My Week in Nails + November Favorites

It’s Friday again. Yay! It amazes me how I’m always so happy to see Friday roll around. It is the little reward I get for surviving the whole week with my sanity (more or less) intact.

This week, I continued in my polish madness. I am a bit afraid to say this, but I’ve kind of gotten into a groove with changing my polish out every day. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. The polish hoarder junkie who lives in my soul thinks it is a great thing! The sensible part of my brain feels I should probably be ashamed. But what the heck?!? I love these pretty polishes. Why not enjoy them, right? I also decided to start a nail polish project. I borrowed (with permission) the idea from one of my new favorite YouTube nail ladies, Alli Evette ( It’s a fun little game where you wear a different festive/seasonal polish or manicure every day from December 1 through December 25. The first two days will be included at the tail end of this week’s manicures. And, as I usually do at the end of the month, I will stick my November favorites at the very end of this post.

On to the polishes! Woot!


I have to say I started out this week with a huge BANG! Just look at this gorgeous, gorgeous polish. This is Nine Zero Lacquer, “Reflect”. It’s a beautiful, deep indigo blue with tons of holographic. I love everything about this polish: the color, the holographic, the way it tosses rainbows around on my nails in pretty much every light. No matter how you look at it, this one is a winner. It has a great formula, and was opaque in two easy coats. I could almost get away with one coat, but I had a couple of low spots on a few nails.


Next, I wore China Glaze, “Cabin Fever”. This is a beautiful duo chrome polish that shifts from a rusty, pinkish red to a green-toned gold. The green undertones in the gold didn’t seem too pronounced to me, but they gave the golden shift a pretty glow. It’s an interesting polish with a good formula. I didn’t have any trouble with application, and it was opaque in two coats.

I loved this polish in the bottle. Then, when I put it on my nails, I immediately hated it. Then, when I wore it a bit longer, I thought I loved it. I’m so confused!! I think, after all is said and done, I can say I definitely like this polish more than I dislike it. I’m not sure if it’s “love” yet, but I think it has the potential to become a serious relationship.


This is Sinful Colors, “Liquid Iris”. I think this polish is supposed to have a blue to purple flash / duo chrome effect to it, but it pretty much read dark blue on my nails. Not that this is a bad thing. I love blue. I love dark blue. I really like the finish of this polish. It has almost a liquid metal sort of appearance on the nail. It has a good formula, with easy application, and it was opaque in two coats. It pulled up a bit when I topped it with my Seche Vite, which isn’t a problem I usually have with Sinful Colors. Overall, a nice polish. I liked it, but I’m not sure yet if I like it enough to keep it in my stash.


This is Essie, “Loot the Booty”. This is a cobalt blue polish with turquoise/lighter blue glitters running through it. The glitters might actually be iridescent flakies; I couldn’t really tell from looking at the bottle, but they did remove easily, which isn’t the norm for glitter. This had a good formula. I didn’t have much trouble with application. It was opaque in two coats, and it’s a super pigmented polish. Even so, I didn’t have any staining. I did double up on my base coat, though.

Essie is not my favorite brand. I don’t buy their polishes very often. In the past, I had several bad experiences with difficult formulas, which led me to more or less give up on this brand. This polish, though, is pretty special. It caught my attention right away, and I have to say I love it. It’s definitely a keeper. I was sad I ended up wearing this on a cloudy day, because I would love to see those glitters/flakies in sunlight.


This was my “Good-bye, Fall!” manicure. It’s a gradient using Sinful Colors, “Cash Game” (the bright gold) + Zoya, “Cinnamon” (the medium brown in the middle) + OPI, “Romeo & Joliet” (the reddish brown at the top). I wanted something that felt warm and cozy … very “Fall”. Overall, I was happy with how this turned out. I like these colors together, and I think they blended well. My nails ended up looking exactly the way I had hoped they would when I started this gradient, which is always a plus. I feel like the Zoya brown, which is a gorgeous color in its own right, got lost in the mix because it blended in too much with the OPI. Also, I loved the Sinful Colors gold at first, but I ended up not feeling as much love for it once I had worn this manicure for a while. It might be too bright and brassy. For now, I’m keeping it in my stash, but it might end up finding a new home in the near future.


As I mentioned in my intro paragraphs, I decided to do a fun “25 Days of Christmas Polish” game/challenge. The idea is to wear a different festive polish or manicure each day from December 1 to December 25. It’s kind of like an Advent Calendar, but with nail polish. The first two days fell at the end of this week.


Dec. 1: I started off my “Jolly Polish Days” with one of my all-time favorite Christmas season polishes: China Glaze, “Ugly Sweater Party”. This polish is so obnoxious and in-your-face and blingy and sparkly and just … All The Things. I love it so much. I’ve been waiting for months to wear this again, and I was like, “OK. December is here. Ugly Sweater Party … Get on my nails, now!”


Dec. 2: This is Orly, “Ingenue” over Sinful Colors, “Kozy”. Meh. I don’t like this manicure at all. In my head, it looked so much prettier than it does on my nails. When I swatched these colors together on a sheet of paper, they looked so much prettier than they do on my nails. What can you do? Sometimes, you hit it out of the park, and sometimes … Well, you don’t.

I love the look of Ingenue in the bottle. It has this rich, jewel-like, dark purple color and is packed with gold glitter/shimmer. In reality, it’s an incredibly sheer polish. I realized there was no way I would get it opaque on its own, so I decided to layer it over Kozy. Even with layering it over another polish, it took three coats to get it looking even close to opaque. And I can still see low spots on my nails. I also didn’t like Kozy at all. It’s a beautiful color, but it has a rubbery feeling to it when it dries. Needless to say, neither of these polishes is staying in my collection. And I will probably take this manicure off in the next couple of hours. I just don’t like seeing it on my nails.



OPI, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (the white) + OPI, “Sunrise … Bedtime!” (the glitter). I loved everything about this manicure. I also loved both of these polishes individually.


Superchic Lacquer, “Rose Buddy


OPI, “Rich & Brazilian”


Colores de Carol, “Grandpa’s Clock” (topper). I wore it over OPI, “Rich & Brazilian”.


Colores de Carol, “My G-Man”




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