My Week in Nails

I am continuing on my quest to swatch and wear all of my “new” (as in never worn by me) polishes. It’s a huge task, as I am such a polish addict that I keep on getting new stuff. Argh! The struggle is real, my friends. The struggle is real.

Here’s what I wore this week …


I started off the week wearing one of my fun, new glitter toppers. This is Five Below, “Party Pooper” over OPI, “Shhh … It’s Top Secret!” This topper is so much fun. I love that the larger smiley faces and hearts come out onto the nail pretty easily. I didn’t have to struggle with this topper much at all. And I didn’t have to fish for the glitters, either. I really like the mix of blue and pink hexes. The only thing I don’t like about this topper is the “poop” emoticon glitters. As I said in my earlier haul post, I could totally live without those.

“Shhh … It’s Top Secret!” is a polish I liked quite a bit. It is a rich, deep brown. I was surprised that it looked almost black indoors, as it doesn’t look black to me in the bottle. It has a great formula. It was opaque in two easy, breezy coats with no muss and no fuss. I think I might like it a tad more if there was a bit of gold shimmer in it or something. But I can’t complain too much about that, as it’s a beautiful creme with a terrific formula.


Next, I wore China Glaze, “Rodeo Fanatic” with Funky Fingers, “Elsa” on three accent nails (middle finger, pinky, and thumb). I liked the combination of these two a lot. It has a very chilly, wintery sort of feeling to it. I also like the way the lighter, almost silvery, blues in the glitter coordinated with the darker blue of this base polish. “Elsa” is a very pretty glitter. I think the combination of larger hexes and small micro-glitters give it a dainty feeling.

“Rodeo Fanatic” is an older China Glaze polish. It’s from the 2008 Rodeo Diva Collection, but it’s new to MY collection. It is a gorgeous and rather moody blackened blue. I don’t think I would say it has “shimmer” exactly, but it has a very smooth, reflective, almost metallic appearance on the nail. I found this polish easy to work with, and it was opaque in two thinner coats. The one drawback is that I had some staining on the glitter nails. I didn’t have staining on the nails that only had Rodeo Fanatic on them, so I’m guessing it had something to do with how the glitter’s base reacted with this polish.


For my next manicure, I chose China Glaze, “The More, The Berrier”. This polish is from the Winter/Holiday 2016 collection. It’s a beautiful, pink-toned red. Neither red nor pink are favorite colors of mine. But … Put them together, and it creates something pretty fantastic. I feel like this has a bit of a foil finish on the nail. It is soft and a bit shimmery. It feels very festive for the upcoming holidays, and I enjoyed this color against my super-pale skin tone.


Next, I wore Superchic Lacquer, “Rose Buddy”. This. Is. FANTASTIC. I have to admit I bought this polish on a whim. I loved how it looked in the online swatches I saw, but I wasn’t at all sure I would like it on my own nails. So I delayed wearing it for a while. I guess I didn’t want to face up to it if I had made a huge mistake in buying it.

Why, oh why did I wait so long?!? I have no idea. Because I loved this. It’s so soft and pretty. The holographic in this is insane. It looks amazing in the sunlight. In indirect light, you have this beautifully feminine color that I felt was flattering on my nails and against my skin tone. This one goes on easily in one coat — for the most part. I needed two coats on a couple of my nails. Application was super easy, and the formula is buttery and perfect. This one is destined to be a favorite!


This is OPI, “Rich & Brazilian”, from the Winter/Holiday 2016 Breakfast at Tiffany’s Collection. This polish is so beautiful. It is a deep, dark purple/plum color with tons of pink-toned shimmer running through it. In some lights, I felt like the shimmer looked golden. In other lights, it looked warm and reddish-pink. In every light, it looked amazing. The formula was great on this one. I didn’t have to struggle with it at all, and it was opaque in two easy coats.


This is Colores de Carol, “Grandpa’s Clock” over OPI, “Rich & Brazilian”.

I ordered the entire Colores de Carol Winter/Holiday Collection, which will be the subject of a blog post very soon. (Probably right after I finish this post, actually!) As soon as my much-anticipated Colores de Carol package arrived, I had to try out “Grandpa’s Clock”. It is so, so beautiful in the bottle, and I could not wait to get it on my nails. I was not disappointed. I think it is gorgeous on the nail, especially over a darker color like “Rich & Brazilian”.

cdc-inna2-sm copy

For Thanksgiving, I wore Colores de Carol, “Inna”. I have been saving this polish for a couple of months, just because I wanted to wear it for Thanksgiving. It was so worth the wait. I love a matte glitter crelly, and this one is just spectacular. I love the glitter mix in it. I love the colors. It is perfect for Fall and perfect for Thanksgiving. Just looking at it makes me think “Thanksgiving”! I enjoyed this polish best at three thin coats.


Finally, I wore Colores de Carol, “My G-Man”. This is the polish I put on this afternoon, after swatching and photographing all of the Colores de Carol Winter/Holiday Collection. This is such a beautiful and unique polish. I love the depth and texture it has. And I love the mix of colors. This one is also destined to be a favorite of mine.


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