Glitter Haul: Funky Fingers


I recently went a little glitter crazy at my local Five Below. I could not resist grabbing up some fun Funky Fingers polishes. Funky Fingers is a brand sold at Five Below. This is a discount store, somewhat similar to Dollar Tree or Big Lots. The Five Below near me is a fun browsing experience. I don’t go in there often, but it’s a large store. It is well lit, the aisles are wide, the displays are fun, and they have scads of fun stuff to look at. Scads! You can find anything from an “ugly” Christmas sweater to bulk candy. And, they also sell nail polish. At 3 for $5, Funky Fingers is a great deal. I did a bit of online research, as this brand is new to me, and discovered they are 3-free and, according to the Five Below website, made in the USA. Funky Fingers offers a huge variety of fun and creative glitter toppers. Just the thing to liven up a manicure!


This is Party Pooper. This is the only topper I bought that is not a Funky Fingers polish. The Five Below website indicates this topper is a Five Below brand. It is 3-free and made in the USA. This topper is so much fun! I can’t get over it. Just looking at it makes me want to laugh. It’s in a clear base, and it is packed to the brim with different shaped glitters. There are tiny baby blue and bright pink hexes mixed in with several emoji shapes: ghosts, smiley faces, hearts, and poops. It is bright, colorful, and playful. Just the thing to wear to liven up a boring weekend manicure.

Overall, I like this topper a lot more than I thought I would. I bought it for the novelty of it, thinking I wouldn’t enjoy wearing it. Last night, I decided to try it out to liven up a dark brown manicure, and I discovered I really do like it. On the downside, the base is very thick. You can see, in my swatch picture above, how the base wanted to slide off of my pinky nail. For my swatch photo, I applied this topper quickly using only the brush. I think using a sponge to apply this one is a must. I tried this method when I applied this one again last night over my dark brown polish, and application was much easier. I got plenty of larger glitter pieces out of the bottle and onto my nails. Personally, I could live without the poops, but I know a lot of people really like the poop emoji. I’m just not one of them. I think it would be a cuter glitter with just the ghosts, smileys, and hearts. The bigger glitters tend to stick up a bit, leaving some texture to your nail. I found this to be the case even after I applied a thick layer of top coat.


This is Anna. Anna is a very pretty, delicate glitter. It has a clear base with small dark pink/magenta hexes, white hexes, white matte micro glitters, and white and blue snowflakes. The pink hexes are metallic, and give this glitter a good deal of sparkle in different lighting.

Although the glitter is dense, I found it a bit difficult to get the larger snowflakes out onto my nails. And the blue snowflakes were even more difficult to snag. The base on this one is heavy, so it’s probably best to sponge it on. For my swatch picture, I brushed it on quickly, and I felt like I got way more base than anything else. Even with the larger snowflakes being a little difficult to get out of the bottle, I like this glitter. I think the mix of the smaller white and pink glitters is very pretty. I also feel like this topper would look great over a wide variety of base colors.


This is So Fetch! So Fetch! is vibrant and a bit over-the-top loud. It has a mix of metallic and matte pink, white, blue, and highlighter yellow hexes. There are also tiny black micro glitters and blue stars. The glitter looks dense in the bottle, and the color combination feels playful and vibrant.

I really liked the idea of this topper. I particularly liked how it looked in the bottle. Sadly, I did not love this one on my nails. The clear base is thick and a little bit gloopy, and the glitters didn’t translate well onto my nails via the brush. I think this one, as with the others, might work better if I sponged it on. If there had been a better mix of the colored glitters, I might have liked this one more. As it was, I felt like I mostly got the black micro glitters onto my nails, and I didn’t like how those looked on their own. It looked like I had spilled black pepper on my nails or something. I may try this one again using the sponging method before I decide if I really like it or not.


This is ‘Murica. ‘Murica is a clear-based glitter with a dense mixture of red, white, and blue matte hexes and holographic stars. Again, the base is rather thick, so this one will probably apply best with a sponge. I used the brush for my swatch photo because I was in a hurry, but I will likely sponge it on when I wear it for real.

I like this one quite a lot. The color mix is very pretty. I like that the blue in here is a lighter, sky or baby blue color, as opposed to a darker royal blue. It feels patriotic but also kind of fresh and light. I think this glitter will be a lot of fun to wear in the Summer, although I think it would also translate well for Winter because of the icy tones in the blues and the “cool” appearance of the holo stars. I felt like the stars were a bit difficult to get out onto my nails, especially using the brush. Even so, that wasn’t a deal breaker for me with this topper. I like the red, white, and blue glitter mix enough that I would be happy with just those on my nails. This was probably my second favorite out of the haul.


This is The Notebook. The Notebook is a clear-based glitter with a dense mixture of small to medium-sized black and white hexes, as well as what looks like black and white shards. There are also different-sized pink hexes. The hexes are matte, but the pink ones have a soft, pearl-like finish to them that gives them a subtle glow.

I like this glitter. I feel like it’s versatile because of the largely black and white color scheme. I like the dash of soft pink thrown into the mix. There are enough of the pink glitters that you will get some on your nails pretty easily, but they do not overwhelm the mixture, as a whole. I think this topper would be beautiful over a softer pink, a blue, a taupe, or gray. In fact, I’m sitting here picturing it over a light gray and feeling like that would be a very chic and elegant look. The mix of glitters and shards in this one give it a soft look on the nail. Also, out of all the glitters I purchased, I felt like the base was the most workable with this one. It would probably sponge on pretty well, but I also got decent, easy coverage using the brush for my swatch picture. This one was my third favorite.


This is Saved by the Glitter. Saved by the Glitter is a clear-based glitter that contains matte white and hot pink hexes, metallic blue hexes, and a dusting of teeny, tiny pink glitters. Perhaps the tiny glitters are shards, but they are so small that it’s impossible to tell. They look like a dusting of pink across your nails. Because of these teeny glitters, this topper appears to have a pink base in the bottle. But it’s definitely clear when you apply it to your nails. Looking at my swatch picture now, I’m thinking I should have used something other than white for my base color. There are quite a few white hexes on my nails, but they blend in too much. I do like the way the pinks and blues pop against the white, though.

I’m typically not a “pink girl”. I don’t hate pink, but I also don’t go out of my way to wear it on my nails or in my clothing. Even so, I found myself drawn to this topper right away because it is so bright and vibrant. It’s a party in a bottle, for sure! I like the mix of hot pink with metallic blue, and I feel like the white glitters give it a nice sense of balance. When I was playing around with this one before doing my swatch pictures, I swiped a bit of it over a green. And that was spectacular! I’m definitely going to have to try wearing it like that in the near future. I felt like the base on this one was a little bit thick/heavy, but it still applies well with the brush. The next time I wear it, I will probably try sponging it on, though, just to see if the application is any better.


Finally, there is Elsa. Elsa is a clear-based topper with tiny white shards, icy blue hexes, white hexes, and white snowflakes. The hexes and snowflakes have a pearlescent appearance, which makes this topper look very soft and inviting on the nail.

This one was my favorite out of the whole haul. I love the soft and gentle colors found in here. The snowflakes didn’t come out onto my nails very easily, but that wasn’t a huge deal-breaker for me. I really like the mix of white and blue hexes and tiny white glitters, and I think the manicure looks pretty with just those on my nails. Again, the base on this is a little bit heavy, so sponging might make for easier application. Even so, I didn’t have much trouble using the brush for my swatch picture. Overall, this one makes me think “Winter!”. It is soft and delicate and just so, so pretty.



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