Colores de Carol: Winter/Holiday 2016

I wanted to share the Colores de Carol Winter/Holiday 2016 Collection. I don’t often purchase an entire collection. My polish stash is pretty extensive, and it seems to continue growing by leaps and bounds. It’s almost like it has a life of its own. Often, I will find myself drawn to only one or two finishes or colors from a collection. Or, I will feel like I already have something that is substantially similar to the colors in a new collection.

Not so with the Colores de Carol Winter/Holiday 2016 Collection. This is a twelve piece collection, and it is packed with beauty and creativity. The polishes in here are so unique. I loved them the moment I saw swatches on FaceBook, and I knew I wouldn’t have anything that was even remotely similar to them. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance to purchase this collection. It arrived on Wednesday, and I have been lavishing these polishes with love and affection ever since. Because they are just that gorgeously amazing!


First, I wanted to show “Baccano”. This means “mischief” in Spanish. Baccano isn’t part of the Winter/Holiday Collection. It is a special edition, limited-release polish for Black Friday, and it’s available for purchase only during this Black Friday weekend. This is a light blue linear holographic with a very strong gold shimmer and holographic micro flakes.


I swatched this one rather late in the day, when the sun was starting to set. I feel like this caused the polish to pick up on a lot of the warm tones from the lighting in my room, which really brought out the golden tones. But I feel like you can see the light blue in the bottle and just around the edges of my swatch. This is a beautifully soft, silvery-gold polish. It looks really blue-toned silver in the bottle, but is more of a light blue as you apply it to the nail. This was a wonderful surprise. I love the light blue color of it. It looks very soft and delicate on the nail, but also fresh. And, as you can see from my swatch picture, the gold shift/shimmer is pretty spectacular. This one reminds me of late afternoon shadows or the last rays of sunset against newly fallen snow.



This is “Regalos”, which is Spanish for “gifts”. Regalos is a white crelly with red and green glitters in different hex sizes, as well as squares and bar glitters.


I love crellies that are packed with different shaped glitters. It’s such a fun look on the nail, and I can’t get enough of it. I think this particular polish is best at three thin coats. I was trying to rush my swatch of it, and I ended up applying the coats a bit too thick in an effort to get it opaque in two. I didn’t love that at all, so I will definitely take my time with this one when I go back to wear it as a manicure. Overall, I love this polish. It is festive and fun. It reminds me of wrapping paper, or the decorative tissue paper you sometimes find inside a present box.



This is “Flurries”. Flurries is a clear-based glitter topper. It is packed with small glitters, as well as medium-sized hexes, large circles, squares, stars, and even bows! The glitters are in all different colors, although there is quite a bit of gold, red, and green in the mix.


I can’t see this ever getting opaque on its own, so I think it is strictly a topper. This polish is absolutely crazy in the best of ways. I think “Flurries” is a perfect name for it because it is a flurry of different shapes and colors. I love the look of it even with just the smaller glitters on the nail. I didn’t have much trouble getting at least one of the big circles out onto my nails with just one swipe of the brush and without fishing for it. I didn’t manage any of the bows or stars, but I think they will also come out pretty easily once I get my bottle mixed a bit better. It had settled a bit from shipping, which is pretty normal. Overall, I think this is a fun topper. It has a very holiday feel to it.



This is “My G-man”. The “G” stands for Gingerbread, as in Gingerbread Man. So cute! This polish has a medium brown crelly base with dark copper glitter, silver holo glitter, iridescent glitter, and gold micro glitter. The iridescent glitters shift from green to orange, although I feel like they look green most of the time.


This polish is a glitter bomb! It is packed with them, and the glitters are evenly spread throughout. The holo and iridescent glitters reflect back a bright orangey-copper shift in different lights. This is an incredibly unusual polish. I have never seen anything like it. Ever. And I think it is fan-freaking-tastic. I just love, love, love this one so much. It reminds me of spiced gingerbread or maybe gingerbread cookies. It has a very warm and cozy feeling to it because of the color combinations. I love this polish against my super-pale skin, but I think it would be beautiful on almost any skin tone. This has a fantastic formula. It went on easily, and built up in just two coats. I did a third because I liked the way it looked. I felt the third coat made the underlying color a lot richer, but I could have stopped at two.


