Welcome to the Madness

I’m more than a little bit nervous about this. There is a little alarm blaring in the corner of my brain, warning me that this could be a terrible idea. And yet, I’ve been pondering over this for quite some time. I started out just putting the occasional nail polish post in my other blog, peppered in among my extremely random life musings. I thought that would be enough to keep my polish addiction happy.

Wrong! I am such a polish  junkie. I don’t know what it is about those little bottles filled with glitter and colorful lacquer, but they make me so happy. There are some days when the act of sitting down to do my nails is all that helps me find peace and contentment in the midst of days that quickly become too crazy and weeks that are too busy. I kept on thinking of different, fun nail polish posts I would like to do. And then, I realized it would be all too easy for my entire blog to become overrun with polish, polish, and more polish. That’s when the little seed of an idea started bopping around in my head. “Hey! You could start a nail polish blog.”

Still, it all seemed too scary. Because the internet is a terrifying place, even though I’ve had an active blog for several years now. I told myself it was a bad idea, but the idea would not let me be. My love for nail polish continues to grow. My nail polish hoard continues to grow. I don’t see this madness stopping any time soon.

And so, here I am. Ready to have some bright, colorful, nail polish fun! I’m not sure yet just what direction this blog will take. I seldom buy whole collections, although I do seem to buy a pretty decent amount of polish. I’m hoping to show some of what I buy, as well as the occasional collection. I’ve been working on improving my nail art, too. And I love changing out my polish, which I do at least every couple of days. For now, I guess this is just going to be a mishmash of my polish shenanigans. But, hopefully, it will be fun. That’s my main goal in all of this: Just to have a little bit of fun!


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