Zoya Black Friday Haul, Part 2

All week, I have intended to come back with the next part of my Zoya Black Friday Haul. And yet, it has not happened. This week has been a booger bear. No, more than that: a booger bear that ate my lunch and stole my last cookie. Yep. That’s pretty much how I feel about this week. Nothing terrible has happened. It’s just been super, super busy. I think it’s the holiday rush and crush coming after me. As if the holidays themselves weren’t enough, it seems like everything has been scheduled for this week: band concerts, play auditions, office parties, band contests, basketball games. Ugh.

At any rate, I am finally back with part 2 of my haul. I have managed to swatch almost all of the polishes. I think I have two left to do. They are both color-shifters, and I haven’t had the right kind of light yet to show off the color shift. But I will get there. There will have to be a time when a nice, sunny day coincides with free time in which I can swatch. I believe!


This is Tart. It’s from the Summer 2007 Candy Collection, and Zoya describes this polish as a “medium raspberry candy blue with soft metallic shimmer”.

This polish is … STUNNING. I was not prepared for what it looked like on my nails, and I found myself absolutely mesmerized by the color and the finish. The color is bold, strong, and gorgeous. It has a great formula and goes on easily in two coats. It has a satiny-smooth finish on the nail, although I felt like it might show brushstrokes if you’re not careful with application. I didn’t have it on very long for my swatch, but I didn’t have any staining from it, either on my nails or my cuticles/skin. I love this one, which is no huge surprise, as I adore my blues. This is no secret. But even among blues, this one is something extra special.


This is Lotus, from the Spring 2012 True Collection. Zoya describes this polish as a “soft, dusty, blue-toned amethyst purple with colorful shimmer that reflects pink, red, and gold”.

Honestly, I felt a little bit underwhelmed when I first unwrapped this polish. It doesn’t look like much in the bottle. Or, it didn’t at first glance. But then, I turned the bottle a little bit so that it caught the light … And I saw all these teeny glitters shimmering back at me. I still felt unsure about it, but also a little more hopeful. I swatched it and … BAM! … I was in love. This polish is beautiful on the nail. The shimmer is extremely pretty. It is prominent on the nail, and  you can see a lot of reddish-pink tones glittering back at you from deep within the polish, which gives it a nice, overall warmth. The formula was lovely. It went on easily and built up well in two coats on most nails, and three on a couple where I had some low spots.


This is Charla, from the Summer 2010 Sparkle Collection. Zoya describes it as a “tropical blue sparkling metallic”.

I don’t really see this polish as a metallic. It reminds me more of glass on my nails. But it has a lot of sparkle. Metallic or not, I love, love, love the finish and how it looks on my nails. It applied in two easy-breezy coats. The color is beyond gorgeous. It is deep and rich, and it makes me feel like I have mermaid nails. Perfection.


This is Haven, from the Holiday 2014 Wishes Collection. Zoya describes this polish as a “true holiday plum liquid metal with a thin vein of orchid to ensure brilliance”.

Oh. My. GOSH! This polish is so beautiful, I can’t even. I mean, look at it! Look!! Ugh. It makes me want to jump around and scream and stomp my feet. That is how happy this polish makes me. It has the most amazing finish on the nail. It’s smooth and metallic and liquid all at the same time. The color is deep and jewel-like, and it catches the light beautifully. As if all that wasn’t enough, it also applies like a dream. It built up easily in two coats, no muss … no fuss. Can you tell I adore this one? Yeah. I do. And it’s not even blue!


And finally, we have Ziv, from the Winter 2012 Ornate Collection. Zoya describes this polish as a “full coverage, yellow-toned metallic gold foil with silver highlights and warm gold flake glitter accents”.

Ziv has been on my Zoya wishlist for about forever and a day. I am so, so, so happy to finally nab it for my ever-growing polish hoard. This polish is sooooo pretty. I love foil finishes. I enjoy the way they catch the light, and I also love that this type of finish is great at hiding any imperfections in my nails. I am a fan of gold polishes, but, even for a gold lover like me, this particular gold is something special. To my eye, you can’t really see the silver, but it gives the gold a much softer, gentler appearance on the nail. At the same time, the gold flake glitters brighten everything up. Ziv, like pretty much every other Zoya polish I’ve ever tried, has a beautiful formula. It applies easily in two coats. I think color is perfect for the holidays, but will also carry through for Fall manicures and even for Summer because of its bright, sunny color.


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