragon Tomorrow”.

I freaking LOVE this green glitter. It’s a brand new addition to my stash. I couldn’t believe it when I randomly ran across it while browsing in my local Target, as it’s from an older collection (2011 Muppets). I have no idea why or how it happened to be sitting on a Target shelf in 2016, but I wasted no time in grabbing it up and running for the check-out. I so wish there also had been a bottle of the blue glitter, “Gone Gonzo”. Ah well … Maybe another time. I feel like this is a perfect Christmas green. It’s bright and bold, and I love the larger silver glitters that are tossed into the mix. I’m pretty sure I could get this opaque on its own, but I love the look of it as a dense topper. This is one thick coat, brushed on instead of sponged.


For Day 4, I wore Colores de Carol, “Grandpa’s Clock” over Essie, “Virgin Snow”.

Grandpa’s Clock was one of my favorites from Colores de Carol’s recent Winter/Holiday Collection. The first time I wore it, I put it over a dark color. And it was beautiful. I couldn’t wait to try this topper over a lighter color, too. I feel like it would be beautiful over pretty much anything. Virgin Snow is a lovely, soft color. Essie isn’t my favorite brand, but I liked this polish a lot. It went on fairly easily, with minimal streaking. And I think it was opaque in two coats. I loved this manicure so much. It reminds me of sunlight glinting off of fresh snow.


For Day 5, it was Butter London, “Tart with a Heart” over Colores de Carol, “Breakfast in Bed”.

Breakfast in Bed is an incredibly stunning polish. I love how deep and bright and pink it is. It’s the kind of pink I think of in association with the holidays — something rich and jewel-toned. Tart with a Heart is a beautiful, beautiful topper. I felt drawn to it right away. It’s so pretty and golden and sparkly. I love, love, love glitter at this time of year. I loved the idea of these two colors together. And they do look gorgeous in a manicure. Unfortunately, I felt like Tart overshadowed the beautiful holographic in Breakfast in Bed. Next time, I think I will look for a creme as a base for this topper.


For Day 6, I decided to try a water marble. I used Zoya, “Sam” (the red) with OPI, “I Cannoli Wear OPI”. I used OPI, “Alpine Snow” as the base color underneath my marble, and I topped the whole thing with a generous coating of China Glaze, “Fairy Dust”.

For this manicure, I wanted something that looked like peppermints. You know … because Christmas. Overall, I’m happy with how this turned out, although there was a bit more bleed-through than I would have liked between the red and white on some of my nails. I love Sam in this manicure. It’s such a bold and dark red, and the stark contrast between these two colors is beautiful. This was one of the hardest water marbles I have tried, mainly because I was a clumsy oaf and did so many things wrong that it took FOREVER! I spilled my water … I spilled my polish … The colors I initially decided to use worked at first but then refused to spread … I dropped my polish too high, so that it sank to the bottom of my dish … I dropped my polish too low so that it didn’t spread at all … and on and on. Considering how much trouble this gave me, I feel lucky that I got anything onto my nails at all. I really enjoyed this manicure. It was another one I had a hard time taking off at the end of the day.


For Day 7, I decided to give newspaper nails a try. It was my first time trying this technique. I used OPI, “Stranger Tides” as the base color and Orly Color Blast, “Triumphant Trio” as the gold glitter. The design is acrylic paint with a little dot of OPI, “Glitzerland” at the top of the tree.

I got the idea for this manicure when I saw a painting of a bird that had been done over an old newspaper. It had a striking look, and, because my brain is currently obsessed with Christmassy ephemera, it made me think about ornaments I used to have that were decoupaged in newspaper with a design painted over them. I’ve been wanting to try out newspaper nails for a while, and it seemed like a perfect chance. I was happy with how easy they were to do. It was one of those rare times when the YouTube tutorials were totally accurate. I was happy with how these turned out. It was a playful and fun manicure — festive, but with a little bit of a twist.


For Day 8, I wore Zoya, “Blaze”.

I am in love with this polish. LOVE! It was part of my Zoya Black Friday haul, so it will be appearing in an upcoming haul post. For now, I will just say that it’s such a delicious and perfectly amazing red. And it makes me a happy polish junkie.


And, finally, for my Day 9 manicure, I wore Colores de Carol, “Snow Boots”.

I’ve been looking forward to wearing this polish as a whole manicure and for more than the few minutes it takes me to make a swatch picture. And I was not disappointed. This polish is stunning. It has so many little details that give it a beautiful depth. I love the rich and dark color. It contains iridescent shards that seem to float in the polish, twinkling from blue to pink to purple. And the holographic! Oh my goodness, the holographic is incredible. We had a sunny day today, and I could hardly keep my mind on driving because of all the rainbow goodness happening on my nails.


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