This is “Still Waters”. This is a blue tinted base with light blue micro glitter, navy blue holo glitter, and holo glitter.


Oh my gosh! Sparkle bomb alert!! This polish is Amazing. Just amazing. A lot of glitter polishes seem to have a rough or very textured appearance on the nail. I felt like this one was much softer, maybe because all the glitters are micro in size. The blue is such a beautifully bright and vibrant color. And the holo makes it sparkle like crazy. I hate that we had an overcast day today, as I would have loved to get a picture of this one in better light. Even so, you can see the gorgeous sparkle from the holographic even with a cloudy day plus overhead indoor lighting. I can’t wait to wear this one again and see it in the sunlight. It is going to be beyond incredible. I felt like this one was mostly opaque in two coats. The first coat was so sparse that I thought, for sure, I would need three for full opacity. I ended up doing three, but I could have easily gotten away with two.


This is “Grandpa’s Clock”. This is a clear base with blue/green iridescent glitter, holo flakes, and clear holo glitter. This polish is incredibly sheer, so I feel like it is definitely a topper.


This polish is stunning on the nail. Stunning! It is delicate and feminine. I love how the iridescent blues stand out in this polish. I think this gives it a very special appearance. I also love the clear glitters and holo flakes. It looks like fresh, sparkly snowfall across the nail. I thought this was beautiful over a dark polish. I’ve seen it swatched over black a few times, which was also gorgeous. But I am looking forward to wearing it over a soft white (like OPI’s “Chiffon My Mind”) or a gray or even a light blue. This polish has my favorite name from the whole collection. I didn’t have a grandfather, as both of mine passed before I was born, but the name of this polish makes me think of my childhood Christmases and sweet memories.

cdc-goneskiing2-sm copy

This is “Gone Skiing”. This is a red crelly base packed with red micro glitter, silver holographic glitter, and iridescent shreds.


This is a beautifully festive red with a great formula. It goes onto the nail easily, and I got it opaque in two medium coats. I feel like the base is cool-toned, but the red micro glitters and iridescent shreds warm it up quite a lot. The glitters reflect back a beautifully warm, almost coppery glow. Red isn’t usually my favorite, but this one is very sparkly. I think it will be a great Christmas polish. It might even give my beloved “Ruby Pumps” a run for its money!


This is “Breakfast in Bed”. This is a cranberry red linear holographic with a subtle multi-chrome shift and platinum micro flakes.


This polish is pink, pink, PINK!! And I love it. It’s such a pretty and dark pink tone. I can see the cranberry color in it, although I feel it leans more pink/magenta than red. It is gorgeously rich and jewel-toned, which I think is perfect for Winter and the holidays. This has a smooth, soft, rich appearance on the nail. It reminds me of beautifully delicate blown glass ornaments — the perfect accessory for any holiday! This polish has a beautiful formula. It was easily opaque in two coats, although I added a third because I liked how it made the color deeper and richer.


This is “My Favorite Jacket”. This polish is a turquoise green linear holographic with gold shimmer and turquoise micro holo hexes. The hexes are rather sparse throughout the polish.

I feel like this polish leans green. I have seen swatches of it looking more teal or blue, so this could just be how it reads against my skin tone. Not that I’m complaining, because I think the color of this polish is fabulous. I love the combination of the turquoise/teal and the golden shimmer. I don’t feel like the shimmer is super apparent as “shimmer”, but it changes the base color in a beautifully subtle way to create something that is unique and lovely. This polish is vibrant and rich. It has a lot of depth on the nail. Even though they are rather sparse, I love the turquoise micro holo hexes in this polish. When they come out onto the nail, it’s the most lovely and unexpected surprise. I love how they look floating in all that gorgeous, teal-y green! The formula on this polish is wonderful. It goes on in two easy coats.



This is “Wintery Dust”. This is a silver holographic base with gold flakes, platinum flakes, holo flakes, and pink/gold shimmer.


