Polish Favorites: OPI

I thought it would be fun to do a yearly “favorites” post. It’s interesting to me how favorites can change from year to year. Just off the top of my head, I can think of a few polishes that I wore the heck out of a year or two ago but haven’t touched much since then. I wonder if that shows I’m completely fickle and lacking in loyalty … Or does it just mean that I’m a polish hoarder who can’t resist the pull of these shiny beauties. Perhaps it’s a bit of both.

Although I have expanded my comfort zone to include many different brands, OPI was my first polish love. I was head over heels for everything OPI way back in the day, when I was a teenager. (This was about a gazillion years ago. You know … when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and we all banged the ground with sticks.) Back then, OPI was a decadent splurge for me, and getting a new OPI polish was such a wonderful and exciting treat. When I started back into doing my nails a couple of years ago, I immediately gravitated right back to OPI for my first new polish purchases. So it makes sense to me that I would start out my favorites series with this brand I still love so much.


You’re Such a Budapest: From the 2013 Euro Centrale Collection. This is a light blue-toned lilac polish with silver shimmer. The shimmer is very subtle, and doesn’t show on the nail, but it gives the polish a softened appearance. This is one of (if not THE) oldest OPI polishes in my current collection. It’s one of the first that I purchased when I started getting back into polish after a years-long battle with depression and anxiety. I was drawn to the color, which felt so bright and cheerful compared to my often-dark mood. Once I put it on my nails, I loved the very soft appearance caused by the subtle silver shimmer. (Try saying that 3 times, really fast!)


Today I Accomplished Zero: From the 2014 Coca-Cola Collection. This is a dark black jelly base with coppery looking orange-red glitters. The glitters are a decent size, and they distribute well across the nail. This polish is a surprise favorite. I remember seeing the Coca-Cola collection polishes when they first came out, but I wasn’t at all interested in them at the time. I happened across this polish last Summer while visiting my parents in Texas, and I was drawn to its unique appearance in the bottle. Once on my nails, I realized I LOVE it. It’s playful, unique, and dramatic all at the same time. Love the look of the coppery-red glitters with the black base. It makes them look like soda bubbles.


Thank Glogg It’s Friday: From the 2014 Nordic Collection. This polish is a fuschia/pink-toned red or, maybe, wine color. I think it leans more toward maroon or red than pink, but it has a pink shimmer running through it. I don’t feel like the shimmer is apparent on the nail as “shimmer”, but it gives this polish a little something-something extra. I’ve mentioned before that the Nordic Collection, as a whole, is near and dear to my heart. Seeing this collection out in my local Ulta — and wanting nearly every polish in it! — was my first time realizing that I was ready to rekindle my polish obsession in a very big way. I didn’t buy this polish when it first came out. I’m generally not a fan of reds or red-toned polishes. Ditto with pinks. At the time, this one didn’t appeal to me in the slightest. However, this is another polish that I stumbled across, quite unexpectedly, while visiting my parents last Summer in Texas. This time, it grabbed me right away, and I had to snatch it up. Had to! I’m so glad I did. This polish is beautiful on the nail, and I think it looks great with my skin tone. I also love it on my toes. It has become a go-to pedicure color for me.


Stranger Tides: From the 2011 Pirates of the Caribbean Collection. It’s a swampy, dusty, yellowish-brownish-green. I randomly stumbled across this polish in my local Target about 8 or 9 months ago. I recognized the name and knew it was from the Pirates collection. This is one of those collections that I often look up online. I regret not being super into polish at the time this collection came out, so I jumped at the chance to own a polish from it. Truthfully, this polish doesn’t look like much in the bottle. It looks like khaki, or, maybe that very light color from old army camo pants. I never would have expected it to become a favorite. On the nail, though … This polish is fantastic. It’s definitely an “ugly pretty” color, but I feel like it has a delicate and very feminine appearance on my nails. It’s neutral without giving me the “mannequin hands” thing that I hate so much. Also, it’s a great base for a lot of different glitter toppers.


Orange You Fantastic: From the 2014 Coca-Cola Collection. This is a sheer orange jelly packed with red and gold glitters. Another surprise find from my Texas trip last Summer. My parents’ local H.E.B. was a treasure trove of hard-to-find polishes. Who knew? It could work as a topper, although the base is pretty thick. I tried it as a topper, but didn’t like the look all that much. However, I LOVE this one on its own. It takes three coats to become opaque, and it’s a pain in the hoo-hah to remove. And you know what? I don’t even care. It’s totally worth it. I’m not sure what it is about this polish that I love so much. It’s obnoxious and brassy and bright and just — fun! Maybe that’s what it is: fun. I don’t know, but wearing it on my nails makes me feel effervescent and oh-so-happy. This is another polish that reminds me of bubbles in a carbonated drink.