This polish is snow in a bottle. It is beautifully soft and delicate, and a perfect mix of silver and gold. This polish shifts from silver to a warm, glowing gold in different lights. It reminds me of that first, soft dusting of snow on the ground. I love how this looks on the nail, and the formula is lovely. I used three coats to get it fully opaque, but it was a joy to apply.


This is “Snow Boots”. This is a navy blue linear holographic with iridescent shreds.

I feel like this polish is the more-blue brother to “My Favorite Jacket”. They are so similar to each other, although this one is such a deep and rich blue. The iridescent shreds are pretty sparse in this polish, but they are a nice surprise when they show up on the nail. I love the overall appearance of this one. It is rich, deep, and dark. I found it to have a wonderful formula. It was easily opaque in two coats. This one reminds me of a winter night sky, when the clouds part and you can see just a few stars.


This is “Fruit Cake”. It is a deep purple jelly base that is packed with shifting rainbow squares and glass violet glitter.


This polish is like nothing I’ve ever seen. It is just fantastic. I thought it looked close to black in the bottle, so I was happily surprised when I put it on my nails and found it to be such a beautiful, bright, and vibrant purple. I love the squishy jelly appearance to this on the nail, and I love the way the glitters float through the base. It really does remind me of fruit cake! The formula on this polish is great. It was easy to work with, although I needed three coats for full opacity. I wasn’t surprised at this, as it’s pretty standard for a jelly.

cdc-pine2-sm copy

This is “Pine”. It is a dark green linear holo with holo flakes, clear galaxy holo glitter, and rainbow glitter.


This polish is so, so, so, so perfect! In every way. I love the dark, yellowish green base color. I love all the glitters that are in here. I love the way it went onto my nails. It applied so perfectly and smoothly — opaque in two easy coats. The glitter distribution is pretty terrific. My polish settled quite a lot in shipping, so most of my glitters were sitting on one side of the bottle. Even so, I managed to get a decent amount of glitter out onto my nails without even trying. Once this polish is mixed a bit better, there will be glitters galore. I think this polish would be beautiful on many different skin tones. This one is like wearing a Christmas tree on your nails. It is fabulous!

Overall, I think this collection is fantastic. I love how creative, fun, and playful it is. I love the mix of glitters, finishes, and polish types. I think it has a fabulously creative mix of colors. And I think it is a festive and fun take on the holidays. These are some of the most unique polishes I have ever seen, and I am so, so, so happy that I purchased all of them. I think everyone should purchase all of them!! Seriously. These are so fantastic that everyone NEEDS them. And, yes, I realize I am speaking like a true polish junkie-hoarder person here.

It is hard for me to pick favorites out of this collection. I really feel like each polish has so much depth and complexity. If pushed, I think I would have to pick “My G-Man”, “Snow Boots”, “Grandpa’s Clock”, and “Pine” as my absolute favorites from the collection. However, as much as I love all of these, I have a feeling my favorites are going to shift as I wear them over the coming months. It’s definitely going to be a happy polish holiday for me!!



4 thoughts on “Colores de Carol: Winter/Holiday 2016

  1. Oh Patti, thank you so so much for the wonderful review.
    Thank you for taking your time to swatch them, they all look amazing on you.


    1. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for coming here, and for your sweet comment. I’m having such a fangirl moment here — ha, ha! You are super welcome. I tell everyone about your brand. I love it so much. And I can’t say enough how amazing this collection is. I’m planning to do a “jolly polish days” thing for December, and I’m looking forward to including all of these in that. 🙂


  2. My only regret is not ordering more of these. I’ve seen a number of those Christmas crellies, and “Regalos” is my favorite execution of it. And how can you not want to wear Fruitcake and Pine?


    1. I was totally blown away by this whole collection. I still can’t get over how incredible it is. I had to get them all. (polish hoarder problems — LOL) I almost never buy a whole collection, but I have no regrets. Woot! I’m wearing Regalos today, with little red Christmas trees on some of the nails. I love crellies, and this one is a favorite already. It’s so great and goes on super easy. Thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂


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