Espresso Your Style: From the Holiday 2006 Kick Up Your Heels Collection. This is a brown polish with reddish-purple undertones and a ton of shimmer. To my eye, the shimmer looks reddish gold — sort of coppery, but more reddish. I’m not sure, but this one might be in their core collection. I know I didn’t buy mine in 2006. I bought it a couple of years ago, after seeing it randomly sitting on the shelf in my local Ulta. This has got to be one of my favorite brown polishes of all time. It has such an amazing and easy formula. And I LOVE the way it looks against my skin. I’m a sucker for browns, anyhow. Especially in the Fall/Winter, but I love wearing them any time of the year. The shimmer in this polish stands out nicely and gives it a lot of depth.


Blue Chips: This is a bright, gorgeous, light to mid-tone blue metallic base that is packed with holographic glitter. From researching this color on the internet, I discovered this polish is a bit of a mystery. It doesn’t seem to come from any collection at all. I found several helpful nail blogs, run by bloggers who are way smarter and more industrious than me. They managed to track down additional information on this polish. In 2012, there was an Ulta Collection (Too Haute to Handle), which contained a polish called “The Flowers are Blue-Ming”. Once the contract for a collection expires, OPI apparently can’t release colors under that collection name any longer. If they have stock left over, they release it under a new name. So, it seems that “The Flowers are Blue-Ming” became “Blue Chips”. Whatever the case, a few bottles of this polish randomly ended up at a Tuesday Morning in Kerrville, Texas last Summer. And I loved it so much that I purchased two of them. So … yeah. This polish is beyond stunning on the nail. I love the bright, true-blue color. I love the holographic glitter. It’s scattered but not too scattered. This polish comes alive in sunlight, but it looks really beautiful and metallic in low light. Because there is a lot of glitter, this one has a gritty feel when you apply it, and it dries a bit textured/bumpy. The texture isn’t terrible. It’s easy to smooth out with a couple of coats of topcoat. This one gets opaque in two easy coats.


Blue My Mind: I’m not sure which collection this polish is from. I saw information on the internet indicating it was from the 2006 Brights Collection, but I wasn’t able to confirm this. When I sat down to make my notes for this post, I drew a total blank on when I purchased this polish. I still don’t remember. But … I LOVE this polish. It is such a gorgeously vibrant blue. It’s the type of blue I think of as being an “electric blue”. I’m not sure if “electric blue” is a thing, but it is a thing in my mind. It is this particular thing … so, yeah. I also love the finish this has on my nails. It looks so velvety and soft.


In a Holidaze: From the 2014 Gwen Stefani Collection. This is a dark red polish with a jelly-like appearance on the nail. I’ve seen it described as a maroon, but I feel like it’s brighter than that. Or maybe it’s just that my skin tone is so light I’m practically invisible. But, whatever the case, I feel like this one looks “red” on my nails, as opposed to maroon. I’m not much into reds, generally. But this one is one of my favorite reds of all time. I love the squishy, jelly-like appearance it has on the nail. And I love that the color manages to be deep but still bright. I also feel that it is a cool-toned red, which is always my preference. This is one of my go-to colors for the Christmas holidays.


Can’t Find My Czechbook: From the Spring 2013 Euro Centrale Collection. This is a turquoise/aqua-leaning blue crème. It has a rather dusty or murky appearance, as if there were a fairly generous undertone of a darker color mixed in with it. I feel like this is close to a “Tiffany” blue, although it’s a bit darker. I don’t think this polish is particularly hard to find, but it’s another that I’ve had in my collection for a couple of years now. I randomly saw it on the shelf at Ulta and had to have it. (This used to be a frequent occurrence. Now, I mostly shop online.) This polish is bright and cheerful. I find the formula to be a bit thick. I especially think it looks thick and, maybe, a little chalky/heavy on my nails before topcoating. With topcoat, though, the color really comes through, making this gorgeous beauty a true winner for me.


Give Me Space: From the Fall 2015 Starlight Collection. This is a medium to dark blue base with silver glitter and scattered holographic glitter. When this collection came out, this was the first polish I HAD to have. Hello! It’s blue! It’s glittery! It is All The Things. And I still adore it. Even though it chips like a jerk on me every single time I wear it. So. Annoying. And I don’t even care. The color is too, too perfect. I purchased this polish before I started getting into Zoya. So I hadn’t heard of or seen Zoya, “Dream”. Dream is this polish + more. But I still adore Give Me Space. I remember the first time I put it on my nails and felt my heart give that little pitter-patter of excitement. This was my first time wearing any sort of glittery or holographic polish. It had never occurred to me that polish could be like this, and I could not get enough of this one.


Yoga-ta Get This Blue!: From the Spring 2008 India Collection. This is a deep, velvety, rich dark blue that is packed with tonal shimmer. Depending on the light, the shimmer looks lighter blue and, sometimes, turquoise/teal. This polish seems to glow from somewhere deep within, and it is AH-MAZING. Needless to say, I was not doing the whole polish-addict hoarding thing in 2008. My descent back into the madness didn’t happen until around 2014, with the Nordic Collection. But I randomly ran across this polish last month while on an emergency trip to my parents’ small town in Texas. As I mentioned before, their local H.E.B. is a treasure trove for older nail polishes. Especially older OPIs. I managed to snag this one and one other from the India Collection on that particular trip. And, even though this one is new to me, I knew right away it was going to be a favorite. I was right! I love it so much that I want to cry from happiness.


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